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Jobber Survey Reveals 92% of Consumers Believe Small Businesses are Important to their Community’s Health

According to Jobber’s survey results, there is overwhelming support for small businesses today. In fact, 92% of those surveyed stated that small businesses are important to the health of their community. More than half of respondents (53%) noted having worked for a small business at some point in their career or have been self-employed.

Supporting Small Businesses

Those surveyed showed that consumers are willing to make certain concessions to support a small business and believe these companies should receive government support to stay competitive.

• To support a small business, 41% of respondents are willing to pay more for goods and/or services.
• More than three in four surveyed (76%) believe small businesses should pay less in taxes or receive other government incentives compared to their larger competition.

You can download the full FrontRunners for Field Service report here. It contains individual scorecards for each product on the FrontRunners quadrant.

Challenges Facing the Home Services Industry

Home service companies, which are defined as businesses that provide services, such as plumbing, landscaping, and cleaning, for residential homes, represent a significant segment of small businesses. However, consumers displayed that they are unyielding when it comes to certain aspects of customer service associated with them.

• To support a small business, 74% of respondents are not willing to schedule an appointment further in the future, if it can be scheduled sooner with a larger company.
• When asked what would deter respondents from utilizing a small business that provides home services, 52% selected poor online ratings and half (50%) also selected slow response times.
• For scheduling appointments with small businesses that provide home services, 46% of respondents prefer to schedule via email, an online platform or a mobile app.

“Taking on the challenge of starting a small business is admirable, whether it is a retail shop or a local home service company,” said Sam Pillar, CEO and cofounder of Jobber. “Consumers today realize the importance of these small businesses, want them to succeed and even go as far as a believing they should have specific government incentives; however, they are not willing to sacrifice certain customer experiences to do so.”

For small businesses to stay competitive, they must find ways to attract new customers, offer a smooth customer experience and implement technologies that streamline operations. Platforms like Jobber allow businesses to efficiently address these three evolving areas with the intuitive tools they need to succeed and grow.

Supporting Small Businesses

Jobber (@GetJobber) provides industry-leading software that helps small businesses organize their operations, impress their customers, and power their growth. Unlike pen-and-paper or single feature apps, Jobber organizes daily operations in one easy-to-use app, replacing duplicate entry and repetitive tasks with streamlined, tailored automation. Since launching in 2011, businesses using Jobber have serviced nearly 15 million people, delivering more than $9 billion in services to their customers.

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