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23 Best Gary Vee Quotes From Jobber Professional Development Day 2021

March 29, 2021 4 min. read
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The first-ever Jobber Professional Development Day happened on March 24, 2021. It was a day of expert advice for home service business owners and management teams to action.

Serial entrepreneur and 5-time New York Times best-selling author, Gary Vaynerchuk, set the tone for the day with an inspiring keynote session for live attendees.

Gary spoke with Jobber CEO Sam Pillar about his lessons on leadership and what it takes to succeed in the home services business industry today.

We’ll let Gary do the talking. Listen to his keynote and read on for Gary Vee’s most motivating quotes from Jobber PD Day 2021.

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The best Gary Vee quotes about leadership, entrepreneurship, and success

“Most people hate accountabilityThey’d rather blame somebody else.”

“The thing that has helped me the most in my career is realizing that every mistake anyone in my company has made is completely my fault, because I’m the person that hired them.”

“Humility is a huge part of leadership. Having the ambition to be all-time and equally knowing you don’t mean shit is a huge, huge factor to leadership.”

“My dad comes from the old country, he rules with an iron fist: work ethic, determination, tenacity, ambition. These are all incredibly great traits of leadership. On the flip side, what my father didn’t have and that I’ve developed…are things like empathy, compassion, and gratitude.”

“When somebody screws up, that’s when leadership really kicks in. When the money is flowing, when customers are happy, then everyone is a good leader. Show me what you do when there’s adversity. Show me what you do when the pressure comes up.”

“A huge mistake I’ve seen a lot of family businesses in this ecosystem make is a lack of curiosity. Complacency. ‘This is how we’ve always done it. I’ve only got another eight years of this, I don’t need to learn this Facebook or Instagram thing.’”

It’s a jungle out there.

Just because you’ve had a good 13-year run doesn’t mean there’s not a young lion who is about to use podcasting and Clubhouse and Instagram and Linkedin to take your business.

Gary Vee

“One of my key ingredients to leadership is kind candor. People use candor as an excuse to be mean and to rear their insecurities and talk down to people. I don’t love that. That’s why I call it kind candor, not candor. You need to be able to deliver feedback to people and you need to be kind about it.”

“I so struggled with delivering bad news that I danced. I was full of shit, to be frank. … I would try to dance, give a pep rally, but I wouldn’t be canderous. And then I’d eventually be fed up and I’d fire Rick. And he’d be stunned, because a week ago, I’m a cheerleading squad and on Friday, I’m like, ‘we’ve got to let you go.’ … It was a huge leadership flaw of mine and it’s the one that I’m most proud of building up right now.”

Living your life and making decisions based on other people’s judgments is the quickest way to be unhappy.

Gary Vee

“When people leave negative comments on your content, that’s a reflection of their own unhappiness.”

“Make videos, show people your work. You’re not giving away secrets. Your competitors aren’t going to steal it. Get yourself out there on Facebook and LinkedIn, it will change your business.”

“I posted 50 to 100 videos before anybody gave a shit.”

“It’s hard to inspire your organization to be more progressive in its marketing if you, yourself, don’t believe in it.”

“Have you spent time trying to figure out if Linkedin or podcasting can help your business? Or have you just written it off because you don’t want to put in the 30 or 40 hours of work to become educated on these platforms?”

“You want to deal with the booing? Stop getting high off the cheering.”

“I’m only as good as my last at-bat. … Just because I have built this $200 million company in revenue from zero, it doesn’t mean tomorrow that it can’t go down if I get high on my own supply.”

“Humility is incredibly important and people smell it on you. You could have a lot more success if you didn’t need to take credit for everything that your team is doing.”

“A lot of times, if you are a successful corporate type that was good at school, you were groomed to look down at the scrappy entrepreneur. Now it’s changing.

Without empathy and compassion for the other person and without patience to eat shit for six months, you can’t be successful.

Gary Vee

“A big mistake I see is that people come with corporate ideas for small businesses, and they’re completely tone-deaf… The number one recommendation I always give is humility, empathy, and patience. You have to come in for three months, not say a word, and just listen. Then your words will carry a ton more weight.”

“It’s not just ambition. You need tenacity. On a day like this, it’s gloomy, you’re not motivated, how do you grind through that?”

“I want legacy, not currency.”

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