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Building a Painting Business Empire with Jobber

June 10, 2020 2 min. read
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Painters Enterprise

Graham Audenart runs three painting businesses in three different cities, and manages to keep on growing thanks to Jobber. Here’s how.

Serial entrepreneur Graham Audenart runs three home service businesses in three different cities. They each have their own clientele, branding, successes, and losses.

But one thing they all have in common? They all run on Jobber.

Here’s Graham’s take on why implementing Jobber was crucial to his success, and how it helped to free up his time to focus on bigger business opportunities.

“Before Jobber, I was organizing everything by paper”

Everybody has to start somewhere. From 2003-2010, Graham ran Painters Enterprise on pen and paper: “We were working with carbon copies, notebooks and paper sheets for estimating and invoicing.”

“We’d lose paper all the time, and clients would lose their estimates and invoices all the time. It was a real pain in the ass.”

“I wanted something all-encompassing”

Graham tested out software options, but didn’t like the idea of using one software for scheduling and other for invoicing.

“All the other programs that I found, you’d use one program for managing the company, another for invoicing, you’d end up using three or four different programs. I wanted a software that I can just use one.”

“Jobber has made my company way more organized”

In 2010, Graham implemented Jobber as an all-in-one solution.

On the operational side, Graham uses Jobber to schedule jobs, send invoices, and track payments at a glance. Meanwhile, his team of over 15 employees can see job details from the mobile app and track their expenses.

“Jobber has made my company way more organized,” says Graham.

“Say I have a client that phones me up and says, ‘you did a job for me last year, we’d like to repaint it. I can go back and look at that client, see the exact job that we did, we can re-price it the exact same way and we can also find the exact products we used.”

One decade, three businesses later

In addition to Painters Enterprise, Graham runs Quality Student Painters and recently founded PE Coating Systems.

One decade after starting with Jobber, Graham is still a happy customer.

“Jobber helped differentiate my business. It made me look professional, allowed me to be way more organized and was a huge time saver.”

Want to find out where Graham’s entrepreneurialism has taken him today? Listen to his story on the Built By You Podcast.

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