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3 Painting Flyer Examples and Templates to Get More Leads

December 9, 2020 6 min. read
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Starting a new painting business is an exciting and challenging venture. Since you need to know how to get painting contracts for your company to succeed, you want to make sure that your marketing efforts are effective and within budget.

Painting business flyers are a popular way to reach new painting customers, fast. Best of all, flyers are affordable and can give you quicker results than other marketing tactics.

There are three types of painting flyers to try out: postcards, tearaways, and door hangers. In this guide, we’ll review each one, show you examples, and share tips on using them to get new business.

Painting Flyer Type #1: Painting Company Postcards

Marketing postcards are typically sent and received by mail. They measure about 4×6 inches and usually have eye-catching images and colorful text to help them stand out.

The best marketing postcards include your:

  • Painting business name and logo
  • Contact information (phone number, email address, and website)
  • An image or photograph of your services (ex: a before and after photo)
  • A brief list of services
  • A call to action (ex: “book online” or “get a free quote”
  • Information about discounts, special rates, or promotions

You can personalize postcards for specific homes or neighborhoods by adding neighbor testimonials or addresses.

Since postcards are small, make sure to use both the front and back.

Here’s an example of a well-designed painting company postcard from Quality Student Painters (front and back):

This postcard has all of the elements that a great painting postcard should:

  • all of the necessary information
  • a clean and appealing design
  • uses the space well without making it feel overcrowded or too spaced out

It also makes it clear that the company is already in the area providing painting services to other homes in the neighborhood. This can help to boost word-of-mouth marketing and help to build a reputation within the community. 

Painting postcard pros:

Painting postcards can be a terrific way to market your painting company. Some of their benefits include:

  • They can be both mailed or dropped door-to-door, letting you control your reach
  • They’re easy to tweak for different services, seasons, or promotions
  • They can be targeted to specific areas, like individual homes, client’s neighbors, streets, or communities
  • You can use physical postcards and digital postcards for different customers

Painting postcard cons:

Even though they can be a great way to market your painting business, painting postcards aren’t for everyone. Some of their downfalls include:

  • You’ll need a graphic designer or an attractive template to make them look good
  • If you’re having them designed, printed, and sent by mail, costs can add up
  • If they’re not high-quality, you may not see as much of a return as you’d like

Painting Flyer Type #2: Painting Company Tearaway Flyers

Painting company tearaway flyers can typically be found on local bulletin boards in community centers, town halls, and businesses. They’re usually a standard 8.5×11 inches and include basic information about the painting business, such as:

  • A company name and/or logo
  • The business phone number, email address, and website
  • A list of basic services
  • Promotions, special rates, or discounts

Here’s an example of a painting business flyer:

This postcard is simple but effective. It has all the information you’d need to understand what the business offers and how to get in touch with them. And, it throws in a little extra marketing by mentioning that they offer free quotes

Painting tearaway flyer pros:

Painting tearaways work for a lot of different painting business owners because:

  • They’re easy to design and print. You don’t even need an image to make them stand out.
  • They’re cost-effective, with one flyer serving up to ten customers
  • They can easily be tweaked to reflect seasonal services or new wording

Painting tearaway flyer cons:

Tearaway flyers can’t do it all. Some painting business owners don’t like to use them because:

  • It can be hard to find places to put them
  • You need to check-in to see when they need to be replaced
  • They’re less targeted than other painting flyers

Painting Flyer Type #3: Painting Business Door Hangers

Door hangers are just what they sound like: flyers designed to hook onto a standard door handle. Door hangers can range in size and shape since they don’t need to fit in a mailbox or on a bulletin board. The standard size is 3.5×8.5 inches.

Door hangers can include the same information as other painting flyers, like:

  • Business name and logo
  • Contact and online booking information
  • A list of services
  • Discounts, promotions, and special rates
  • Imagery
  • A tagline

Here’s an example of a great door hanger from Top Notch Paint Pros:

This door hanger does a great job of organizing information. It effectively conveys their services using before/after photos and a list of seasonal services that target their ideal buyer. As a bonus, this flyer includes an offer for discounted pricing, which can help to take potential clients from consideration to committed.

Door hanger pros:

Door hangers can be a great option for many painting business owners because:

  • They can target specific homeowners and neighborhoods
  • You can tweak them for different seasons and services
  • You control how many you hand out and where, giving you more control over their reach

Door hanger cons:

Some painting business owners prefer other types of flyers because door hangers:

  • Require professional design and printing
  • Have to be individually distributed
  • Don’t cast as wide of a net

Why should I use flyers to market my painting business?

House painting flyers can be an efficient and effective way to do things like:

Spread the word about your business and create brand recognition

Painting postcards, tearaways, and door hangers all help to get your business name and logo in front of new eyes. Even if they don’t all turn into customers, they’re still likely to remember you when they do need a painter or when a friend or family member asks for a recommendation.

Reach small and large groups of potential new clients

Different flyers have varying levels of reach. You can use them to target a variety of client types depending on your marketing goals. For example, you can use tearaways to cast a wide net at low cost. Then, print some high-quality door hangers to target your client’s neighbors when you finish a job.

Promote seasonal services, special offers, and discounts

Flyers don’t have to be generic. You can print different painting flyers each season to highlight a special promotion or limited time offer. This can help you stay relevant and competitive instead of just hitting prospects with the same design and messaging over and over.

Track the success of your marketing efforts and organize clients

Although tracking the success of your flyers can be a bit tricky, it’s not impossible. If you use specific promotion codes or direct clients to book online, you can get an idea of which are coming in through your flyers and which are coming from other marketing efforts.

Once a client reaches out from a flyer, you can track them using client management software. Over time, this can help you to determine which flyers have been the most successful. Soon, you’ll be experimenting with new designs, wording, promotions, and painting flyer types to see what works best.

Practical painting flyers

Whether your painting business is new or established, flyers can be a great way to market your services and bring in new clients.

From getting your name out there to helping you reach different markets, they come with a lot of benefits that you can use to grow your business.

Start with something basic that matches your budget and marketing goals, and experiment with designs, styles, and target customers as you go. This will help you to create and distribute successful and effective flyers while keeping costs reasonable.

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