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How This Plumber Reduced Costly Callbacks by Over 50% with Jobber

July 22, 2020 4 min. read
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image of Dan Guest from Guest Plumbing

Guest Plumbing

Dan Guest, founder of Guest Plumbing has improved team communication to cut back on costly and tedious customer callbacks. Here’s how he’s saving time and money.
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Dan Guest has been a Master Plumber for the last 11 years and in that time, he’s seen it all.

“There used to be a job board in every office. The owner would come in and physically write where they were going in the morning,” Dan tells us.

“And that’s not very long ago. We’re talking just a couple of years back.”

Now, Dan runs his own business, Guest Plumbing & Heating, and he’s seen firsthand how team communication has evolved.

We spoke to Dan about how his team communicated before Jobber, and how plumbing job management has reduced costly and reputation-damaging customer callbacks by over 50%.

Team communication with Jobber is phenomenal

When Dan first started out, he had a million things to do and a million ways to do those things.

“We always had QuickBooks invoicing, but in the beginning, we used to do scheduling via text,” says Dan.

Dan’s office administrators would text employees their schedules and job details. But the information was often one-way and incomplete.

Now, instead of texting information back and forth, every technician has access to their real-time schedule and client history via Jobber’s mobile app.

Technicians are notified of schedule changes as they happen, and can access and update client notes on the go.

“Some jobs we go to, and six months later we go back to finish,” explains Dan. “It might be a different technician who goes back, and they don’t know anything about the client.”

“Now, we have a client file with everything in it, and the second technician has all of the information the first guy put down. It’s great.”

With Jobber’s scheduling and dispatching software, Dan’s office and field teams are all on the same page and key client information doesn’t get lost in the process.

“Team communication with Jobber is phenomenal,” Dan tells us.

Jobber offers us scheduling and dispatching features so we can generate our jobs, select our clients, and assign them to our team members more efficiently.

Jobber has helped us cut down on callbacks by over 50%

Along with inefficient and imperfect scheduling, Dan and his team were losing the war against customer callbacks.

“Callbacks are a big issue for us. If we have issues with a client, it usually pertains to water which pertains to damage. Testing and double-checking is the number one most important thing in our industry.”

Jobber’s job forms and site inspection checklists have been a lifesaver for Dan and his team.

“We have a rough in and a finishing checklist. When we do a rough in for a house, we have a checklist for that as well as a finishing checklist,” he adds.

Below is what a Jobber checklist looks like exported as a PDF:

image of Guest Plumbing checklist

“Now, we know with 100% certainty that we’ve cleaned the house and tested everything.”

“Jobber has helped us cut down on callbacks by over 50%.”

Before Jobber, Dan’s team would get to the jobsite with missing information, which impacted callbacks.

“When we were finished at a jobsite, we could text photos but that wouldn’t really be stored anywhere central, like in a client file. With some jobs, we’d have to go back six months later and finish. It might be a completely different technician that goes to the client for their second visit.”

Jobber’s CRM has changed that for Guest Plumbing & Heating.

“Now we have that client file with all the information we put into the file on the first visit. That new technician has all the information that the first guy documented, which is just great.”

Dan is not only saving money with checklists, but he’s also saving time and his business’ reputation. His team is more prepared for every job so they can get their work done, the right way.

No more back and forth to the jobsite and phone tag with an unsatisfied client.

I made the right decision by going with Jobber for organization and job management

As Dan celebrates five years as a plumbing business owner, he has a message for other entrepreneurs looking to solve their team communication problems:

“There’s a quote we live by at our company: Why not me? Why not now?”

“A lot of plumbing companies are very skeptical of tools like Jobber that are out of their realm. But if I could say anything to someone who’s on the fence: just do it.”

“And really, if you don’t like it, you can always go back to how you used to work,” Dan adds.

“There’s a huge sense of accomplishment when you’re a customer’s solution. Jobber has been the solution for us.”

“I made the right decision by going with Jobber for organization and job management.”

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