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Plumbing Business Cards: Your Guide to Design, Printing, and Distribution

April 10, 2022 5 min. read
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When you meet a potential customer in person, giving them a plumbing business card can help you make a professional first impression.

This is why sometimes the best plumbing tool to grow your business is a well-designed business card.

Plumbing business card design ideas 

Your plumbing business card design should match the rest of your plumbing marketing efforts. 

Here are some business card ideas to use as inspiration to get you started:

1. Professional plumbing business cards

Make a professional first impression with a business card that cleanly features your company logo, name, title, and contact information.

2. Simple plumbing business cards

Skip the extra bells and whistles with a business card that neatly lays out your contact information in an easy-to-read manner.

3. Colorful plumbing business cards

Stand out from the competition with a business card that features all of your brand’s colors and logo.

4. Creative plumbing business cards

Make your plumbing company more memorable with a plumbing business card in a unique shape or design. 

This example was designed to resemble the shape of a cleanout plug.

Pro Tip: Choose a business card printer that offers pre-existing templates or a drag-and-drop card editor. This will help you get the design you’re looking for without the help of a professional graphic designer.

What to include on your plumber business cards

The purpose of a plumber business card is simple—to remind potential customers of your services and help them get in touch. The information on your business card should help them do that.

Here’s what you need to include on your plumbing and heating business cards:

  1. Plumbing company name
  2. Logo and branding
  3. Company tagline (if you have one)
  4. Full name (first and last)
  5. Job title (or plumbing certification level)
  6. Contact information (email, phone number, and social media profiles)
  7. Plumbing website URL

The front of your business card should be dedicated to your branding and include your company name, logo, slogan, colors, and fonts.

The back of the card is where you get down to business. It should include your name, job title, contact information, and plumbing website URL.

How to distribute plumbing business cards

While there’s no hard rule on who you give business cards to, when, or where, we do have a few recommendations to help you get better results from your distribution. 

  • Carry a few business cards with you at all times. You never know when or where you’ll run into a potential plumbing customer. Get a small carrying case so your business cards don’t get crumpled in your pocket or wallet.
  • Be selective with your cards. Don’t just hand your business card to anyone or everyone. Only give it to people who you’ve connected or discussed services with, or who’ve indicated they may need a plumber in the future.
  • Give your business cards to current customers. Attach your business cards to estimates or invoices. That way, your existing customers have your contact information handy to refer or reuse your services down the road.
  • Post your business card on public bulletin boards. Check with local businesses, libraries, gyms, or grocery stores to see if you can post your business card on their bulletin boards for free.
  • Exchange business cards with home service professionals in other industries at networking events or on the job to share leads, opportunities, and other business advice.

Where to buy plumbing and heating business cards

Affordable business cards are just one Google search away. Here are a few of the best options online to design and print your plumbing business cards:

  • Canva

Canva offers a ton of free templates, or you can use their free drag-and-drop editor to easily create your plumbing business card.

A box of 50 business cards starts at $10 USD.

  • VistaPrint

With VistaPrint, you can customize pre-designed templates, card finishes, and even business card shapes and sizes. You also can work with a designer to create the perfect card for your plumbing business.

For a box of 100 cards, pricing starts at $17 USD.

  • MOO

MOO is a bit on the pricier side, but they have a ton of professional business card templates for plumbers, as well as a variety of card finishes.

For a box of 50 cards, pricing starts at $20 USD.

  • Staples

With same-day printing, Staples is one of the quickest ways to get cards for your plumbing business. Choose a pre-designed template or create your own business cards for printing. 

Pricing starts at $14.99 USD for 250 cards.

Get more leads with plumbing business cards

Whether you’re at a trade show or just running errands, business cards are important plumbing tools that can help you get more plumbing leads and grow your business.

You can also explore online marketing strategies like SEO for plumbers or plumbing ads

As you take on new jobs, use Jobber to store new customer details, send professional plumbing estimates, schedule work, and more.

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