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Built By You Podcast

June 23, 2020 3 min. read
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Built By You: A Podcast For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is tough. You have an idea about what you’re trying to build when you get started—then it gets real. Things can go (too) well or plans fall apart and you’re forced to choose between a pivot, staying the course, or giving up. At the end of the day, success can be just as challenging as failure, and we have lots to learn from both scenarios.

These are stories from business owners sharing how they stay focused when entrepreneurship gets real. If you think you’re alone in this, you’re not. Listen in to learn from them.

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Episode 6: Risk, Reward, and Chainsaws

Kurt Stenberg of Cochrane Tree Care is new to entrepreneurship, but not to risk. A former firefighter, Kurt’s health forced him to start a new career just over a year ago—let’s check in.

“You still have those stressful moments at night, wondering whether you can do it. Is it going to work out? Did I do that properly?” – Kurt Stenberg, Cochrane Tree Care

Episode 5: Sprinting Before You Can Walk

Ryaan Tuttle of Best Handyman Boston chronicles the extreme speed at which he went from apprentice with a side hustle to running $50k jobs—and the roadblocks he hit along the way.

“My vision, maybe 15 years ago, was to have one employee, and just have a job to go to every day. That’s changed… But the underlying theme to it all is I want to be happy. I don’t want to have to work nine hundred thousand hours.” – Ryaan Tuttle, Best Handyman Boston

Episode 4: Chant’s Never-ending Hustle

Chant Singvongsa, owner of Singvongsa Landscaping and half a dozen other businesses, shares how he went from full time factory worker with two part time jobs, to serial entrepreneur.

“Don’t be afraid of whatever happens. The rejections, the fear—feel those feelings.” – Chant Singvongsa, Singvongsa Landscaping

Episode 3: Saying No to Growth at All Costs

Brian Boase, army veteran and owner of MIL-SPEC Landscaping, talks about staying true to his personal definition of success when his ‘retirement’ job takes off and the pressure to grow is on.

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It’s just different grass.” – Brian Boase, MIL-SPEC Landscaping

Episode 2: Two Decades of Successes and Scars

Graham Audenart of Painters Enterprise reflects on the successes and scars left by two decades of serial entrepreneurship, and makes a case for regularly reinventing your role.

“I micromanaged everything, which is so typical of all business owners. We neglect to realize that helping others grow is a major key point in the growth of the company.” – Graham Audenart, Painters Enterprise

Episode 1: From Opera Singer to AC Celebrity

Jen Reynolds of Jenergy Air Services shares the career changes, personal realizations, and marriage-defining events that have shaped her success—and failure—as an entrepreneur.

“Instead of jumping in and buying another truck and making more money, I would turn business away and give it to somebody else and cry silently inside.” – Jen Reynolds, Jenergy Air Services

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