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Pool Chasers Podcast: 8 Ways Jobber Organizes Pool Care Businesses

September 24, 2020 5 min. read
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Customers today expect a seamless, convenient experience when they hire you for a pool service job. But when Greg Villafana and Tyler Rasmussen first started their pool care business, they were the exact opposite.

“Our team was writing things down on pieces of paper in our trucks, taking notes on our phones and performing pool service bids in under five minutes. We didn’t really know any different back then. We were just doing our best to juggle all of it,” Tyler says.

After a bad customer service review, Greg and Tyler knew it was time to get organized for good. “We found Jobber and fell in love with the process.”

Greg and Tyler spoke about life before and after Jobber on the Pool Chasers Podcast.

Listen below, and read on to find out how Greg and Tyler changed their pool care business, and why they’re encouraging others to do the same.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

“I could manage 50 clients with my notes, my phone, and being able to remember to bring extra parts. 75 clients started to push it. But at 100 clients, man, I couldn’t keep anything organized. I would forget what was going on, I’d forget to bring a part. That’s when we really started looking for an alternative because we were missing out on money or missing out on time because I’m having to go back and get parts I forgot.

So that’s really when the switch happened for us. There’s definitely a point in a service business when you realize that it’s too much. That’s why we’re constantly preaching to those that just got into the pool care service business to start using a CRM like Jobber right away.”

2. Online Booking Requests

“We’ve been playing a lot with the request form and love being able to edit things. A lot of the other pool service software we’ve tried using has lacked that capability. Each pool is different, each company is different, and we love that customization. We’re able to actually edit that form because there are certain questions that we want to ask clients right away when they’re requesting a service.”

image of Online booking through Jobber

3. Customizable Job Forms

There are all kinds of different forms that you can make with Jobber. For us, that’s huge because now we’re able to attach that form to each client, so that when we go and do that assessment, we can run through questions like: how many gallons is the spa? What’s the chlorine P.H. alkalinity? Do the basket’s need to be replaced?

There are drop down menus, there are text features. There are all these different things and you can go as crazy as you want with it. You can put all the different major manufacturers there. You can do all types of different things.”

4. Optional Line Items in Quotes

“We’ve always said that being in the pool business, we should be offering everything to our customers. We’re going into pool season in the spring and that is time to let our customers know about our package that has pool noodles, goggles, flippers and floats, and all these different things. You can put those items in your quotes.

There are so many different things that you can do. You can send them a really nice, professional quote and add photos so they know what they’re going to get.”

Pro Tip: Service providers that show off products and services with photos, have almost 2x higher quote totals than those that don’t.

5. Pool Service Scheduling

“If we want to see the technicians’ schedules, that option is there. But it’s not bogging up our personal calendar. I have the option to see just my own calendar or see certain technicians’.”

6. Automatic Invoicing and Payments

“Online invoicing and payments gives you the money and the cash flow you need to operate, to hire your first employee, to buy your first truck. All that money needs to be coming into your bank….I know people who are waiting for $30,000 in payments. You could have bought a truck for that much money — that’s huge.

“But if you establish [online invoicing and payments] in the beginning with your clients, and tell them we have automatic billing, automatic payments, they sign a form saying it’s OK, your money is there for you. I can’t tell you how big it is for a business. It’s crazy.

7. Client Reminders

“We never know how long a job is going to take us. So we want to make sure that we’re giving each one of our customers the time that they need in order for us to assess the pool, the equipment. We’re not going to rush through anything.

But the cool thing is, maybe we will get to the next job sooner and we can send our client a text message saying we’re going to be there in thirty minutes, an hour, whatever it may be — just to keep them in the loop.”

image of customer communications through Jobber

Learn more about two-way text messaging and client communication management.

8. Community and Education

Another thing I love about Jobber is the education you offer. You’ve got everything from the Facebook group, blogs on Jobber Academy, and you’re always making new updates. You recently started the Built By You podcast — there’s all kinds of different things.”

image of Molly from Jobber and Pool Chasers at WPSS
The Pool Chasers sharing their advice with attendees at the Western Pool and Spa Show. Learn about upcoming events and join the conversation in the Jobber Community.

Thanks to Greg and Tyler for chatting with us on their podcast! The former pool care business owners are now focused full-time on the education side of the industry, with their weekly swimming pool service podcast. Subscribe to their podcast, created for swimming pool business owners at every stage in their career.

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