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Pool Technician Job Description: How to Write Your Own [+ Free Template]

May 4, 2023 9 min. read
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A detailed pool technician job description helps you attract qualified candidates and hire a skilled employee who meets your business’s needs.

Download our pool technician job description template, or jump ahead for our guide to writing a job description. You’ll be interviewing and hiring pool service pros in no time.

1. Role description

Start your pool technician job description with a brief overview of the position and describe what kind of person would do well in the role. Make sure to include details like:

2. Job responsibilities

Write up a list of pool service technician responsibilities that they’ll be expected to complete. Answer questions like these to make sure you don’t forget any important tasks:

  • What types of pools do your employees normally work on (e.g., residential, commercial)?
  • What tools and equipment do they use (e.g., vacuum, pool skimmer)?
  • What are your most requested pool and spa services (e.g., filter replacement, pump repair)?
  • Will this person be doing any non-cleaning tasks (e.g., customer service, quoting and scheduling work, sending pool service invoices)?

3. Qualifications and skills

A pool service technician needs to know how pools work and how to keep them clean and functional. You’ll also need to consider pool service technician requirements like:

  • Years of experience as a pool maintenance technician
  • Swimming pool service license, if required in your state
  • Physical demands (e.g., lifting and moving heavy equipment)
  • Soft skills (e.g., customer service, communication, problem-solving)
  • Valid driver’s license and clean driver’s record

You can also list optional skills that aren’t necessary for the job but would be nice to have, like pool operator certification or experience with pool service software.

This can help you narrow down a long list of applicants.

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4. Working hours

Include your business’s typical working hours in your pool technician job description. You’ll have an easier time finding reliable employees when they know the hours you expect from them.

State whether the role is full-time or part-time, seasonal or year-round, and permanent or temporary. Applicants should know if they need to find off-season work or extra hours somewhere else.

Pro Tip: Have an off-season or slower period during the year that doesn’t require full-time work? Running a seasonal business on the side will help you keep employees busy all year long.

5. Compensation

Tell pool technician applicants how much the job pays. This sets expectations early and helps filter out candidates who might end up being out of your budget.

Your swimming pool technician job description should also include compensation outside of their wages, like employee bonuses, health insurance, paid time off, or retirement plan matching.

6. Company overview

The company overview in your job description is a chance to introduce your pool service business. You can also use it to explain why candidates should apply for the position.

Include important details like:

  • How many years you’ve been in business
  • Company mission, vision, and values
  • What kind of employee experience you offer
  • Why your employees work with you
  • Professional development and long-term career opportunities

Pro Tip: Save your pool service company overview and reuse it when you hire more employees in the future.

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Your pool technician job description should include instructions for applying to your job posting, whether that’s emailing their application or applying through an online job board like Indeed.

Include the application deadline and whether you need a resume, cover letter, and professional or personal references.

Frequently asked questions

How much to pay a pool technician

The average hourly wage for pool technicians is $18.38/hour (USD). This amount can vary depending on factors like the technician’s experience level and the amount of local competition.

What pool technician job title should I use in a job description?

A swimming pool technician can be known by lots of different titles, including:

  • Pool cleaner
  • Pool cleaning technician
  • Pool service technician
  • Pool maintenance technician
  • Pool maintenance worker

These titles all mean the same thing—someone who cleans, maintains, and repairs swimming pools for homeowners and businesses to keep them in good working condition.

You can use any of these titles in your pool technician job description.

What skills, experience, or training does a pool technician need?

Pool technicians only need a high school diploma or GED. After that, they can learn pool cleaning and maintenance skills from more experienced technicians on the job.

Some areas require a swimming pool technician license or a contractor’s license, especially if you’ll be making pool repairs over a certain dollar amount.

Requirements vary depending on where your business operates, so check with your state’s guidelines for pool service operators.

Extra certification is also available through the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA).

What does a pool technician do?

Pool technicians maintain swimming pools to keep them safe and enjoyable for the people using them. This involves testing water pH, treating the water with chemicals, and repairing the pool structure as needed.

Pool technicians can work as independent contractors, at pool service companies, for private facilities and institutions, and for municipal parks and recreation departments.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a pool technician?

Pool service technician duties include:

  • Removing debris from pool water
  • Testing the water’s pH level and adjusting with chemical treatment
  • Checking pool filters and other equipment

Many pool service businesses offer installation and repair services, so pool technicians should know how to repair cracks or leaks in the pool’s structure, as well as equipment like pumps and water filtration systems.

Depending on the business’s needs, a technician may need to estimate pool cleaning and pool repair jobs, collect payment for completed work, and ask for reviews from satisfied customers.

What makes a good pool technician?

Successful pool technicians are familiar with swimming pool equipment and know how to keep a pool in good working order.

They understand pool water chemistry, including how to safely use hazardous chemicals like acid and chlorine.

Pool cleaners are physically strong and able to work in extreme weather. They also look and sound professional while being able to build friendly relationships with clients.

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