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Mark Baker
Motivated Maids

Business Overview

Located in beautiful Newfoundland and Labrador, Motivated Maids is a new cleaning company that has been using Jobber from the get-go. Here’s how Jobber has helped Motivated Maids compete with nationwide cleaning companies while having only 2 months of experience.

Motivated Maids and Jobber

I did a Google search for cleaning company management software and when I did that Jobber showed up at the very top. I clicked the link and read more about it. I also read a bunch of reviews that compared it to other software on the market. I evaluated the pros and cons of each software and I thought that Jobber was definitely a winner. I signed up for a trial and one of the Account managers took me through Jobber. The customer service was through the roof and the end result was that I fell in love with the Jobber.

Before Jobber

I went straight to Jobber when I started my company. I knew there would be someone out there that would have a system to make a cleaning company’s life easier. So rather than trying each software I looked at some credible sources that reviewed the cleaning software that was out there and like I said, the product was fantastic. Jobber is constantly updating and changing things and I feel like the people working at Jobber are in tune with me. I feel like the feedback that I give is actually valuable to the Jobber staff,  that’s the impression that I get so far.

After Jobber

I would say Jobber saves me about 20 hours a week, but it’s not just about the time it’s about improving the service for my clients at the end of the day. And I find Jobber doesn’t overdo it, the software doesn’t give me so many features that it becomes complicated. Jobber has useful features that I actually need.

The Best Thing About Jobber

I love the recording of time. When I enter a job I can start the timer and accurately record how long I’ve been working on a job. It’s important for our future employees to track how much time they spend at a job not just for the billable hours, but also for accessing our files at the end of the quarter.

The client reminders are also really great. With Jobber, it shows when customers confirm that they have an upcoming job. If I don’t receive a confirmation from them then I know I should give them a call so I don’t have to show up at their house without them being there.

The other amazing feature is that it connects with Stripe. So when I send them invoices my customers can pay with just a click – customers love it!



Motivated Maids


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Residential Cleaning

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