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Jonathan Perry
Oahu Tree Works

Business Overview

As certified arborists and tree workers, the Oahu Tree Works team ensures that the trees of the Honolulu area are well taken care of. Operating for over 6 years now, Oahu Tree Works handles projects both big and small. OWT is passionate about the tree industry and has built a company that is focused on helping people help their trees.

Oahu Tree Works and Jobber

A friend of mine who has a company in Los Angeles told me about it. Prior to Jobber we were using QuickBooks to do most of our invoicing. I know those programs aren’t made for the same purpose, but that’s the only thing that we used in terms of software. So when my my friend raved about you guys I thought I would give Jobber a try.

Before Jobber

My very first year of business I was drafting invoices and quotes myself and then emailing them to customers from a PDF. That was a long time ago and it wasn’t a great thing to be doing.

After Jobber

The thing that I like most about Jobber is the streamlined process of everything. From the initial inputting of the client information, Jobber tracks every transaction of every single client. So you add the client to the database and then you can schedule a quote, email a quote and schedule jobs. So Jobber takes care of everything from A-Z. It just keeps everything very organized.

The Best Thing About Jobber

I also like how intuitive it is. The way it’s setup makes it easy for me to show our office person how to use it. So with Jobber they can quickly get set up and understand how to use it in no time. If you invest a lot of time in a software just trying to figure out how it works and in the end it doesn’t even do what you want it to do, that can be a big issue. But Jobber is incredibly straightforward and easy to use and it’s a really powerful piece of software, it’s perfect.

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Oahu Tree Works


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