Painters Enterprise

  • IndustryPainting
  • Started2003
  • LocationEdmonton, AB
  • Started using Jobber2010


  • All-in-one solution
  • Mobility
  • Paperless


  • Residential painting
  • Commercial painting
  • Electrostatic painting
  • Floor coatings


  • Invoicing
  • Client management
  • Expense tracking

Too much paperwork

Graham Audenart, founder of Painters Enterprise found that as his business was steadily growing, he was spending more time scheduling jobs and following up with customers for payment than he was painting. Not ideal.

On top of that, he was outgrowing an already imperfect system.

“Before Jobber I was organizing everything by paper. Notebooks and paper sheets for estimating and invoicing. We were working with carbon copies,” recalls Graham.

“We’d lose paper all the time, and clients would lose their estimates and invoices all the time, and it was a real pain in the ass.”

He tested out some software, but didn’t like the idea of using one software for scheduling, another for invoicing, and probably one more for another business need. It felt a little too much like lugging around notebooks.

Before Jobber I was organizing everything by paper. Notebooks and paper sheets for estimating and invoicing.

One software that does it all

Graham was Jobber’s very first customer (and major collaborator in those early days), and we are thrilled to be the all-in-one solution that he was looking for.

On the customer side, he can schedule jobs easily, send invoices, and track payments at a glance. Team-wise, his employees can see job details on the Jobber app and track their expenses.

In other words: “Jobber has made my company way more organized,” says Graham.

This organization proves itself especially useful for repeat business.

“Say I have a client that phones me up and says, ‘you did a job for me last year, we’d like to repaint it,’” says Graham. “I can go back and look at that client, see the exact job that we do, we can reprice it the exact same way, and we can also see what products we used.”

painter that uses software

Back to business

Graham now spends more time painting, and less time managing his business operations. He’s happy because painting is why he started his business in the first place.

In addition to growing his team, he’s also expanded his service offerings, with Painters Enterprise now providing concrete floor coatings.

Would this growth have been possible without Jobber? Knowing Graham, he would have made it happen.

That being said, Graham’s support and feedback was essential to Jobber’s success, and we’d like to think we played a small part in his.

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