Trust Home Comfort Ltd.

  • IndustryHVAC
  • Started2015
  • LocationEdmonton, AB
  • Started using Jobber2015


  • Affordability
  • No contract
  • Client tracking


  • Air conditioner install
  • Furnace install
  • Water heater install
  • Duct work
  • HVAC repair
  • HVAC maintenance


  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Client manager
  • Client follow-ups

A sales pro starts a service business

When Van Wu and his business partner started Trust Home Comfort, providing furnace, HVAC, air conditioner, and water heater services in Edmonton, Alberta (Jobber’s hometown!), Van brought sales experience to the table, while his partner brought the service industry background.

From his days in sales, Van knew that keeping happy customers who would send him referrals could have more impact on his business than spending time finding new ones. So with growth in mind, Van wanted to launch with software in place to manage customers efficiently—from acquisition, to scheduling jobs, to following up—and impress them at the same time.

A low risk, low cost software solution

Van searched extensively for software, combing through top 10 lists and service management software articles, and we’re honored that he ended up trying Jobber. From his perspective it was a natural fit for a new business.

“Other software companies would charge an expensive setup fee or you’d have to purchase the software just one time and stick with it,” Van says.

“Jobber didn’t need a bunch of money upfront. As a new business, we couldn’t tell if it was going to fit our needs, so we wanted to start small to make it less risky for us financially.”

Van also appreciates that Jobber’s functionality also makes his company look professional. From templates for quotes and invoices, to client reminders, and more, Jobber offers lots of support to business owners in the customer communication department.

Handy for Van who attaches serial numbers and installation images to his client follow-ups for that professional finishing touch.

A bustling business supported by Jobber

Jobber passed Van’s test and we’re happy to continue to support Trust Home Comfort’s important work. Especially during Edmonton’s cold winters, Van’s team can save the day when a family’s heater breaks down.

When emergency jobs pop up almost as often as scheduled jobs it’s not surprising to learn what Van considers his favourite Jobber function.

“The calendar would definitely be my favourite feature. I like the monthly view,” says Van—his iPad loaded with Jobber always close at hand. “I can coordinate all of my work and when I’m done I can just generate the invoice and email it to the customer.”

“Jobber is very user-friendly, it just gets things done.”

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