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Van Wu
Trust Home Comfort LTD.

Business Overview

Trust Home Comfort is a new HVAC company located in Edmonton, Alberta operating since May of this year. Before starting Trust Home Comfort, Van Wu knew that home service software was a must for his business. Find out why Jobber stood out from others in the industry.

True Comfort and Jobber

I found Jobber online, through a Google search. I came across an article about service management software that mentioned Jobber. I found that Jobber always made the top 10 lists of best home service software on the market in a lot of online articles. I thought this must be good, so I called in for a demo.

We started using Jobber around March. Before we started our business we were already looking for a software that was service based and we found that Jobber was unique. Other software companies would charge an expensive fee or you’d have to purchase the software just one time and stick with it. I found that Jobber had pretty reasonable pricing and was simple and straightforward. I also love that Jobber is located in our hometown.

After Jobber

Jobber didn’t need a bunch of money upfront. As a new business, we couldn’t tell if it was going to fit our needs, so we wanted to start small to make it less risky for us financially. So we love the monthly subscription and that there are no contracts. And the people that work at Jobber are super friendly and super helpful.

The Best Thing About Jobber

The calendar would definitely be my favourite feature. I like the monthly view, I can coordinate all of my work and when I’m done I can just generate the invoice and email it to the customer. Jobber is very user-friendly, it just gets things done.

How Much Time Does Jobber Save You?

I use Jobber every day on my iPad, on my desktop and on my phone. Jobber saves me so much time. Everything from creating a visit to sending an invoice is easy and straightforward.




Trust Home Comfort LTD.


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