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With Jobber in your back pocket, you can offer your customers a hassle-free service experience—no phone tag or lost paperwork. Use the tools on this page to show your customers the value you pass on to them by running your business with Jobber.

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Step 1: Send the video

Include a link to this video when you send new customers a welcome email. It runs them through how easy it is to request new work, review quotes, and pay their invoices. They’ll know what to expect, and can refer your business to their friends by forwarding the email along.


Step 2: Print a handout

Customize this pdf with your business name and contact info, then print it as a leave-behind reference for new customers, or attach it to a welcome email. A print version of our video, this pdf explains how easy it is to request new work, review quotes, and pay their invoices.

Download PDF

Step 3: Post the badge

Add this badge to your website along with the suggested text below, and set yourself apart as a tech-forward business.

We work with Jobber to help run our business online and ensure your experience working with us is hassle-free. You’ll have access to our client hub so you can request new work, approve quotes, and review invoices online—anytime, day or night.

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Step 4: Set up online booking

Turn on your online booking feature (available on Connect and Grow plans) to make it easier for new leads and current customers to get work on your radar. Customers book work through your client hub, website, or social media channels.

Visit our Help Center for instructions on adding online booking to your website and Facebook page.

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Next time you’re talking shop with a friend who could benefit from using Jobber, send them your unique referral link. They click the link to start a free trial, and if Jobber is a good fit, you’ll both get a month of Jobber for free—our way of saying thanks for sharing your Jobber experience! Have friends in other industries? Jobber works for all home services!

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