Team Permissions

Control what information your team can access in Jobber.

Set unique permissions for each of your team members, and manage their ability to see and edit information in your Jobber account.

All, some, next to none—whatever your preferences, Jobber allows you to easily modify team permission settings.

Available on Connect and Grow plans. Visit Pricing

Preset Permission Levels

Choose from three preset permission levels based on your team member’s role and responsibilities.

These permission levels are based on the most common actions field workers, team leads, and management staff need to take in Jobber.

Can view job details and track their time in the field.
Recommended for most users

Can edit job, team, and client details.
Recommended for team leads.

Can manage all areas excluding reports and payroll.
Recommended for management.

Permission levels range from simply being able to see your individual schedule and the corresponding job site addresses, to having the ability to modify client information, create and edit invoices, and manage schedules.

Put the Jobber app in your team’s hands so they have access to their most up-to-date schedule and job details.

Advanced Settings

Customize permission levels to your liking with several choices for access to varying degrees of schedule information, client details, quoting, invoicing, job information, and more.