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Did you know you need to pay for training with Kickserv ($199) on top of a monthly subscription? Not with Jobber, pick any plan and get free software training.

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Jobber's been ranked as a Leader in Gartner's report as a Leader. Competitors includes Yardbook, Kickserv, Housecall Pro, mHelpDesk, Razorsync, Zenmaid and Service Autopilot. We've reviewed these different software solutions and came to a few conclusions.

If you work in the field, Jobber works for you

As you get more clients you want a software that can keep up—you can’t just consider the price. Asking about client benefits, software stability, support, and uncovering hidden fees is key.

Your client's experience is #1

Jobber provides you the software you need to provide a top-notch service experience.

The little things can make the biggest difference. That’s why you, your team, and your customers will find every interaction with Jobber easy and reliable.

Stability (a.k.a. peace of mind)

We take downtime seriously, which means we don’t experience it very often. See our status page for more info:

What’s downtime? While we invest time and resources into ensuring that Jobber isn’t unavailable or glitchy when you need it most, this isn’t the standard in our industry and may not be the case for our competitors. The safe thing to do is ask.

Reliable support

Once your data is loaded into a software, you want to make sure you have help—quickly—to access it and get sh$% done!

Live chat with our Success Team from your Jobber account, give us a call, or send us an email.

Our average call wait time is 36 seconds.

QuickBooks sync with every plan

As your business grows you’ll want deeper insights into your finances. That’s why Jobber automatically syncs with QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Xero.

Accounting sync is available on all of Jobber’s plans, while Kickserv charges you an additional $50 (which makes them more expensive).

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