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3 Carpet Cleaning Marketing Strategies to Win You More Business

July 17, 2017 3 min. read
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Once you’ve made the foundational decisions for your newly started carpet cleaning business — e.g., truckmount or haul-it, the area you want to serve—it’s time to put together a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Again, there are foundational choices to make based on understanding your ideal target prospect, and reaching them in the right moment. Very importantly, you must decide how to  implement and measure your marketing to know what’s paying off, so you can scale your successes and minimize bad spends.

Here are 3 easy-to-implement marketing strategies for your carpet cleaning business.

Find your local niche

The key to building repeat business is finding customers you can take care of better than anyone else. Somewhere on your home turf is just such an under-served market. Here’s how some members of the carpet cleaning industry’s Truck Mount Forums found a niche for their carpet cleaning business.

Commercial property managers

Commercial Property Managers look for their carpet cleaning vendors to be reputable, well-equipped, and able to service their particular needs. Building a presence as someone that can look after a multi-unit commercial property with particular needs will help you stand out to prospects and book repeat revenue. There’s a good video on how to market carpet cleaning to commercial property managers here.

READ MOREResource hub for commercial cleaning businesses.

Flooring manufacturers

Try to track down the local representatives of flooring manufacturers who distribute in your area. Many manufacturers will work with local carpet cleaning businesses to provide services to customers under warranty—why replace an entire carpet when it can simply be cleaned and/or repaired? Manufacturers can provide the foundation for a great local business. As one carpet cleaner on the forum wrote:

I’ve been working with claims departments and reps my whole career and they have consistently brought me more work than any other referral avenue.

Price has never been an issue. They pay you consistently and think of you every time they need a problem fixed.

Scott Gwilliam

Work the digital angles

There are a number of Jobber Academy posts available on the basics of getting your carpet cleaning business set up online: a website, a Facebook page, a Google listing, etc. Taking things to the next level, here are a couple of tactics other successful carpet cleaners use to market their services.


I am currently making about $2000 a week for free by posting in my local community groups.

I make an ad with some before and afters just for carpet cleaning. The next week I’ll do carpet cleaning and patching with pics. Then carpet cleaning and pet stain removal… I go back over my ads and message people every 2 weeks.

Certified Master Textile Cleaner

Angie’s List

You offer a deal and if an Angie’s list member buys it, the company pays you about week later.

It’s only 15% and if there aren’t any add-ons for over sized rooms, or just additional work the customer may want. Angie’s list only wants what they sold.

Shawn Obetz Carpet Care

Leverage marketing technologies

There are a number of marketing technology tools than can help you achieve the goals of your digital marketing strategy. Here are a few to get you started.

Bitly: Create shortened, trackable links with Bitly. Bitly takes a long URL (like the URL to your Jobber work request page or website contact page for example), and shortens it so it doesn’t take up valuable Twitter characters for example. More importantly, Bitly tracks your link analytics, showing you how many people clicked your link, from what social media channels, and more. You get clear insight into which of your marketing campaigns and social media channels are bringing you the most leads.

Viraltag: Visuals are everything in both digital marketing and the carpet cleaning business. Viraltag is a tool to help you use pictures and videos more effectively in your marketing and social media. Use this tool to build ‘before and after’ visual campaigns highlighting your work and use a simple dashboard to experiment with how visuals are delivered, and the way they affect your engagements across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Jobber work requests: With Jobber’s carpet cleaning software, clients can find a work request form on your client hub, on your website, and on your social media channels. They type in their request, press submit, and you can review all of your requests in Jobber, and quickly convert them to quotes or jobs. Easy. Read more on how to integrate work requests into your Facebook page to collect more leads in.

Whichever of these strategies you decide to implement first, be sure to decide on a measurable factor to evaluate whether or not a strategy is working for you. Whether that’s asking people how they heard about you or tracking clicks on social media posts, with a little experimenting you’ll quickly know which marketing strategies work best for your business.

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