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Handyman Business Software

Jobber helps your handyman business run smoothly for you and your customers—with estimating, invoicing, client communications, and CRM all in one place.

image of handyman drilling down floor after using handyman business software
hands holding a mobile phone with the screen showing a field service software business app

What is handyman business software?

Handyman software like Jobber helps business owners send estimates, organize job details, get paid, and provide better customer service. 

Plus, Jobber integrates with QuickBooks Online accounting software, to keep your customer, invoice, and payment information accurate without double-entry.

Here’s how Jobber helps your handyman business run smoothly for you and your customers:

  • Keep work moving forward with automatic text or email quote follow-ups
  • Offer customers a professional experience with an online portal to request work, approve quotes, review jobs, and make payments
  • Track and manage job details in one place with Jobber’s handyman CRM software
  • Get paid in person and on the spot with the Jobber Card Reader

Making handyman service run smoothly for your business

Manage your entire handyman business in one place. With Jobber, job details automatically flow from the initial request to the invoice, so nothing gets lost.  You can access job info anytime from the mobile app, and your customers stay informed with automated texts and emails. When the job is complete, use the Jobber Card Reader to collect payment with one tap. Jobber reduces admin work at every stage, saving handyman businesses 7 hours a week on average. 

illustration of a sent quote and mobile device that says quote approved using Jobber's quoting software

Handyman Estimating Software

Quickly create and send professional estimates that are easy for customers to approve. When your customer is ready, they can visit client hub, Jobber’s online customer portal, to easily approve, request a change, pay a deposit, or provide a signature.

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two mobile devices displaying business quoting software. The first shows a service business quote and the second shows an optional line item to upgrade the service.

Optional line items

Win bigger jobs by suggesting additional handyman services or premium packages. Customers can select the services that best fit their needs and watch their estimate total automatically update before they approve.

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Quote follow-up message settings and SMS previews in Jobber

Quote follow-ups

Improve your win-rate and keep work moving forward. Jobber automatically sends a follow-up text or email to customers you haven’t heard back from, so you can make sure you’re never leaving work on the table.

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A mobile phone displaying business quoting software with a quote that has been signed and approved by the customer in the app.

Quote approvals

Let customers easily approve your handyman quotes, request changes, pay a deposit, or provide their signature online through Jobber’s client hub.

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A mobile phone displaying the quote markup screen in Jobber's quoting software app


View the estimated margin on your handyman quotes, and modify your pricing in response. Jobber helps you set the perfect price so you can create quotes quickly and confidently.

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Illustration of a calendar full of scheduled jobs

Handyman Scheduling Software

Scheduling multiple visits for multiple clients is no easy task when you’re using a calendar not built for the needs of home service businesses. Jobber’s scheduling feature lets you easily schedule a job, add customer information and notes, and maximize your daily productivity with route optimization. The best part—you can make changes on the fly in the Jobber’s mobile app.

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Two mobile devices displaying Jobber's scheduling software. A calendar shows new appointments scheduled and a confirmation message with appointment details.

Drag and drop calendar

Easily reschedule handyman jobs, or reassign jobs to a different service professional. It’s as simple as clicking, dragging, and dropping.

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A tablet and mobile phone displaying Jobber's scheduling software. Both devices show screenshots of a map with route optimization.

Map and routing

Visualize your handyman services for the day and automatically generate the fastest, most fuel-efficient route with handyman dispatch software in Jobber. And when a last minute job comes in, assign it to the closest team member based on their GPS waypoint.

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A mobile phone displaying Jobber's scheduling software, with a timer to track a job. Next to the phone, a tablet displays a full view of the day's appointments for full progress tracking.

Progress tracking

One glance at Jobber shows how you’re progressing through your day, so you can get ahead of any delays.

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A mobile phone displaying two push notifications from Jobber's scheduling software. The notifications signal a change to the day's schedule.

Team push notifications

When you make a schedule change to a team member’s workday, they’ll receive an automatic notification to their phone with all the details.

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Illustration of a completed job management form. Next to it, a mobile phone displays a screenshot of Jobber's job management software

Handyman Job Management Software

Organize your handyman work orders and customer details all in one place. Use Jobber to track the information you need to get the job done right and deliver personalized service that makes every customer feel like they’re your #1. And when the job is complete, gather feedback on your handyman services, request a review, or thank customers for their business with automated follow-up emails.

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A mobile phone displays Jobber's on-my-way text message feature with a preview of what the message looks like for customers.

On-my-way texts

Let your handyman customers know you’re on your way (or running late) with standardized texts in the Jobber mobile app.

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Mobile phone displaying a screenshot of Jobber's job details screen. The job details includes a description, job checklist, and image.

Job details

Keep important job details, like measurements and tools required, available at your fingertips with Jobber’s mobile app, so visits can be completed without a hitch.    

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A mobile phone displays Jobber's job checklist feature with a detailed checklist for a service job. Next to it, a printed job order form shows the same checklist.

Job forms & checklists

Capture detailed information on-site with job forms and create custom checklists for all your handyman services to get the job done right on every visit.

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Mobile tablet displaying Jobber's job follow-up settings screen. Next to it, a mobile phone displays an example of a feedback survey sent to a customer from the Jobber app.

Job follow-ups

Once the handyman job is complete, customers receive an automated follow-up email to gather feedback on your services, ask for a review, or just say thanks.

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Illustration of an invoice paid by credit card next to a mobile phone with a paid icon.

Handyman Invoicing Software

Speed up your accounting process. With Jobber’s invoicing software you can automatically generate a detailed,  customer-friendly invoice that’s ready to send to clients. Then get paid 4x faster by accepting online payments or on the spot with the Jobber Card Reader. 

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Two mobile phones with screenshots of Jobber's invoicing software. One shows an invoice and the other shows a report of invoice payments.


Instantly generate a professional invoice complete with accurate job details that’s ready to send to the customer. Or, invoice multiple customers and send them all at once with batch invoicing.

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Mobile tablet displaying Jobber's invoice follow-up settings screen. Next to it, a mobile phone displays an example of a invoice follow-up SMS message sent to a customer from the Jobber app.

Invoice follow-ups

Stop chasing clients for payments and speed up cash flow. Jobber lets your handyman company remind customers to pay their outstanding invoices with automated email or text follow-ups.

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Two mobile phones with screenshots of Jobber's online card payment software

Online card payments

Accept payments in the field with Jobber’s Card Reader. Or, let customers pay their handyman invoice online by entering their card details manually or with Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

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A mobile tablet and phone with screenshots of Jobber's auto payment feature.

Automatic payments

Get paid for handyman work without lifting a finger. Jobber automatically charges the customer card saved on file and sends the receipt to the customer for their records.

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Make it easy for your customers

Impress your handyman customers with professional online experiences and reliable communication that you can set up and automate from the job site. 

Integrations built for your workflow

Jobber saves you time by seamlessly integrating with your favorite apps and software to help you do more with your handyman business. 

Availability depends on location and plan


If you have any additional questions about our field service software or features, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Handyman software gives home service business owners and their teams the tools they need to send estimates, schedule jobs, dispatch employees, manage invoicing, accept payments, and more. Whether you’re at the office or on the job site, Jobber gives you the tools you need to run a more efficient handyman business.
Yes. Jobber’s app lets you efficiently schedule work and communicate it to your customers and crew. Every appointment is tracked in the jobber calendar, so you can track your progress throughout the day and make changes on the go when needed. Plus, with Jobber’s dispatch feature you can maximize your productivity by automatically generating the fastest, most fuel-efficient route.
Jobber has different plans for all of your handyman business’s needs. Each plan offers a set of features designed to help you better run your handyman business. All plans include a CRM, online customer portal, quoting, invoicing and payments. Learn more about our plans and pricing.
Yes! Jobber integrates with QuickBooks Online so you can easily sync customer, invoice, and  payment information to keep your data up-to-date and eliminate double entry.
Whether you’re checking us out for the first time, or you’re one of our oldest customers, we’ve got your back when it comes to support. Phone support, email support, and online chat are available to you for free and included in all Jobber plans. Plus, Jobber offers free 1-on-1 product coaching to get you started.
Absolutely! Jobber is built for any handyman business with multiple clients and jobs, to help things run smoother for you and your customers.
You bet! Jobber lets you provide customers with a convenient way to request work through your website, social media, or client hub, so you can stop playing phone tag and start booking work more efficiently. Or, book new leads directly from Google search when you connect Jobber with your Local Services Ads. Customers searching for your handyman contractor services on Google can instantly book an appointment, while you remain in control of your availability. Learn more about online booking.