Impress potential clients with detailed, professional quotes.

How it works

You work hard to get leads, and Jobber quotes help you make the most of these new business opportunities.

Customize Jobber quotes with your company branding, and easily include important details such as discounts, required deposits, and contract terms.

If a client requests an updated quote while you’re out in the field, no problem. You can edit, create, and send quotes all from the Jobber app on your phone.

professional quote for service companies

Quote approval

Your clients can approve and request changes to quotes in your client hub.

Client hub approval
Client view of quote approval in client hub.

In your Jobber account you can see the status of all your quotes, and have a solid understanding of what steps your clients have taken towards booking your services.

Quote statuses in Jobber
Quote statuses in Jobber.

Signature Collection

If your business requires signatures to move forward with work, you can collect a signature when a client clicks ‘Approve’ on a quote.

Signature collection.

Quote history

Keep and access all of your quotes in Jobber. Filter by date sent and status to easily identify opportunities for follow-up and to track your wins.

quote status history

Quote reminders

Generate follow-up reminders, so that none of your quotes are left collecting dust.

If a quote status doesn’t change from sent to won within a set amount of time that you specify, Jobber automatically adds a reminder to your list of tasks.

One less to-do on your list, and more work in your calendar.

Quote deposits

Collect deposits from clients in order to move forward with work when you enable Jobber Payments (only available to our customers in the United States and Canada) or Stripe.

Enable our signature collection function and you’ll ensure your clients are doubly committed to their scheduled work.

Client records

Clients can view current and past quotes on your client hub.

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