Client Hub

Offer your clients around-the-clock support without putting in extra hours.

How it works

Support your clients at their convenience, no extra phone calls or emails required.

Client hub is a self-serve, online experience that allows your clients to view their records, pay outstanding invoices, and request new work—all in one place.

Your clients get access to your client hub through a secure personalized link included with each of your emailed quotes and invoices, which means no pesky passwords to track and reset.

But, will client hub really save me time?

“The Jobber client hub has been more than I ever anticipated! It saved me an hour of work when a local client of mine, overdue on their cleaning bill (about 8 invoices behind) couldn’t find record of them in their email inbox. All I had to do was send them 1 invoice link and they could view their service history in client hub. There are no passwords, login info, or usernames for them to remember. ” — Kris Cook, President of KC Power Clean Inc.

How much does client hub cost?

Client hub is free for all Jobber users.

How are clients using client hub?

“Thanks! We turned on the hub before billing last week. Over 350 emails sent announcing the hub. Many payments already processed. Clients paying past due invoices by using the hub. So… it works! Love it!” — Christopher Locascio, Owner of Lawn Enforcement Property Management, LLC

What will my clients think of it?

“This is a great way to communicate with you and ask questions and make requests. Thank you for making it so easy!”

Client records

Clients can view current and past quotes, invoices, and receipts.


Your quotes

Client view of quotes in client hub.


They can check on which invoices have been paid, which are waiting to be paid, and easily make a payment. And any changes made in Jobber or client hub are updated in real time.

Client view of invoices in client hub.

Enable Jobber Payments—included in your monthly subscription—to allow clients to pay invoices through your client hub.


Work requests

Clients can submit a request for new work directly from your client hub. Visit our work request feature page for more information.

What they see

professional housecleaning checklist

Client view of the work requests page in client hub.

Client hub is automatically set up with your company branding, so you’ll impress your clients every time they log in.

What you see

When a client submits a new work request, Jobber sends your business an email alert. You can review any new requests in Jobber, and quickly convert them to a quote or job.

professional housecleaning checklist

Quote approval

Clients can approve and request changes to quotes in your client hub, making it faster for you to get to work.

Client hub approval
Client view of quote approval in client hub.

Signature Collection

If your business requires signatures to move forward with work, you can collect a signature when a client clicks ‘Approve’ on a quote.

Signature collection.

Visit our quoting page for more information about quote approvals.

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