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Keep track of your team and every account detail so you can service pools efficiently.

How are you tracking every client’s unique pool and spa needs?

Pool dimensions, chemicals, parts, services, and tracking teams can be difficult to record and remember day-to-day, and season-to-season.

Keep all the details in one place.

Thank you Jobber for all you do
This is our favorite tool for collecting money, scheduling customer jobs and follow ups.
Invoicing & Payments

Invoice and collect payments anywhere

Are you manually collecting payments for recurring services? Maybe you just need to update an invoice on the spot after an upsell?

  • Easily view, track, send invoices
  • Collect payments on the spot with credit card processing
  • Batch invoice recurring work and remove extra steps
  • Include photos and attachments of a job well done to invoices
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Quotes & Estimates

Turn work requests into regular maintenance jobs

Receive work requests and automated email alerts, schedule on-site assessments, and create quotes. Get the information you need without the messy paperwork. It’s finally one seamless workflow.

  • Customizable templates for discounts, deposits, and contract terms
  • Get your client’s signed approval
  • Take deposits with Jobber’s credit card processing
  • Keep track of quote history
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Scheduling & Dispatching

Kiss route and team inefficiencies goodbye

Have two of your techs shown up next door to each other in two separate trucks before? It happens. But it won’t happen with Jobber. Avoid overbooking, underbooking, or double booking.

  • Schedule one-off or recurring jobs
  • Assign jobs to teams using five different calendar views
  • Optimize routes to reduce mileage and increase efficiency
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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Know everything about every account across your team

There’s more and more client information with each passing season. Jobber will keep you and your team in the loop so you never miss an important detail again.

  • Track which pools you’ve visited and when
  • Keep detailed notes for seasonal service reminders
  • View quote, visit, invoice, and payment history
  • Attach photos, property notes, and other documents
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Client Communication

Impress your clients and stay top of mind

Show your clients that you’re on the ball with “on my way” text messages, follow-ups, and reminders to rebook services. Keep your brand and company at the top of their mind—referrals to their friends and family will be a no-brainer.


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