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The Best Lead Generation Websites for Contractors [Comparison]

June 7, 2022 13 min. read
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The best lead generation companies for contractors can help you connect with new customers and grow your business. But using a lead generation service is only effective if you choose a platform that works for your services, location, industry, and clients.

To help you make the right choice, we’re comparing the best lead services for contractors.

The best lead generation websites [comparison chart]

PricingPaid advertisingWho it’s for
Google Business ProfileFree to create a listingNo. You can use your Business Profile for free to manage how your business appears in the search engineContractors who offer any type of home services.
AngiCosts include:
– $15-$85 per lead whether they become jobs or not
– 300 per month to advertise
Yes. Contractors who meet A or B letter grades can advertise using a pay-per-click modelContractors who can help clients with lower-cost projects and one-off jobs, (e.g., plumbers, pest control specialists, HVAC specialists, lawn care businesses, residential cleaners, or painters).
HomeAdvisorCosts include:
– $350 per year to list a business
– $15–$100 per lead whether they become jobs or not.
No, but some additional profile features are available with membershipContractors who can help clients with bigger, more costly jobs (e.g., general contractors, landscapers, roofers, and arborists).
PorchCosts include:
– Pay per lead or set a budget
– $360 annual membership
– Pay only for leads chosen
NoContractors who can help clients with home improvement projects, general contracting jobs, and moving.
TaskRabbit$25 sign-up feeAdvertising options for those who have TaskRabbit Elite statusContractors who can help clients with quick tasks (e.g., hanging a painting or assembling furniture)
Thumbtack– Professionals pay per lead based on location and job costAdvertising options for those who have Thumbtack Pro statusContractors who can help clients with any type of home service job, like cleaners, painters, dog walkers, plumbers, etc.
Yelp– Free to create a listing
– The Enhanced Profile costs $90 per month
Yes. Charges on a cost-per-click basis (anywhere from $0.30 to $30+ per click)Contractors who offer any type of home services.
Facebook BusinessFree to create a profileYes. Contractors can use Facebook advertising to boost posts, websites, or pagesContractors who offer any type of home services.
Houzz– Free to create a profile
– Houzz Pro subscriptions start at $49 per month
Yes. You can use targeted advertising as an Ultimate plan subscriber ($399 per month)Contractors who can help clients with home improvement or landscaping projects.
BuildZoom– Contractors pay per lead for clients that hire them (2.5% of the contractor’s price)NoContractors who can help clients with construction projects.
Bing PlacesFree to create a business listingNo. Contractors use Bing Places for free to manage how their business appears in the search engineContractors who offer any type of home services.
NextdoorFree to create a business pageYes. You can advertise via neighborhood sponsorships (monthly cost), local deals (pay per ad), and organic business posts (free)Contractors who offer any type of local home services.
ProReferral– Pay per lead with points accumulated from shopping at Home Depot
– Professionals get two points per dollar spent, and leads cost 40 to 80 points
NoContractors who offer any type of home services.
HandyFree to join, but Handy can charge fees for performance-based issues like late cancellations, early departure, and late arrivalNoContractors who can help clients with house cleaning and handyman projects.

How the best contractor lead apps work

The best contractor lead generation apps can help you generate new leads for your business— but they all work a bit differently.

Google Business Profile

Setting up your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) helps people in your area find your business faster on Google Search and Google Maps. Simply claim your free Google Business Profile listing to get started.

Why contractors love Google Business Profile:

✔ Your Business Profile is free to use

✔Share your business information, services and photos

✔ Book jobs right from your Business Profile

✔ Collect reviews to improve your online reputation

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Create your Angi matched with customers in your area searching for smaller home service jobs, like plumbing and pest control. With their pay-per-lead model, Angi charges a fee for every lead you receive, regardless of whether you win the job.

Setting up your Angi profile is free, but to improve your visibility on the site and get more leads, you’ll want to pay to advertise your services. 

What contractors like and dislike about Angi:

✔ Angi helps your business appear higher on Google’s search results

✔ Asking for reviews on Angi can help you build and improve your online reputation

✘ It costs $300/month to advertise, plus an annual subscription

✘ You may end up paying for fake or low-quality leads


Once you create a HomeAdvisor profile, you can receive leads from local consumers in need of your services. 

To join, you’ll need to pay an annual membership fee. You also pay a fee for every lead you receive.

What contractors like and dislike about HomeAdvisor:

✔ Easy to manage your leads and stop HomeAdvisor from sending you leads during your busy periods.

✔ Good long-term return on investment from HomeAdvisor leads that turn into repeat business

✘ Users have reported low-quality and fake leads

✘ Leads can get very expensive

HomeAdvisor Facebook Review


Contractors on Porch can either pay for every lead or pay upfront for a subscription. Unlike other pay-per-lead websites, Porch lets you decide whether or not you want to pay for each lead. 

If you go the subscription route, you’ll set a monthly lead budget and Porch will send you leads until you’ve reached your max budget. Porch subscribers also get the first shot at bidding on new leads.

What contractors like and dislike about Porch:

✔ You can save money by choosing which leads you want to pay for

✔ Only four contractors can bid on one job, meaning less competition for your business

✘ Less leads available to contractors compared to larger lead generation companies


If you’re looking for one-off jobs to fill your schedule or trying to pick up some extra work during slow periods, TaskRabbit is the lead gen service for you.

Create your Tasker profile to set your services, work area, availability, and rates. You’ll receive an invitation to task when a client chooses you for their job. 

Rather than paying per lead, Taskers pay a one-time registration fee of $25.

What contractors like and dislike about TaskRabbit:

✔ Set your own rates and keep all of your earnings

✔ Send invoices and receive payments directly through TaskRabbit (at no extra charge)

✘ Many complaints online that the company is hard to contact

✘ To become a Tasker, you’ll have to pass a screening process

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You can list your business on Thumbtack for free. When homeowners search for your services, they can check out your profile and reviews before deciding to reach out with their request for work.

Contractors on Thumbtack pay for each lead they receive. Pricing per lead depends on the size of job, industry, and competition.

What contractors like and dislike about Thumbtack:

✔ Earn badges like “Responds Quickly” or “In High Demand” to help you stand out from the competition

✔ Only pay for leads when the customer reaches out directly to you

✘ Depending on your region and industry, there could be high competition for leads

✘ Leads can get expensive and the quality of lead isn’t always worth the price tag

Thumbtack Facebook Review


Consumers use Yelp to search for local businesses and read reviews from past customers. Similar to Google Business Profiles, claim your Yelp business profile to build your reputation and improve your visibility online.

What contractors like and dislike about Yelp:

✔ Free to claim your Yelp business profile

✔Share your business information, services, and photos

✔ Make it easier for leads to contact you with enhanced business profile features like call-to-action buttons

✘ To advertise with Yelp, you’ll have to commit to a one-year contract

✘ To run advertising, you’ll have to also pay for an enhanced Yelp listing 

Facebook Business

You can use Facebook to connect with homeowners, post content, and even book new leads straight from your business profile.

To reach new customers, you can optimize your Facebook profile and use Facebook Ads to promote your services or share discounts.

What contractors like and dislike about Facebook:

✔ Free to post images, videos, and share company updates

✔ Easy and affordable to set up Facebook ads and reach a wider audience in your service area

✔ Ad targeting options help you market your service businesses to the right customers at the right time

✘ Leads aren’t always serious customers who are ready to invest


Designers, remodelers, and contractors can use Houzz to showcase their work, services, and creative vision. When homeowners are looking to complete projects, they can browse your profile, past work, and reviews before deciding whether to request a quote. 

✔ Free to create your business listing and share images of completed projects

✔ Contractors can answer questions in the Q&A thread to improve their visibility

✘ Houzz prioritizes contractors who pay for the highest subscription level ($399 USD/month)

✘ Larger cities have high competition which can make it expensive to get new leads

Houzz Facebook Review


Once your business is on BuildZoom, you’ll be connected with client projects in your area based on their project needs, your contractor license, and your customer reviews. To win the lead, you’ll be invited to submit a bid for the project online or in person.

What contractors like and dislike about BuildZoom:

✔ Better lead generation website for general contractors, builders, or architects

✔ Contractors only pay BuildZoom if they are hired for a job

✘ BuildZoom charges a 2.5% referral fee on the agreed upon price for the project

✘ Lots of competition makes it hard for new or small contracting businesses to win jobs

BuildZoom review

Bing Places

Creating a Bing Places Business Listing will help your home service business get found on Bing Maps and local Bing search results, which can help you generate more leads.

What contractors like and dislike about Bing Places:

✔ Free to claim your business listing and create your Bing Business profile

✔ Appear higher on search results

✔ Build your online reputation with customer reviews

✘  Fewer people use Bing’s search engine compared to Google


While Nextdoor isn’t technically intended to be a lead generation site, businesses can use Nextdoor to run ads, share offers, and engage with their local community. Past or existing customers can also recommend your business to other homeowners in your area.

It’s free to create a Nextdoor profile and share updates with your neighborhood—or you can run ads to promote your services.

What contractors like and dislike about Nextdoor:

✔ Turn word-of-mouth referrals into new business leads with Nextdoor recommendations

✔ Connect with local homeowners in your service area

✘ Businesses only get two free posts a month

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Nextdoor Facebook Review

Pro Referral

Powered by Home Depot, Pro Referral connects contractors to homeowners looking for their services. Pro Referral contractors pay for leads with points earned from shopping at Home Depot. 

Contractors earn two points for every dollar you spend at Home Depot. Each lead costs 40 points (or $20 of materials purchased from the store).

What contractors like and dislike about Pro Referral:

✔ Earn Pro Referral points any time you purchase tools or supplies for jobs at Home Depot

✔ Pro Referral does not take any cuts from your earnings. You set your own pricing and you keep all the profits

✘ Added cost to complete a background check through Home Depot

✘ Home Depot charges points for a lead whether you contact the lead or pass on the job


Suited for independent cleaners, handymen, or lawn care professionals just starting out, Handy lets you access local jobs and schedule work on your own time. 

Rather than paying Handy for leads, Handy charges the homeowner directly for the service and then pays you an hourly rate.

What contractors like and dislike about Handy:

✔ Free to join with no charge for leads or jobs

✔ Payments are deposited directly into your bank account immediately after a job is completed

✘ Handy charges a $15 fee if you’re late to a job and $10–$50 for rescheduling or canceling a job

✘ The pay rate is preset by Handy and will vary based on your customer rating and the number of jobs completed in the past 28 days

How to choose the best lead generation site for your business

The comparison table above can help you narrow down which lead generation platform is best suited for your industry, your clients, and your business. But to pick the best app for contractor leads and improve your chances of booking work, you’ll want to consider the following:

1. Your budget and platform cost

Using a lead generation service can get expensive. So, start by considering your budget and choosing a platform that is most affordable for your business.

For example, if you’re starting with a small or no marketing budget, choose a Google Business Profile and Bing Places because they’re free. 

If you’re an established business wanting to grow or have a bigger budget, paid options like HomeAdvisor or Angi may be ideal.

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2. Your industry and the type of leads you want

Certain lead generation sites are better for specific types of contractors and leads. For example:

  • Porch focuses on home improvement and moving
  • Thumbtack supports all kinds of contractors, from dog walkers to window washers
  • HomeAdvisor is better for professionals who focus on larger remodeling projects
  • Angi is the go-to for small, one-off projects
  • Handy is ideal for house cleaners and handymen
  • BuildZoom focuses on leads for construction companies

Choosing the platform that’s the best match for your industry and clients is a wise first step. Review the comparison table and create a list of platforms that match your business and clientele.

Then do your own research. Take a look at the contractors who are already using the websites you’re interested in. Consider the following:

  • Do they look like direct competitors? 
  • Are they in the same industry as you? 
  • Or, will you be the odd one out in the search results?

3. How well you can compete against your competitors

Lead generation sites with a lot of competition are a healthy indicator that the platform works. But it also makes it harder to stand out from the competition. You’ll need to think carefully about whether you want to —and can—compete on these platforms.

If you’re a landscaper who’s just starting out, you may want to test the waters first with a smaller lead gen platform. Once you have more customer reviews and experience, you can compete on larger platforms. 

On the flip side, if you have the budget, you may decide to use a bigger platform like Houzz. Competition may be stiff, but targeted leads are on the line, and you can reach them with proper advertising.

To learn about how much competition there is, do a quick search on a few lead gen websites to find:

  • Your industry
  • Your city
  • The next closest community or township you service
  • Your top competitors

Note how long your competitors have been using the platform, how many jobs or client reviews they have, what their reviews are like, and how active they are.

4. Test lead generation websites before committing to just one

There’s no need to commit to one platform from the get-go. Many lead gen sites are free, operate on a pay-per-lead model, and even provide a free trial. 

As you’re using the platform, keep notes of your overall experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Are the leads you receive relevant to your business? 
  • Are the leads in your service area?
  • How much are you paying for a lead?
  • How much revenue are you earning for each lead?
  • Does the lead generation platform offer additional support or resources?

Growing your business with the best contractor lead service

Lead generation websites can certainly help your business grow. But with so many options available, choosing the right one can be challenging. Using the comparison table in this post as a guide can help make your decision much easier.

And remember, lead generation platforms are only as good as the time you put into them. 

The more effort you put into creating a good profile, engaging potential clients, managing reviews, and transferring leads into your CRM to follow up, the more likely you are to succeed.

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