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Best Cleaning Business Apps of 2024

April 30, 2024 9 min. read
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When you run a cleaning business, you can save a lot of time and stress by using mobile apps for everyday tasks.

Many cleaning apps and software can help you schedule your team quickly, make easy cleaning estimates, and find more work.

We’re here to help you choose an app that fits your team size, pains, and experience level. Scroll for our list of apps that help cleaning businesses run more efficiently and grow.

1. Jobber

iOS, Android, and desktop | See pricing plans

What Jobber does best:

  • Managing an entire workflow from booking to payment
  • Flexible, customer-friendly cleaning quotes
  • Automatic clock-in and clock-out triggered by an employee’s location
  • Automated customer communication

Residential and commercial cleaning businesses use the Jobber mobile app to schedule crews, quote cleanings, track job details, and get paid.

The more flexibility you offer customers in the quoting stage, the more likely they’ll pick you. Jobber stands out among other cleaning apps in this list with its advanced quoting features.

In your quotes, you can create optional line items for alternate service packages or products (like eco-friendly cleaning products). This way, you can give your clients the freedom to choose what fits best for them.

Product upgrade option as an optional line item on a quote in Jobber’s service quote app

Your client can open that quote on their phone, request changes, and approve it with just one tap. Then, you can securely accept a deposit through Jobber and add the appointment to your schedule.

Once they hit the road, your cleaning crews can clock in and out of jobs from the Jobber mobile app. Even better, Jobber can automatically start their clock-in timers when they arrive at a customer’s property.

Once the job is done, collect the final payment online, or at the job site with a mobile card reader that connects to the Jobber app.

2. Zenbooker

iOS and Android | See pricing plans

What Zenbooker does best:

  • Client appointment scheduling
  • Geographical booking limits
  • Price adjustment rules for cleaning services

Your cleaning company can use Zenbooker to get appointments in your schedule efficiently. In Zenbooker, you can build a booking form that customers can fill with their cleaning requirements, then get the job in your calendar.

You can set up this booking system in a way that keeps your team in control of their schedules. Just like Jobber, Zenbooker lets you define the geographical areas that you’re permitted to travel to for jobs.

Zenbooker also lets you set price adjustment rules. You can charge different prices for services based on things like the customer’s location, the time and day being booked, and how far in advance the job is scheduled.

FREE TOOL: Set the right prices with our house cleaning cost calculator

While you can accept deposits and payments for jobs through Zenbooker’s mobile app, you’ll need separate cleaning business software to build quotes and estimates. It also won’t let you send multiple invoices at once.

3. ZenMaid

iOS and Android | See pricing plans

What ZenMaid does best:

  • Easy clock-in and clock-out for cleaners
  • Easily add notes and attachments to appointments

ZenMaid is a scheduling app that helps you manage multiple cleaner schedules. This cleaning business software was built for maid services—and it’s just as user-friendly for business owners as it is for cleaners.

On every appointment profile, your cleaners will see three simple buttons: On My Way, Clock In, and Clock Out. Tapping On My Way lets you customize and send a pre-written text to the customer, whether they’re 10 minutes or 1 hour away from the property.

At the property, your cleaners will see any notes and images that you or your sales reps have attached to the appointment (like “do not touch” items or pets).

ZenMaid is reliable as a maid service scheduling tool, but you’ll need a separate app to estimate cleaning jobs and collect payment.

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4. Swept

iOS and Android | See pricing plans

What Swept does best:

  • Two-way messaging with teams and customers
  • Location timers for clocking in and out
  • Tracking janitorial team satisfaction

Swept is a scheduling, messaging, and time tracking app for commercial cleaning and janitorial service teams.

It’s a strong solution for team and customer messaging, allowing two-way messaging directly from the app. You can even create custom channels to send messages to a whole crew or specific groups all at once.

If you don’t want cleaners to manually clock in, Swept will automatically start a work timer once a cleaner reaches the customer’s location (like location timers in Jobber).

Swept doesn’t offer quoting, invoicing, or payments. However, it does allow you to:

  • Track and order janitorial supplies from the mobile app
  • Check on cleaner satisfaction with “mood reporting” (a quick satisfaction survey sent to each cleaner after a job)
  • Create custom instructions and checklists to ensure quality for each cleaning

5. Zoho Bookings

iOS and Android | See pricing plans

What Zoho Bookings does best:

  • Booking page customization
  • Appointment revenue reports
  • Offers a free version for teams of one

Zoho Bookings is an appointment scheduler you can use to give your cleaning customers a smooth online booking experience.

To see how well you’re doing, you can access reports on the revenue you generate from booked appointments. There’s even a report that shows you which services have generated the most revenue.

Zoho’s booking tool is highly customizable—you can set a custom background image, colors, and title. However, you can only do this on their desktop app.

With Zoho Bookings, you can only accept deposits for cleanings. Zoho offers its CRM and invoicing tools separately. If you just need appointment booking, Zoho Bookings is one of the best free cleaning apps for solopreneurs—if you’re a team of one, you can use it at no cost.

6. CleansterPro

iOS and Android | Fees vary based on your advertising plan

What CleansterPro does best:

  • Connects you with cleaning leads
  • Track what you’ve earned from Cleanster jobs

CleansterPro is a cleaning leads app that helps you find customers in your area. Homeowners use Cleanster to find professional cleaners nearby. By signing up for CleansterPro, you become one of those cleaners.

Most homeowners on Cleanster are looking for lower-priced cleaning services, so use CleansterPro if you’re a newer cleaner and don’t have an established presence in your area yet.

In CleansterPro, you can claim jobs in your locations instantly, give cleaning updates to clients with a push of a button, and track what you’ve earned from those jobs.

7. Tasker by TaskRabbit

iOS and Android | Fees vary based on your advertising plan

What TaskRabbit does best:

  • Exposes you to potential customers searching for cleanings
  • Lets you advertise, invoice, and collect payment in one platform

Homeowners go to TaskRabbit to find qualified contractors who can help them—and that includes cleaners. These homeowners type in their home address and exact cleaning requirements so that TaskRabbit can suggest cleaners in their area.

When you sign up as a Tasker on TaskRabbit, you’ll show up as a potential cleaner for homeowners in your area. Those cleaning leads can then request your business, and you can pick the cleaning jobs you want and decide how much you’ll charge.

To find cleaning leads, create a profile and pay a small fee every time a potential client clicks on your site. Once you’ve completed the job, use the app to invoice and get paid for your house cleaning services.

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8. FleetSharp

iOS and Android | Free (with purchase of FleetSharp device)

What FleetSharp does best:

  • Tracks vehicles to make location-based scheduling decisions
  • Provides data that improves vehicle efficiency

FleetSharp is a fleet management and vehicle tracking app that helps you design efficient daily routes for your cleaning jobs. By managing your cleaning fleet with technology like FleetSharp, you can fit more jobs into each day.

Cleaning businesses with multiple crews use FleetSharp to create the most efficient route to get to multiple jobs. It also helps you dispatch the nearest cleaner for last-minute or priority-service cleanings.

Using the FleetSharp app and its GPS tracking devices, you can also:

  • Monitor vehicle location at any point in time
  • Assess fuel levels and daily fuel mileage
  • Review driver behavior such as excessive idling or speeding

9. CompanyCam

iOS and Android | See pricing plans

What CompanyCam does best:

  • Easily annotate images that are stored online
  • “Before and After” camera for completed jobs

CompanyCam is a photo sharing app that helps you keep a record of your cleaning work. It stores every photo in one organized place online. You and your team can annotate these photos with notes about a client’s home.

Storing photos with CompanyCam helps you keep tabs on the quality of your cleaners’ work. It also gives you a clean, uncluttered record of all your past work in case of customer complaints.

CompanyCam’s Before and After camera is a great customer service feature. When you select the photos you want to share with a customer, CompanyCam sends them a link where they can see the results of your cleaning.

Plus, CompanyCam integrates with Jobber to share images of their sparkling clean house with your customers on jobs and invoices.

Are there free cleaning business apps?

Some apps, like Zoho Bookings and ServiceM8, have a free version built for just one user—which can be great if you’re a solopreneur. Many apps—including Jobber—offer a free trial so you see if they’re a good fit before you commit.

If you’re running a team and need to manage schedules, a cleaning service app that serves more than one purpose (like invoicing or team messaging) will typically cost you some money.

Most cleaning service software charges a monthly subscription fee, with multiple pricing plans for different needs and team sizes.

What are the most important features in a cleaning business app?

To find an app that helps you run an efficient cleaning service business, look for apps that:

Can cleaning business apps help check on performance and productivity?

Many cleaning business apps offer timesheet reports that show your team’s labor hours, which can help you analyze your productivity.

Jobber, for example, tracks productivity by showing you how your team is progressing through their day, and through their current appointment, so you can get ahead of any delays.

Your business dashboard in Jobber shows you how many jobs (and how much revenue) are sitting at each stage of your workflow.

It also provides you insights that surface information that you might have missed and help you take action on important work—like projected revenue, overdue items, and double bookings.

Are there cleaning business apps that help you manage multiple locations or franchises?

If you have multiple businesses with different company branding information, you can use more than one Jobber account. Franchising in Jobber allows you to keep all of your scheduling, teams, reports, quotes, jobs, invoices, and income separate for each business.

No matter the size of your cleaning business, Jobber helps you book jobs faster, stay organized, and deliver consistent service.

Originally published in February 2020. Last updated on May 1, 2024.

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