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13 Catchy House Cleaning Ads for Your Next Campaign

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Hillary Walters
May 31, 2024 14 min. read

If you want to scale your cleaning business, advertising will help you reach a large audience of potential customers—fast. 

With digital ads, you can target audiences by age, location, and interests—while sticking within a set marketing budget. 

In this post, we’ll cover how you can take a DIY approach to advertising your business. We’ll also offer inspiring ideas that you can easily replicate in your own cleaning ads.

What makes a great cleaning ad?

Before we dive into specific examples, it’s important to understand the fundamentals. An effective advertisement for your cleaning business must include five important ingredients:

  1. Visuals: A photo, image, or video provides an eye-catching visual. Visuals encourage viewers to stop and take time to read your message.
  2. Branding: Include your cleaning company name, logo, and slogan. Your branding tells readers who you are and helps them remember you when they’re ready to book.
  3. Tagline: In a few words, tell the reader what sets you apart. For example, you might use Cleaning Homes to Perfection.
  4. Copy: Text, commonly called ad copy, explains your tagline and provides context for your message. For example: “We use our 50-point checklist to clean every corner of your home. Find out just how clean your home can be!
  5. Call to Action (CTA): Every strong ad includes a call to action (CTA). This tells your viewers what you want them to do next—like call, email, or sign up.

When you include these components, viewers will become familiar with your cleaning business and know what to do next, helping you get clients for your cleaning business.

How to get started with cleaning ads

Now that you’ve decided to scale your business with ads, you’ll need to think strategically about your advertising process. Here’s how to get started in a few simple steps:

1. Determine your unique business value

Showcase features of your business that clients love and that set you apart from competitors. Unique selling points might include:

  • Your mission or value statement
  • Customer testimonials
  • A customer satisfaction warranty
  • Outstanding promotions or savings
  • Unique customer benefits (what’s in it for them?)

Use these value statements in your ads. Remember to be clear and realistic about what you’re offering so readers know exactly what to expect from your services.

2. Identify your audience

Once you know the value you offer, it’s time to identify the people who will most appreciate it. Your target audience includes people who are most likely to need your cleaning business.

For example, you might have strong testimonials from working with younger professionals who don’t have extra time to clean. You can use your understanding of that audience (and those testimonials) to reach more people just like them.

3. Define your success metrics

Getting more clients or increasing brand awareness are both great reasons to start advertising. But setting concrete goals will help you determine whether your ad campaign is a success. 

Here are a few examples of ways you can tangibly measure success:

  • 50 new customers added into your CRM in two months
  • 30 new quotes completed in a fiscal quarter
  • 100 new email addresses collected in three weeks

To make sure you’re on track, decide how long you want to run each ad campaign. With most digital marketing platforms, you can choose whether you want to run ads for days, weeks, or months. Then, set goals based on the length of time.

4. Determine your ad budget

Ads can be a significant marketing cost, so you’ll need to decide how much you’re willing to pay at a given time. But don’t worry— digital ads can be effective without breaking the bank.

For example, you can spend as little as $20 a week on Facebook and Instagram ads. When your budget runs out, these campaigns automatically stop. Other advertising platforms (like radio or printed flyers) may have a higher up-front cost. 

When you’re first getting started, set a small budget. Then, as you gain leads and build traction, you can slowly add more money to your overall advertising spend.

5. Set up an online presence

Advertising is usually most effective when you’re able to send potential clients to a single online source of information, such as your website or social profile. 

Before you start investing in digital ads, set up your cleaning business website, Instagram Business profile or a Facebook Business Page.

Potential clients may be more likely to book services with businesses that have a verified online presence. Think about adding photos, reviews, and an “About Us” section to inspire more confidence in your brand.

Christine Hodge, from Clearview Washing found great success in advertising her business in neighborhood groups on Facebook—for free:

Our top three lead sources are Google, referrals, and then Facebook. And with Facebook, our [marketing] method is free. We pump money into Google and SEO, but Facebook doesn’t cost us anything. We’ve joined every town page that we want to service.

6. Design your cleaning ads

You’ve done all the setup and planning for your cleaning advertisement campaign. Now, you need the actual ads.

Start by choosing your format—a video, testimonial graphic, or before-and-after photo can really shine. Then, include your copy and value statement to help your ideal clients see what you’re all about.

Brand your ads to ensure that they’re consistent with the look and feel of your website and social media.

Different types of ads for cleaning businesses 

There are many kinds of ads to invest in for your business. Luckily, you don’t have to be a marketing guru to get started. Your options for cleaning ads include:

  1. Google search ads

One of the most popular ways to advertise is through standard Google search ads. These ads target people who are actively looking for precise recommendations in a specific area.

Google search ads are charged on a PPC (pay per click) basis, and the copy fits a specific format. Check out this example of a house cleaning Google search ad.

cleaning ads - google search ad

2. Google Local Services ads

A Google Local Services Ad puts your information in front of local leads customers. These ads  include the following information:

  • Company name
  • Google My Business average rating
  • Google Guaranteed status (if you have it)
  • Geographic location
  • Whether you’re open at the time of the search

Google’s Local Services Ads make it easy to advertise your cleaning business without creating lots of long copy or graphics. When setting your budget, plan to pay per lead acquired.

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3. Facebook and Instagram ads

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also offer user-friendly options for digital advertising. Although you can leverage free social media posts to build your brand, ads let you tap into unreached audiences and leads.

To get started, you’ll need a Meta Ads Manager account. After you’ve set up your business, you can choose your target audience, set a spending amount based on your budget, and easily upload or launch new ads directly on each platform. 

4. Lead generation site ads

Another option is advertising on lead generation sites like Angi (formerly Angie’s List), HomeAdvisor, Porch, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, or Yelp. While the listing process is different on each site, results can be powerful since they’re directly reaching interested customers. 

You can spend anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand a month on lead generation sites. The benefit, however, is that you’ll be advertising directly to customers in need of your services.

How do I decide which ad type is best for my business?

Before you choose which advertising method to try first, consider the following:

  • Your budget – How much do you have to spend on new marketing tactics?
  • Your experience – Do you feel comfortable creating and publishing online ads, or will you require help from a professional? This can change how much you need to spend to start marketing online.
  • Your goals – Who do you want to reach most? If your goal is to reach thousands of people at one time, online advertising is certainly more effective. But if you only want to market to a specific neighborhood, for example, physical ads can be more cost-effective.

13 examples of catchy (and effective) house cleaning ads

Ready to have a little fun with your new cleaning ad strategy? We’ve put together 13 examples of cleaning ads to help residential, commercial, and housekeeping businesses start scaling.

Let’s explore how you can create similar cleaning ads of your own.

1. Lead with your branding

The Adèle Express has polished branding, making them easy to recognize at a glance. 

This company has included their colors and logo by using a smiling team member wearing a branded uniform. (If you look closely, you can see he’s also using their own branded cleaning supplies!)

cleaning ads - adele house cleaning

When you share images of the real people, it adds a personal touch. This move also helps to build trust, humanize your business, and show how professional you are.

Pro Tip: Create a similar ad by snapping a photo on the job. Don’t have a branded uniform or even just a brand? Design your own using a branding tool like Looka.

2. Advertise a contest or promotion

Go Clean Co. advertised their annual 12-week cleaning challenge using an item giveaway. The ad included a carefully staged photo to show off the prize in a visually appealing way.

cleaning ads - gocleanco instagram

The CTA (call to action) was to comment on the post. This type of audience engagement helps ads perform better and get in front of more eyes, which can lead to more client inquiries.

Pro Tip: When you’re running a promotion, give away something that won’t hurt your bottom line. Start small with a single free or discounted clean, then work your way up to bigger items (like a free year-long cleaning plan).

3. Show real results with before-and-after photos

GreenHouse Cleaning Services showed off the quality of their work with simple before-and-after photos. This option is easy for anyone. 

Simply take a photo before you start cleaning a dirty area, and take another picture of your sparkling-clean finished product.

cleaning ads - greenhouse cleaning service

Posting these images on social media pages (like Facebook) helps you reach potential new clients. If they like what they see, it’s easy for them to get in touch and book a quote.

Pro Tip: Use our free before-and-after image maker to create your own ad just like this one.

4. Time your ads for seasons and holidays

My Amazing Maid shared this cleaning services ad at the end of the year, just in time for a new year. This targets people who are making resolutions for the upcoming year, like saving time or keeping a cleaner house.

cleaning ads - my amazing maid

By tapping into the resolution mindset, My Amazing Maid made their house cleaning service seem like the perfect idea. You can accomplish the same thing by tracking seasonal changes and upcoming holidays.

5. Engage viewers with video content

Clean Results posted a video showing off their services, their team, and what clients can expect. The ad also includes a CTA with a nice incentive—a free estimate for cleaning services that’s low-pressure and caters to curious viewers.

cleaning ads - clean results

Pro Tip: Take your own video using your camera or smartphone, or work with a pro videographer if you have marketing budget to spend. 

6. Share satisfying cleaning work in progress

Video is a great way to share satisfying visuals, like this in-progress rug-cleaning video from Clean That Up. This shows viewers how impressive the results can be.

This type of video can be especially satisfying in a location that doesn’t seem overly dirty in the beginning. For instance, in this video, when you see the dirty water poured out, it’s obvious how much the cleaning helped.

cleaning ads - cleanthatup

Pro Tip: Include tools and techniques in your videos so viewers can see how you get the job done. For example, you can share your favorite cleaning supplies or your personal hack for certain cleaning tasks.

7. Build your email list

Plan: B Cleaning used this ad to grow their email list. The offer is simple and easy to understand—ad viewers can get an hour of free service in exchange for signing up.

cleaning ads - plan b cleaning

Once they collect email addresses from potential clients, Plan: B Cleaning can add contacts to their cleaning business CRM, send newsletters, and have their sales team reach out.

If you’re using ads to collect email addresses, make sure you’re sending only valuable content.

8. Share your hard-earned testimonials

Word of mouth, like reviews and referrals, is one of the top ways to market any home service business. Aloha Maiden Cleaning Service earns great reviews, and they took this ad as an opportunity to share one.

By combing this text-based review with well-designed visuals, this ad encourages social media users take notice.

cleaning ads - aloha maiden

Pro Tip: Create testimonial graphics of your own using free design tools like Canva. You might also like to include photos of your clients’ homes. (Be sure to ask permission for photos that include personal identifiers.)

9. Speak to clients’ pain points

Sparkle Buddy Home & Office Cleaning knows exactly who their clients are and what their pain points might be. This relatable ad is likely to make their target audience (moms) respond.

The ad copy is clear, and it matches their branding and logo. The CTA encourage prospective clients to like the Facebook page or send a message.

cleaning ads - sparkle buddy

Whenever possible, match your call to action (CTA) with your ideal client. For example, if you’re speaking to a busy parent, the last thing they want to do is fill out a long contact form. Getting them to simply click a button instead is more reasonable and effective.

10. Show a range of services in a carousel

U.S. Cleaning Service LLC used a carousel-style ad to showcase their list of cleaning services. Each service is paired with an original photo (not a stock image), which makes the cleaning advertisement look authentic and real.

cleaning ads - us cleaning service

Facebook’s carousel ads make it easy to showcase specific services, like deep cleaning, steam cleaning, green cleaning, seasonal cleanings, or laundry services.

If you want to go a step further, you can link each carousel image to a specific service page on your cleaning business website. This way, potential clients can easily click and learn more about services that interest them.

Pro Tip: When using images in your ads, take your own photos and avoid stock photography. Some stock images look staged or fake, which can cast doubt on the reliability of your brand.

11. Focus on overlooked cleaning areas

By showing photo evidence of a rarely cleaned grill station, Meticulous Cleaners prompts readers to think about the state of their own grill. This ad also gives those viewers a recommendation when they need a similar cleaning service.

cleaning ads - meticulous cleaners

Pro Tip: Next time you clean an overlooked area that’s in bad shape, take a photo. You can use it in your own advertising to share the importance of a good deep cleaning. (Make sure to get the client’s permission before you share.)

12. Create “FOMO” with a set timeline

When you include an element of FOMO (“Fear of missing out”), you’ll inspire more viewers to take action on limited time offers. They may not want to miss a limited deal or promotion.

For instance, Go Clean Co used a stop-motion video to build curiosity in a one-time seasonal offer. The best part about this ad is the short time limit. Prospective customers won’t have access to the discount for long, so they need to move quickly to take advantage.

cleaning ads - gocleanco video

Pro Tip: Always set a timeline for your promotions and keep it short. If you want a longer sale, you can always extend it for more results.

13. Advertise to attract new hires

Advertising isn’t just for ideal clients. It’s also a great way to find employees, and this ad from Legion of Clean is a great example of that. 

A bright, eye-catching ad announces open interviews and covers the information that applicants need to know—where to go and when, what to bring, and how to learn more about the business.

cleaning ads - legion of clean

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This is a budget-friendly way to grow your cleaning business. It also creates some brand awareness. Potential clients might see the ad and remember Legion of Clean when they’re looking for a cleaning service.

Pro Tip: When you’re hiring cleaners, show off a unique work culture. Potential employees want to see what it’s like to work for you, why they should apply, and who they’ll be working with.

Now that you know what your cleaning ads could look like and where you can run them, you’re ready to start your first ad campaign and promote your cleaning business like a pro.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are there other advertising options besides online ads?

Yes, digital advertising isn’t the only way to expand your business. If you’re going with traditional or alternative advertising methods, try these options:

How do I design a cleaning ad?

You can easily make your own cleaning ads by using browser-based design tools like Canva (plans range from free to a little over $10/month). The learning curve is relatively simple, and many platforms are suitable for beginners. Professional-level software might include tools like Adobe Photoshop.

Regardless of what you use, always include high-quality logo files, photos, or videos to make the best possible impression on potential clients.

What should I say in my house cleaning ads?

Cleaning ads should always include two main messages: what you’re offering, and how the reader can get it. You can be as creative as you’d like, but make sure the offer and call to action (CTA) are easy to understand.

How do I advertise a cleaning service on Facebook?

Facebook makes it simple to start advertising your cleaning business. Set your location, target audience, and budget. Then, create your cleaning ads using Facebook’s ad builder.

Another option is to run Facebook and Instagram ads through Jobber’s Mailchimp integration.

Can I advertise my cleaning services without spending money?

These are a few free options for cleaning ads:

  • Social media posts: Social media is free to set up and use. Your followers can also share your posts with others, which does the advertising for you.
  • Email: Send marketing emails to your list of clients and leads, making sure to offer valuable content that positions you as a cleaning expert.
  • Content marketing: Write blog posts for your website that offer cleaning tips and useful content. You can also write guest blogs for other companies or cleaning publications.
  • SEO: Optimize your website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. This will make it appear higher in a list of search engine results for local cleaning services.

Originally published September 2019. Last updated May 31st, 2024.

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