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Cleaning Service Flyers to Bring In Leads [Real Examples]

February 17, 2022 8 min. read
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Generating high-quality leads is one of your biggest priorities as a cleaning business owner. It also happens to be one of the most challenging tasks on your to-do list.

Cleaning flyers are any type of print advertising that are individually printed and shared in a large area. This can include postcard mail, posters, door hangers, and brochures.

Residential and commercial cleaning flyers are a popular way to spread the word about your services, but only the best ones will turn prospects into paying clients.

Let’s explore what a good flyer looks like (including cleaning service flyer ideas and examples), along with why and how to use them.

What goes on a good cleaning company flyer?

Keep your cleaning service flyers simple, but include all the information a potential client needs to know. Here’s what to put on a cleaning service flyer:

Once you have the basics (and if you have the room), you can add in extras like:

  • Your brand colors
  • Your mission, vision, and values
  • A clever tagline or slogan
  • A photo or illustration
  • A special offer or discount
  • Services for community members in need
  • An offer for free quotes or consultations
  • Your status as a licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning business

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You should also include anything that makes you stand out from competitors. This could mean highlighting your green cleaning products, or listing added services like carpet cleaning or home organization.

That said, keep your cleaning service flyer straightforward. Don’t clutter it with too much text or imagery. This will keep it eye-catching and simple to read, which will make it easier for potential clients to contact you.

Here are two examples of cleaning business flyer ideas:

Cleaning flyers comparison

❌ The flyer on the left is far too cluttered with imagery and text. Important information like services and contact details are small and hard to read.

✅ The flyer for cleaning services on the right is much more effective. The message, services, and contact details stand out, and the single photo supports that information instead of distracting from it.

Pro Tip: Don’t include house cleaning pricing or commercial cleaning prices in your flyers if you charge a flat rate for services. The time it takes to clean can vary depending on the space and the client’s needs, and you don’t want to be locked in at a too-low advertised rate.

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Residential and commercial cleaning flyers examples

Let’s dive into some examples of what your cleaning company flyers could look like as postcard mail, posters, door hangers, and brochures.

Postcard mail cleaning flyers

Your local printing company or postal service can design and deliver ads in the form of postcard marketing—directly to potential clients’ mailboxes. Here’s an example of what postcard mail can look like, front and back:

Cleaning flyers - residential cleaning postcard

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This postcard example shines for a few different reasons:

  • It includes a message that’s specific to the homeowner’s situation (i.e., they just bought and moved into their home).
  • The photo helps underline the business’s cleaning services.
  • It offers an initial discount and a second, even larger discount for continued service.
  • It lists core services without going into too much detail.

Office cleaning postcards and janitorial flyers can use a very similar design, just with different content. Swap out the photo, the headline, the offer, and the services, and you’re all set.

Cleaning flyers - commercial cleaning postcard

Postcards have a big reach, but they can also be expensive. So if you’re working with a small budget, you may want to choose a type of flyer with lower print and distribution costs.

Pro Tip: Like the idea of postcards but looking for something less expensive? Digital postcards save on print and distribution costs while still getting your message across to clients.

Cleaning flyer ideas for posters

Work with a local printing shop to design and print posters. You can then put them up around town on community bulletin boards. Your poster could look like this:

Cleaning flyers - residential cleaning poster

The poster includes a lot of the same information as the postcard, but it’s meant for a more general audience: anyone who might be passing by. Here’s why it works:

  • The main message (“House Cleaning Services Chicago”) is simple and easy to understand.
  • The photo is eye-catching and makes it clear what the cleaning business provides.
  • The business’s services, contact information, and logo are highly visible.

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There’s one more element you can add to your posters to make them successful—tearaway strips. These strips don’t hold much information, so prioritize your name and contact details.

Here’s a clean and simple cleaning tearaway flyer example:

Cleaning flyers - tearaway poster

This tearaway flyer encourages potential clients to use online booking, which is helpful for busy parents and professionals.

And with 10 tearaway tabs for potential clients to grab, cleaning services advertising templates like this are an inexpensive way to get more leads.

Door hanger house cleaning flyers

Door hangers are long, narrow flyers with a cutout so you can hang them on the doorknobs at potential clients’ homes.

These housekeeping flyers are a great way to keep costs low while still targeting individual homes. That said, you’ll need to get them through a local or online print shop because of the unique cutout design.

This is one example of what your door hangers could look like:

This door hanger works for several reasons:

  • The design stands out against a potential client’s front door without being overwhelming
  • It targets a very specific market—current clients’ neighbors
  • The services, contact details, business name, and logo are nice and visible for easy action

Pro Tip: Jobber’s Mailchimp integration allows you to create, automate, print, and send postcards using the data from your cleaning business CRM.

Residential and commercial cleaning brochure ideas

Cleaning brochures allow much more information than postcard mail, posters, or door hangers. Readers expect to, well, read—so having lots of content is no problem at all.

Here’s what your typical tri-fold (six-panel) cleaning company brochure could look like:

Cleaning flyers - residential cleaning brochure cover
Cleaning flyers - residential cleaning brochure inside

This cleaning business brochure includes loads of helpful information, like:

  • Name and logo on front and back covers
  • Phone number and cleaning website
  • Services list
  • Brand colors, photos, and even a pattern
  • Company slogan
  • Brief company overview
  • What sets them apart from competitors

It’s easy to update this same layout to include commercial cleaning services.

Cleaning flyers - commercial cleaning brochure cover
Cleaning flyers - commercial cleaning brochure inside

You can get affordable brochures through your local print shop, or even print them yourself at home. Then it’s just a matter of putting brochures in potential clients’ mailboxes or asking current clients to share them with a friend.

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Why use cleaning services flyers?

Cleaning service flyers are just one form of catchy house cleaning ads, but they can also be one of the most effective when they’re done right. Here’s how cleaning service flyers can help your business:

  • Bring in new leads. When a potential client sees your cleaning service flyer and contacts you, use Jobber’s job quoting software to book a home walkthrough and send a detailed quote. You can also send automated quote follow-ups to turn a hesitant lead into a paying client.
  • Build brand awareness. Not everyone who gets a flyer will need your services right away. But introducing your business to the community and making sure people know your name can help bring in new customers down the road.

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How to use cleaning flyers

  1. Target the right market. You’ll get better results by sending flyers to ideal clients, not a random large group. Distribute flyers in their neighborhoods or the places where they spend time. Let’s say your ideal clients are working parents. Add flyers to bulletin boards at local businesses offering children’s activities like gymnastics, dance, and karate.
  2. Send a clear message. Communicate any special offers up front and include a call to action (CTA) telling your potential clients what to do. This could be calling a number, using a coupon code, or booking an appointment online.
  3. Track your success. If you’re offering a discount, attach it to a unique promo code. This will tell you how many of your leads are coming from flyers—and whether it’s a good way to promote your cleaning business long-term. Use your CRM to keep track of all of this.
  4. Start small and scale up. Create a small batch of flyers to start, and distribute them in just one neighborhood to see if you get results. If you get strong results, you can print more flyers and distribute them in a much larger area.

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Generating leads with cleaning services flyers

These cleaning company flyer ideas can help you bring in new leads and get cleaning clients. Just remember to keep your messaging simple, work within your budget, and experiment to see what works for you.

First published March 2021. Last updated February 17, 2022.

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