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315 Electrical Company Names That’ll Impress (and Win) New Customers

January 31, 2023 10 min. read
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A smart, catchy name helps you stand out from other local electricians and attract potential customers—and gives them a sneak peek at what your electrical business is all about.

Need a name of your own? Use these 315 electrical company name ideas as inspiration, or customize one for your business. Just make sure the name you pick is available in your area.

30 cool electrical company names

A cool name for your electrical business can show customers that you do things differently and aren’t like other companies. Here are a few examples of cool electrical company names:

  • Absolute Power Electric
  • Arc Electricians
  • Atomic Electrical
  • Breaker Electric Company
  • Conduit Electrical Services
  • Copperhead Electric
  • Galvanize Electrical Experts
  • Hardwire Electric & Solar
  • High Voltage Electrical
  • Ignition Electricians
  • Impetus Electrical Solutions
  • Infuse Electric Co.
  • Juggernaut Electric
  • Kinetic Electrical Services
  • Manpower Electrical Experts
  • Megavolt Electrical
  • Megawatt Electric Company
  • Momentum Electricians
  • Polarity Electrical Solutions
  • Power Potential Electric & Solar
  • Powerhouse Electric
  • Searchlight Electrical Services
  • Spectrum Electric Co.
  • Superpower Electrical
  • Switchback Electric Company
  • Thermo Electricians
  • Thundervolt Electric
  • Turbine Electrical Experts
  • Ultrapower Electrical Solutions
  • Voltmasters Electrical

Pro Tip: Do your best to include service-related keywords like “electrical” or “electrician” in your company name. It’s great for search engine optimization (SEO), which helps customers find you online.

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45 catchy electrical company names

A catchy name is easy for you and your customers to recognize, say, and remember. Check out these examples of catchy electrical company names:

  • Activation Electrical
  • Ambient Electricians
  • Amplitude Electric
  • Aurora Electrical Solutions
  • Backlight Electrical Services
  • Capacitor Electric Company
  • Capacity Electrical Experts
  • Connect Electrical
  • Copper & Cable Electric Co.
  • Dynamic Electricians
  • Extend Electrical
  • Fine Line Electric
  • Firepower Electrical Solutions
  • Fusion Electrical Services
  • Gig & Grid Electricians
  • Innovate Electric & Solar
  • Integrate Electric
  • Jump Electric Co.
  • More Power Electric Company
  • Nine-Volt Electrical
  • Nova Electrical Solutions
  • Outage Electric
  • Overlight Electric & Solar
  • Panel Electrical Services
  • People Power Electricians
  • Plug & Play Electrical
  • Plug & Socket Electrical Experts
  • Power On Electrical Solutions
  • Power Pros Electric Co.
  • Power Tools Electrical Services
  • Powerful Electric
  • Radiate Electricians
  • Relay Electric Company
  • Reliant Electrical
  • Solar Specialists
  • Solder & Switch Electrical Solutions
  • Startup Electric & Solar
  • Staying Power Electric
  • Transform Electrical Services
  • Ultraviolet Electric Company
  • Uptime Electrical Experts
  • Voltage Electrical
  • Wire Whizzes Electric Co.
  • Wired Electric
  • Zap Electricians

Pro Tip: Do you offer multiple services, like solar panel or Christmas light installation? Include those services in your electrical business name so you’re promoting every area of the company.

35 creative electrical business names

Want a name that feels and sounds special? Get creative and come up with a name that makes your customers think of nature, or find your inspiration in electrical science:

  • Amplify Electric
  • Daylight Electrical Solutions
  • Diode Electrical
  • Edison Electricians
  • Einstein Electric Co.
  • Electron Electrical Services
  • Faraday Electrical Experts
  • Flywheel Electric
  • Gamma Electric & Solar
  • Gleam Electrical Solutions
  • Joule Electric Company
  • Kelvin Electrical
  • Kilovolt Electricians
  • Kinematic Electrical Experts
  • Lightwave Electric
  • Lodestone Electrical Services
  • Luminous Electric Co.
  • Luster Electrical Solutions
  • Nanowatt Electrical
  • Neutron Electricians
  • Newton Electric & Solar
  • Nimbus Electric
  • Nucleus Electrical Services
  • Ohm Electric Company
  • Photon Electricians
  • Proton Electric Co.
  • Quantum Electrical Solutions
  • Quasar Electrical Services
  • Radiant Electric
  • Sol Electrical Experts
  • Sunburst Electricians
  • Sunrise Electrical
  • Supernova Electrical Solutions
  • Tesla Electrical Services
  • Voltmeter Electric

Pro Tip: Only start using your business name after you’ve made sure it’s available in your city and state. You can do that by googling “NAME + YOUR AREA” and doing a name search through your local trademark database.

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25 funny electrical company names

Show your customers you’re fun to work with by using a funny name. They’re also easy to share with friends and family—after all, everyone likes to share the joke:

  • All Wired Up Electric
  • Bright Idea Electricians
  • Bucket of Volts Electrical Solutions
  • Current Events Electrical Services
  • Flip the Switch Electrical
  • For Watt It’s Worth Electric & Solar
  • Good Light Electric
  • Guess Watt Electrical Experts
  • Know Watt I Mean Electric Co.
  • No Matter Watt Electrical Services
  • Now Watt Electricians
  • Nuts & Volts Electrical Solutions
  • Plugged In Electrical
  • Power Hour Electric
  • Power Trip Electrical Experts
  • Power Up Electrical Services
  • Tell You Watt Electric Co.
  • Trial By Wire Electrical Solutions
  • Under the Wire Electrical
  • Watt For Electric & Solar
  • Watt On Earth Electric
  • Watt the Heck Electricians
  • Watt’s Next Electrical Services
  • Watt’s the Trouble Electric Co.
  • Watt’s Up Electrical

40 clever electrical company names

A clever business name can make you seem even more knowledgeable than you already are, which can put your customers at ease. Consider using a clever electrical company name like:

  • Against the Current Electrical Experts
  • Ampere Electric
  • Astra Electrical
  • Balance of Power Electrical Solutions
  • Bandwidth Electricians
  • Bottom Line Electrical Services
  • Bright Side Electric & Solar
  • Cable & Coil Electric Co.
  • Capacitor Electrical Experts
  • Closed Circuit Electric
  • Conductor Electric Company
  • Cycle Electrical
  • Different Light Electric Co.
  • Empower Electrical
  • Enlighten Electricians
  • Fission Electrician
  • Flashbulb Electrical Solutions
  • Floodlight Electrical Services
  • Generate Electric & Solar
  • Generation Electrical
  • High Wire Electric Co.
  • Horsepower Electrical Experts
  • Illuminate Electric
  • In Power Electrical
  • Induct Electricians
  • Interconnect Electric Co.
  • Lightbulb Electrical Services
  • Linework Electric Company
  • Live Wire Electrical Solutions
  • Lumen Electric & Solar
  • On Switch Electrical Experts
  • On The Line Electrical
  • Overvolt Electricians
  • Power Play Electric Co.
  • Recharge Electrical Experts
  • Sparkplug Electric
  • Spotlight Electrical Services
  • Static Electric & Solar
  • Wavelength Electrical
  • Willpower Electric Company

Pro Tip: Can’t settle on a name that feels just right? Try changing up the ending with wording like Electrical, Electric Solutions, or Electrical Co.

40 professional electric company names

A professional name tells customers that you know what you’re doing and will give them a top-notch service experience. Think about choosing a professional electric company name like:

  • Advantage Electric
  • Ambition Electric Co.
  • Architect Electricians
  • Artistry Electrical
  • Ascend Electrical Solutions
  • Best Electrical Services
  • Bold Electric Company
  • Capital Electrical Experts
  • Catalyst Electric
  • Clear Electric & Solar
  • Complete Electrical
  • Design Electricians
  • Elevate Electrical Solutions
  • Elite Electrical Services
  • Emerge Electric Co.
  • Enterprise Electric Company
  • Expert Electric
  • Five-Star Electricians
  • Flair Electrical Experts
  • Flourish Electrical
  • Insight Electric & Solar
  • Luxury Electrical Solutions
  • Modern Electrical
  • Optimum Electrical Experts
  • Pioneer Electric
  • Platinum Electricians
  • Prestige Electric Company
  • Progressive Electrical Services
  • Pure Electric & Solar
  • Quality Electrical
  • Ready Electric Co.
  • Resolve Electric
  • Signature Electrical Solutions
  • Star Electricians
  • Supreme Electrical Experts
  • Swift Electrical Services
  • Trailblaze Electrical
  • Vision Electric & Solar
  • Vitality Electric Company
  • Vivid Electric

Pro Tip: Make sure your business name still sounds professional when it’s shortened or used as an acronym. For example, Joule Electric Company (JEC) is a perfectly good name, but steer clear of something like Precision Electrical Experts.

50 personal names for an electrician business

Some business owners keep it simple and use their own name for their electrical business. Build on your relationships and reputation with a personal business name like:

  • Allen Brothers Electrical Experts
  • Anderson Family Electric
  • Andrew’s Electric Co.
  • Ashley’s Electrical
  • Bennet Brothers Electric Company
  • Brooks Electrical Solutions
  • Carter & Sons Electrical Experts
  • Castillo Electricians
  • Collins Sisters Electric & Solar
  • Cox Electrical
  • Daniel’s Electrical Services
  • Diaz & Daughters Electric Company
  • E.M. Roberts Electric Co.
  • Ethan’s Electric
  • Foster Electricians
  • Garcia Family Electric & Solar
  • Gonzales Electrical
  • Gray Electrical Experts
  • Hall & Sons Electrical Solutions
  • Hernandez Electric Co.
  • Hughes Electricians
  • Jackson Electric
  • Jiminez Sisters Electric Company
  • John Smith Electrical
  • Jones Electric & Solar
  • Kim Brothers Electrical Services
  • Lee Family Electrical Solutions
  • Long Electrical Experts
  • M. Santos Electric Co.
  • Mendoza Electric
  • Miller Electricians
  • Morris Electrical
  • Myers Family Electricians
  • Nelson Electric Co.
  • Olivia’s Electric & Solar
  • Parker & Sons Electrical Services
  • Patel Electric Company
  • Perez Electric
  • Ramos & Daughters Electrical Solutions
  • Rogers Electrical
  • Ruiz Family Electricians
  • Ryan’s Electric Co.
  • Sam’s Electric
  • Sanchez Electrical Experts
  • Sarah’s Electrical Solutions
  • Thompson Electrical Services
  • Turner Sisters Electric
  • Williams Electrical
  • Wilson & Daughters Electrical Services
  • Wright Electric & Solar

Pro Tip: If you plan to sell or leave your company eventually, it’s best to steer clear of using your personal name as a business name. It may confuse customers if there isn’t an Andrew at Andrew’s Electric Co.

50 location-based electrical business name ideas

Improve your Google search ranking and tell customers you offer services in their area by including your city, region, or state in your electrical business name:

  • Alabama Electric
  • Albany Electric Company
  • Annapolis Electrical
  • Electricians of Austin
  • Baltimore Electric & Solar
  • Bismarck Electrical Services
  • Boise Electric Co.
  • Chicago Electrical Solutions
  • Concord Electrical Experts
  • Dallas Electrical
  • Des Moines Electric & Solar
  • Dover Electric Company
  • El Paso Electric
  • Fort Worth Electrical Experts
  • Frankfort Electricians
  • Fresno Electric Co.
  • Georgia Electrical Solutions
  • Harrisburg Electrical Services
  • Honolulu Electric & Solar
  • Houston Electrical
  • Idaho Electric Co.
  • Indianapolis Electric Company
  • Jacksonville Electrical Experts
  • Kansas City Electric
  • Lansing Electric & Solar
  • Lincoln Electricians
  • Los Angeles Electrical Solutions
  • Louisville Electrical Experts
  • Maine Electrical Services
  • Miami Electrical
  • Milwaukee Electric Co.
  • Nashville Electric
  • New Orleans Electric Company
  • New York Electric & Solar
  • Oahu Electrical Solutions
  • Electricians of Oakland
  • Omaha Electrical
  • Philadelphia Electrical Services
  • Portland Electricians
  • Providence Electric Company
  • Raleigh Electric
  • Rhode Island Electric Co.
  • Sacramento Electrical Solutions
  • San Antonio Electrical
  • Santa Fe Electric & Solar
  • Seattle Electric Company
  • Tallahassee Electric
  • Topeka Electrical Experts
  • Electricians of Tulsa
  • Virginia Electrical Services

What makes a good electrical company name?

Good electrical company names have a number of things in common:

  • They make it clear to customers that you provide electrical services
  • They inspire a certain thought or feeling around your business
  • They’re one-of-a-kind in your service area
  • They’re easy to say, spell, and remember

When you’ve picked a name, design an electrical business logo to represent your company. Here’s an example of a logo based on one of the good electrical business names in this article:

electrical company logo example for Live Wire Electrical Solutions

What should I name my electrical business?

Still not sure what to name your electrical company? Follow these steps to create and narrow down a list of memorable electrician company names:

  1. Brainstorm a list of electrical company name ideas. Start with the lists and tips in this article, and build on them with your own ideas. (Need a little extra brainpower? Try using an electrical business name generator.)
  2. Make a shortlist of the electrical name ideas that say something important about your business and are easiest to recognize and remember.
  3. Get feedback to help you decide which name is most appealing to your friends, family, and potential customers—and make sure to find out why they like it.
  4. Choose a name that fits your electrical business and appeals to your ideal customers.

Examples of electrician business names

The names in this article are just ideas, but you can take inspiration from existing businesses, too. Check out these real-life names of electric companies and see how they came about:

  • Forbes Electrical Services is named after the business owner. This tells customers that the business is built on personal relationships and likely puts people first.
  • Journey Electric is a creative name, and it makes customers think the business will walk with them through all of their electrical challenges from start to finish.
  • FireFly Electricians sounds friendly and accessible, with a name that refers to nature and brings to mind a warm, cozy glow—just what customers want for their homes.
  • ElectricMan is a short, snappy name that suggests a superhero is coming to save customers from their electrical troubles.
  • BayArea Electrician makes it clear that they provide services within the Bay Area, which may give them an edge online when people are searching for a nearby electrician.

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How to register your electrical company name

To protect your service business brand, register your electrician business name before using it. You can go through the process at your local registry office:

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Next steps after naming your electrical business

You’ve chosen an electrical company name and registered it—now what? Continue the process of starting your electrical business by:

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