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300 Handyman Business Names to Help You Start Your Business

January 20, 2023 10 min. read
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Handyman business names are a customer’s first introduction to the company. It tells them what the business offers and what to expect, all in one short, snappy phrase.

But which name is right for your business? We’ve come up with 300 handyman company names to inspire you during the brainstorming process, or to use as starting points for a special name of your own.

These handyman business name ideas are here for inspirational and educational purposes. Always double-check to make sure a name is available in your city and state before you start using it.

15 catchy handyman business names

Try to choose a business name that’s easy to recognize, remember, and share with family and friends. Here are some ideas for catchy handyman business names:

  • Better Built Handyman Co.
  • Build Amazing Handyman Services
  • Build Out Home Solutions
  • Build Up Household Services
  • Building Better Household Solutions
  • Building Ideas Handyman Services
  • Clear Cut Home Solutions
  • Drill Down Household Services
  • Hammer Home Handyman Co.
  • Handshake Handyman
  • Hire-a-Handyman
  • Home Handyman
  • Rent-a-Handyman
  • The Handsome Handyman
  • The Happy Handyman

Pro Tip: Customize any of the names in this article by using a different phrase at the end—for example, Handyman Services, Household Solutions, or Handyman Co.

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35 creative handyman business name ideas

A creative handyman business name stands out from competitors and helps you create a strong service business brand. These creative business names are based on materials and tools that a handyman uses:

  • Acacia Handyman Services
  • Alder Home Solutions
  • Ashwood Handyman
  • Balsa Household Services
  • Beechwood Home Services
  • Birchwood Household Solutions
  • Blacksmith Handyman Company
  • Blackwood Handyman Services
  • Brickhammer Handyman Co.
  • Cedarwood Home Solutions
  • Cherrywood Household Services
  • Chopsaw Home Services
  • Fillister Household Solutions
  • Flathead Handyman
  • Greenheart Handyman Company
  • Hammer & Nail Home Solutions
  • Hardwood Handyman Co.
  • Ironwood Household Services
  • Jigsaw Handyman Services
  • Keyhole Handyman Co.
  • Maple Household Solutions
  • Nuts & Bolts Home Services
  • Oakwood Home Solutions
  • Phillips Head Household Services
  • Pinewood Handyman
  • Planish Home Services
  • Purpleheart Handyman Company
  • Redwood Handyman Services
  • Rosewood Household Solutions
  • Sledgehammer Handyman Co.
  • Spruce Home Solutions
  • Square Head Household Services
  • Sycamore Home Services
  • Teakwood Handyman
  • Walnut Handyman Services

20 cool handyman company names

It’s okay to have fun with your handyman business name. In fact, a cool or exciting name will attract interest and help you stand out from other businesses. Here are some examples:

  • Allen & Hex Handyman Services
  • Backsaw Household Services
  • Bowcut Home Solutions
  • Brass Hammer Handyman
  • Built Tough Household Solutions
  • Clawhammer Home Services
  • Compass Edge Handyman Co.
  • Copper & Hide Household Services
  • Crosscut Handyman Services
  • Hatchet Handyman Company
  • Hex Bolt Home Services
  • Hotshot Handyman
  • Miter’s Edge Household Solutions
  • Nailhead Home Solutions
  • Ratchet & Socket Household Services
  • Ripcut Handyman Company
  • Socket & Sandpaper Handyman Co.
  • Tape & Tool Handyman Company
  • Whipsaw Handyman Services
  • Woodscrew Handyman

Pro Tip: Make sure your name is still appropriate if you shorten it or use an acronym. For example, you’re fine to use Handyman Helper (HH), but steer clear of Handyman Experts of Lino Lakes.

25 funny handyman business names

A funny name tells your customers that you’ll be fun to work with. It’s also easy for them to remember and share with other people. You can go with a funny handyman business name like:

  • All Hands Handyman Co.
  • Busy Hands Home Services
  • Cut Above Handyman
  • Extra Hands Home Services
  • Hammer Away Handyman
  • Hammer Time Handyman Company
  • Helping Handyman
  • Hired Hand-E-Man
  • Lend a Hand Household Services
  • Level Best Handyman
  • Level Head Handyman Services
  • Measure Twice Handyman Company
  • Nail On The Head Handyman Co.
  • Next Level Home Solutions
  • Old Hand Household Services
  • On the Level Handyman Company
  • On The Nail Home Services
  • Right Tools For the Job
  • Steady Hand Home Solutions
  • Tool Cool Handyman
  • Tool Right Home Services
  • Tough As Nails Home Solutions
  • Well In Hand Handyman Services
  • The Taskmaster
  • The Handyman Can

50 professional handyman business names

A professional name inspires confidence in your handyman business and tells customers they can trust you. Consider a professional-sounding name for a handyman like:

  • Accelerate Handyman Services
  • Admire Home Services
  • Advantage Handyman
  • Ambition Household Services
  • Approve Household Solutions
  • Architect Handyman Company
  • Best Home Solutions
  • Boss Handyman Co.
  • Capital Home Services
  • Command Handyman
  • Complete Handyman Services
  • Craft Household Solutions
  • Custom Household Services
  • Dedicated Home Solutions
  • Design Handyman Company
  • Detail Handyman Services
  • Distinctive Handyman
  • Elevate Handyman Co.
  • Enrich Home Services
  • Essential Household Solutions
  • Expert Household Services
  • First Home Solutions
  • Five-Star Handyman Services
  • Flair Handyman Company
  • Guaranteed Handyman
  • Guardian Household Solutions
  • Hero Household Services
  • Impress Home Solutions
  • Independent Handyman Services
  • Insight Handyman Co.
  • Inspire Home Services
  • Legend Handyman Company
  • Master Handyman
  • Method Handyman Co.
  • Modern Household Solutions
  • Optimum Household Services
  • Peak Home Solutions
  • Performance Handyman Services
  • Pioneer Handyman Co.
  • Platinum Handyman Company
  • Practical Handyman
  • Purpose Home Services
  • Ready Household Solutions
  • Seasoned Handyman Co.
  • Sentinel Handyman
  • Talent Household Services
  • Thrive Handyman Services
  • Trailblaze Home Solutions
  • Value Household Solutions
  • Venture Handyman Company

Pro Tip: If you run a seasonal service business, include those services in your business name, too. This tells your customers which services you offer so they can work with you year-round.

20 unique handyman company names

A successful handyman business name stands out from the crowd. To do that, go with a name that’s unique, with nothing similar in the area where you offer services. Here are some ideas:

  • Against the Grain Handyman Services
  • Caring Hands Household Services
  • Clean Cut Handyman
  • Dab Hand Household Solutions
  • Fixer Uppers Handyman Company
  • Glamor Hammer Handyman Co.
  • Good Hand Household Services
  • Handy Dandy Handyman
  • Heavenly Handyman Services
  • Helping Hand Home Solutions
  • Home Built Life Handyman Services
  • Household Handyman
  • Pair of Hands Home Services
  • Toolbox Handyman Company
  • Upper Level Household Solutions
  • Home By Hand Home Solutions
  • Built With Care Handyman Co.
  • Level Up Handyman Services
  • Right Hands Household Services
  • Square Peg Home Solutions

65 personal names for a handyman business

Want to use your first or last name as your business name? Go ahead—it’s very common, it builds on your personal reputation, and it makes your brand feel friendly and accessible.

Here are some examples of what your handyman business name could look like with your personal name included:

  • Allen Home Services
  • Alvarez Brothers Handyman Services
  • Anderson Handyman
  • Bailey Handyman Company
  • Bennett Household Services
  • Brooks & Sons Home Solutions
  • Campbell Household Solutions
  • Chris the Handyman
  • Clark Family Handyman
  • Collins Handyman Co.
  • Cooper Brothers Home Services
  • Dan’s Household Services
  • David’s Handyman Company
  • Diaz Sisters Household Solutions
  • Edwards Handyman Services
  • Evans Home Solutions
  • Flores Handyman
  • Foster & Sons Handyman Co.
  • Garcia Household Services
  • Gutierrez Handyman Company
  • Handyman Josh
  • Harris Brothers Household Solutions
  • Hernandez Home Services
  • Hughes Handyman Co.
  • Jake the Handyman
  • Johnson Handyman Services
  • Jones Handyman Company
  • Kim Household Services
  • King & Sons Home Services
  • Lee Household Solutions
  • Lewis Handyman Co.
  • Handy Matt’s Home Solutions
  • Miller Family Handyman

Pro Tip: Try not to use your personal name if you ever plan to sell your handyman business, or if you expect someone who doesn’t share your name to take over the business in the future. Customers might get confused if there’s no longer a Dave at Dave’s Handyman Service.

70 location-based handyman business name ideas

Including your city, county, or region in your handyman business name will tell customers that you offer services in their area—and it can give your business a boost in Google searches, too.

Here are some examples of what your location-based handyman business name could look like:

  • Albany Handyman
  • Albuquerque Home Solutions
  • Annapolis Household Services
  • Atlanta Handyman Services
  • Augusta Household Solutions
  • Austin Home Services
  • Baltimore Handyman Company
  • Bismarck Household Services
  • Boise Home Solutions
  • Boston Handyman
  • Charleston Handyman Services
  • Cheyenne Handyman Co.
  • Chicago Household Solutions
  • Colorado Springs Handyman Co.
  • Columbus Home Services
  • Concord Household Services
  • Dallas Handyman
  • Denver Home Solutions
  • Des Moines Handyman Services
  • Detroit Handyman Company
  • El Paso Household Solutions
  • Fort Worth Home Services
  • Fresno Handyman Co.
  • Harrisburg Household Services
  • Helena Home Solutions
  • Honolulu Handyman Company
  • Houston Handyman
  • Indianapolis Handyman Services
  • Jacksonville Home Services
  • Jefferson City Household Solutions
  • Kansas City Handyman Co.
  • Las Vegas Household Services
  • Lincoln Handyman
  • Little Rock Home Solutions
  • Long Beach Handyman Services
  • Los Angeles Handyman Company
  • Louisville Home Services
  • Memphis Household Services
  • Mesa Handyman Co.
  • Miami Handyman
  • Milwaukee Household Solutions
  • Minneapolis Handyman Services
  • Nashville Home Solutions
  • New Orleans Handyman Company
  • New York Home Services
  • Oakland Household Services
  • Oklahoma City Handyman Co.
  • Olympia Handyman Company
  • Omaha Handyman Services
  • Philadelphia Home Services
  • Phoenix Handyman
  • Portland Household Solutions
  • Providence Home Solutions
  • Raleigh Household Services
  • Richmond Handyman Services
  • Sacramento Handyman Co.
  • Saint Paul Handyman Company
  • Salt Lake City Home Services
  • San Diego Home Solutions
  • San Jose Handyman Co.
  • Santa Fe Handyman
  • Seattle Handyman Company
  • Springfield Handyman Services
  • Tallahassee Household Solutions
  • Topeka Household Services
  • Tucson Handyman
  • Tulsa Home Services
  • Virginia Beach Home Solutions
  • Washington Handyman Services
  • Wichita Handyman

Pro Tip: Google “BUSINESS NAME IDEA + YOUR AREA” or check your local trademark database to make sure a competitor isn’t already using your handyman business name idea.

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What makes a good handyman business name?

Good handyman business names depend on a few common factors:

  • They clearly tell customers that you offer handyman services
  • They make customers think and feel a certain way about your business
  • They’re easy to say and remember
  • They’re unique in your service area

Once you have a handyman business name, make it extra-strong by pairing it with a well-designed, easy-to-recognize logo. Here’s one example of a handyman business logo:

example of logo with handyman business name

How to choose a handyman business name

Choosing a handyman business name might feel challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Just follow this process to find the right name for your business:

  • Brainstorm a list of handyman business names. You can use the lists in this article for inspiration.
  • Make a shortlist of your favorite names. These names should be memorable, recognizable, easy to say and spell, and unique in your area.
  • Get feedback from family and friends about what each name makes them think or feel.
  • Choose the name that feels right for your business and gets the best response from other people.

Pro Tip: Your handyman business name should include keywords like “handyman.” This is a big part of search engine optimization (SEO) and will help customers find your business online.

Handyman business name examples

The names in this article are just ideas—but to prove they work, here are some examples of real-life business names and the thinking behind each one:

  • Cape Coral Handyman LLC is located in Cape Coral, Florida. If a potential customer googles “cape coral handyman,” looking for services in their area, this name will help the business show up in the list of search results.
  • ER Handyman Services uses its owner’s initials in the name. This makes it unique and ties it to a real person without being too obvious about it.
  • BeeWise Handyman Services is a creative name that shows customers they care about working hard and being environmentally friendly—much like your everyday bumblebee.
  • Handy Hubby is a catchy name that’s easy to remember and suggests someone who works hard to complete various projects and tasks around the home.
  • Lefty’s Handy Services uses a smart pun to communicate what the business does and what services it offers in a fun, friendly way.

How to register a handyman business name

Once you’ve gone through our list of handyman business names and come up with your own, it’s time to register it through your local registry office.

Here’s what the registration process might look like for you, depending on where you live:

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Next steps after naming your handyman business

Once you’ve chosen, registered, and started using a handyman business name, think about these next steps:

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