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The Best Reputation Management Software for Home Service Businesses

November 19, 2019 5 min. read
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Customer reviews are crucial to your online reputation.

They influence how customers perceive your home service business, whether or not they’ll hire you, and they play a role in your search engine rankings.

Given how important they are, you can’t leave your business’ online reviews to chance. That’s where reputation management software comes in.

Read on to learn what reputation management software is and about the best review management software tools built for home service businesses.

The top reputation management software tools to try

Here are six of the best review management software tools available today. We’ve carefully researched all these tools and selected only those that are used by real home service entrepreneurs.

1. YouReview

YouReview automates the entire review collection and publishing process. With YouReview, you can:

  • Use a simple process to request a review automatically via email and text
  • Collect your best reviews and automatically add them to your website, with a line of code
  • Gather feedback on negative reviews to understand your mistakes and fix them
  • Access a Dashboard to review data and analytics, such as your overall reputation and review activity

YouReview does not display prices online. To learn more about YouReview or to schedule a demo, visit their website.

2. NiceJob

NiceJob includes robust social media marketing capabilities, and it connects directly with Jobber’s field service software, so you can automatically transfer client contact information, with no duplicate entry. Here’s how it works:

  • Connect NiceJob to Jobber
  • When a job closes in Jobber, NiceJob will automatically ask your customer to leave a review via email or SMS
  • NiceJob can detect if your customer hasn’t left a review and send them friendly reminders to do so
  • Once converted, NiceJob automatically shares your best customer stories to your favorite social media platforms so more people see them
  • Finally, you can add stories and reviews to your website to boost social proof. For example, create a portfolio page or testimonials page on your website by using their nifty Stories widget

NiceJob also offers NiceJob Convert. A custom-built landing page to replace your old website that is optimized to get you at least 10% more sales by being search engine optimized to help gain more traffic to your page, and by creating a clear call-to-action button, ex. “Get Quote” directly on your landing page.

NiceJob offers a free 14-day trial, and pricing starts at $75  per month.

3. Broadly

Broadly is another reputation management app that integrates with Jobber so you can automatically send review requests to your customers once a visit is completed.

Similar to other review management software tools, Broadly:

  • Offers an automated system that makes it easy for customers to leave reviews via text and email
  • Allows you to automatically stream reviews to your site
  • Gives you access to reports to see what’s working or not

Going a few steps further, Broadly also offers:

  • Broadly Free, a free solution for local service businesses looking to get ahead
  • Web chat so you can respond to customers immediately, which improves your chances of converting them
  • One inbox that lets you manage leads from Google, Facebook, and your website all in one place.
  • A mobile app so you and your entire team can message customers, manage leads, and respond to reviews on the go

4. Whitespark

Whitespark concentrates on solving customers’ local search problems by providing several tools exclusively for Google Reviews. The tools are:

Local Citation Finder which helps you identify where to list your business online and monitor your competition to improve your local rankings

Reputation Builder to get more reviews, customer feedback, and testimonials. The builder lets you create your own automated process to capture reviews

Local Rank Tracker to monitor your Bing and Google rankings across local search

If your business relies heavily on Google Reviews and Local Search, then you should definitely check out Whitespark.

5. Grade Us

Grade Us focuses on four core aspects of customer reviews:

  1. Increasing positive reviews by automating review campaigns you can send via text, email, or print
  2. Reaching disgruntled customers before they post a negative review thanks to a proactive system
  3. Monitoring the performance of your campaigns so you can take swift action if needed. You can inform your entire team when a new review is published, reply to reviews via a central hub, analyze review trends, and get alerted when customers publish new reviews
  4. Automatically displaying your best reviews on your website and sharing positive reviews as social media posts to boost credibility

Pricing starts at $180 per month. For a full breakdown of the features and a free trial, visit their website.

6. Starfish Reviews

The final reputation management software tool to make our list is the WordPress plugin, Starfish Reviews. The plugin is probably the most straightforward solution on our list, but don’t be fooled; it’s quite powerful.

With Starfish, you can create different funnels that have a unique URL. You then share this URL with your customers who are asked a simple question: “Would You Recommend Us?”

If customers answer “yes”, they’re asked to give a review on Google, TripAdvisor, or Facebook.

If they answer “no”, they have to give feedback, which you can use to improve your service. You can also request their name and email so you can follow up with them.

Starfish Reviews has three pricing plans, starting at $3.99 per month.

Reputation Management Software and Beyond

Reputation management software can be instrumental in getting more reviews and building a strong reputation.

But, on its own, the right software isn’t enough.

You also need to have the right internal system for getting more reviews.

A system that consists of four simple steps: prime customers to give a review, deliver exceptional work, ask for a review as soon as the work is complete, and follow-up using automatic follow-up emails.

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