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18 Essential HVAC Blogs and Forums for Contractors

October 5, 2022 7 min. read
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Finding great HVAC blogs can help you improve your skill set as an HVAC contractor, learn better ways to manage your business, and keep up with HVAC industry trends.

It’s also a great way to get your own HVAC blog ideas that can attract more potential customers to your website.

Check out our list of the 18 best HVAC blogs, news sites, and forums for busy HVAC professionals.

Follow these blogs, HVAC pro forums, and news sites:

  1. Top HVAC blogs for all HVAC professionals
  2. Best HVAC forums
  3. Best HVAC news websites

Top HVAC blogs for all HVAC professionals

1. HVAC Informed

HVAC Informed shares advice, news, and industry trends for HVAC professionals looking to stay ahead of the competition.

The blog gathers content from across the web for contractors in all HVAC markets (commercial, residential, industrial) and specializations (heating, cooling, and ventilation).

Follow HVAC Informed to learn about consumer trends, like customers looking for extended warranties, and technical advice for problems like overheating in residential buildings.

2. HVAC Classes

The HVAC Classes blog shares labor trends in the industry, the best HVAC apps for contractors, and tips on running a better business (like how to help your HVAC customers save money).

HVAC Classes mostly educates new HVAC professionals by sharing training courses, online classes, and apprenticeships, but it’s a great resource at any point in your HVAC career.

3. Smart HVAC by Cielo

Cielo’s Smart HVAC blog gives homeowners advice on keeping their home climates comfortable and increasing energy efficiency. Use this blog to learn what HVAC problems your residential customers deal with and how to help.

Cielo shares topics like preparing for a power outage, choosing radiant cooling systems, and picking the best smart thermostat.

4. Energy Vanguard Blog

The Energy Vanguard blog gives consumers and HVAC technicians advice on maintaining and improving HVAC systems. You can find advice on air conditioner sizing, improving indoor air quality, choosing smart HVAC technology, and advancing in your HVAC career.

Read this blog to keep your technical HVAC knowledge up to date—and to share resources with your customers to help them understand their own HVAC systems better.

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5. Jobber Academy

Jobber Academy is built to help you run a more efficient HVAC business with the help of how-to articles, free templates, and all kinds of expert home service advice.

Use Jobber Academy to get HVAC marketing ideas and to learn how to price HVAC jobs. You can also get broader business advice—like how to ask customers for a deposit and offer competitive customer service.

6. Fischer Heating and Air Blog

The Fischer Heating and Air blog offers solutions for everyday, frustrating problems that homeowners face with their heating and cooling systems. Readers can learn how to choose air conditioner settings for summer, the signs of a broken furnace, and how to stop condensation on air ducts.

Fischer Heating and Air writes in-depth content to help their customers understand the ins and outs of every HVAC unit. Use this blog as a model to help you provide useful and detailed advice to your customers—and to write your own articles.

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The Resources section of rounds up articles and videos that help HVAC business owners and customers understand, troubleshoot, and maintain all kinds of HVAC systems and features.

To help you run a better HVAC business, check out their articles on how to sell whole home performance contractingpromote your HVAC business after hours, and more.

8. ACCA Blog

The Air Conditioner Contractors of America (ACCA) is a member-based group that provides resources and networking opportunities to HVAC professionals

When you join as a member, you can access their HVAC blog that’s packed with business advice from HVAC industry veterans. You’ll hear expert takes on how recent trends and regulations, like new energy efficiency standards, might affect your business.

9. HVAC School: For Techs by Techs

HVAC School hosts a big library of online resources, from quizzes and videos to a podcast and tech tips. Check out this blog if you’re newer to the industry or if you’re training new HVAC techs.

In HVAC School, you can learn the basics of residential heat pump maintenance, what to do when you’re done trade school, and more. They also have an educational YouTube channel where you can learn how to install, diagnose, repair, and sell many types of HVAC systems.

Best HVAC forums

10. HVAC Site: Professional HVAC Contractors Forum

The HVAC Site forum has over 8,000 members who seek out help and ideas from other HVAC contractors. In this HVAC forum, you’ll find a community of pros discussing the best HVAC tools, products, and safety practices, as well as ways to run a successful HVAC business.

HVAC Site lets you post classifieds if you want to buy and sell HVAC products. You can also create a paid business listing to advertise your services on their website.

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11. r/HVAC

The HVAC subreddit is a great place to learn, ask questions, and share your own expertise with other HVAC contractors. Members can ask anything from business expansion advice to HVAC best practices.

The subreddit is a fun community, too—many members post photos of their new equipment or work that they’re proud of.

12. HVAC-Talk

HVAC-Talk is a forum of over 260,000 members who share industry knowledge, business tips, and more expertise on heating and cooling systems. To participate, you’ll have to register for full access to the forum.

When you’re a member of this HVAC forum, you’ll have access to dozens of active discussion boards where you can chat, post photos, and participate in polls.

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13. HVAC Tech Group

The HVAC Tech Group site is split into specific forums for technical discussions, tools and equipment advice, local HVAC regulations, and a general HVAC forum for other topics.

They also have forums for trading and selling products, as well as job postings if you’re looking to hire HVAC technicians.

Best HVAC news websites

14. ACHR News

Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration (ACHR) News offers a print and online publication for HVAC contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

ACHR is quick to publish brand-new updates on government regulations and product releases that will affect the HVAC industry. Some topics include how to deal with HVAC equipment price hikes and selling value to HVAC customers.

15. HVAC Insider

HVAC Insider publishes news about HVAC product releases, trends, and successful businesses in the industry. You can filter the news content by region to find the exact HVAC content you want, right from your area.

This news site also has a calendar that shows upcoming industry conferences and trade shows. If you want to get their printed publication sent to your door HVAC Insider, it’s free to subscribe.

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16. NATE Magazine

North American Technician Excellence (NATE), the largest non-profit certifier for HVAC/R technicians in the United States, has an online magazine and newsletter you can subscribe to. Read them both to see the latest HVAC news, upcoming trade shows, and HVAC products you should look out for.

17. Indoor Comfort News

Indoor Comfort News is an HVAC news publication provided by the Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries (IHACI).

Whether you read it online or subscribe by mail, you’ll find case studies, HVAC tech profiles, details on upcoming events, new products, and technology trends.

18. Contracting Business

Check out the commercial HVAC section of Contracting Business for news on events and product releases in commercial heating and air conditioning.

Contracting Business rounds up the latest HVAC products coming up each month—you just have to register with your email to get their HVAC system news. You can also subscribe to their HVAC-R newsletter to get articles emailed to you weekly.

Keep learning and educating your customers

Bookmark these HVAC blogs and sites to keep your skills sharp, stay on top of industry trends, and run a successful HVAC business.

Feeling inspired to create your own HVAC blog? Adding a blog to your HVAC website is a great way to educate your customers and bring potential customers to your website. Just come up with HVAC blog topics that solve your customers problems.

Then, consider hiring an agency or freelancer that specializes in SEO for contractors. With help from a professional writer, your blogs can appear in search results when people search for help with their HVAC systems.

The more people visit your website, the more people you can turn into HVAC leads—and eventually grow your customer list.

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