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8 Best HVAC Business Cards to Attract Customers [+Examples]

October 19, 2022 4 min. read
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Example of an HVAC business card

Having a professional and attractive HVAC business card helps you make a great first impression on potential customers and partners. It also makes it easier for customers to contact you when they’re ready to book work.

Business cards come in many forms, so you might wonder which design is best. Get inspired by these 8 HVAC business card design examples and attract the customers you need to keep your business growing.

1. Professional HVAC business card ideas

Show potential customers you run a trustworthy business with a sleek, professional HVAC business card design. Include your company logo, HVAC business name, personal name, and contact info in a modern-looking design like this example:

Professional HVAC business card example

2. Simple HVAC business card examples

If you like things straightforward, go with a simple business card that’s easy on the eyes. A no-frills design makes your company and contact information the center of attention:

Simple HVAC business card example

3. Unique HVAC business card design ideas

Want to stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression? Design a business card with eye-catching shapes, symbols, or a quick one-liner on the front of your card:

Unique HVAC business card example

4. Colorful HVAC business card designs

Using your brand colors as the focus of your HVAC business card is another way to stand out. Try a design that uses those colors for fonts and backgrounds, like this one:

Colorful HVAC business card example

5. HVAC business cards with QR codes

Want your business card to send potential customers to your website? Add a QR code so it’s easier to find you online and book you for work:

Example of an HVAC business card with a QR code

Use a QR code generator to create a code that takes people straight to the work request form on your website.

To give customers reasons to book a visit, show a bit of what they can expect, like your special services or guarantees:

Example of a HVAC business card with a QR code and service information

6. Air conditioning business cards

If you specialize in air conditioning repair and maintenance, design a business card that shows customers you can give them a cooler space:

Air Conditioning HVAC business card example

7. Business cards for eco-friendly HVAC

Do you provide eco-friendly HVAC solutions or smart technology? Show that to potential customers by adding the right colors, symbols, and text to your business card:

Eco-friendly HVAC business card example

Pro Tip: Look for business card design and printing services that offer templates or a drag-and-drop card editor. These services help you make your dream designs without the help (or cost) of a professional graphic designer.

8. HVAC referral business card

Business cards can earn you referrals, too. As part of your referral program, hand out business cards to your current customers that encourage them to refer friends and family to your company:

Referral HVAC business card example

Add spaces where your customer can include contact info for their referrals, and ask for the card when you see them at their next service visit.

In cases like this, you can exclude your contact information because you’re not asking someone to contact you. Business cards can be used for lots of purposes—not just marketing.

What should be on an HVAC business card?

Here’s what you should include on your HVAC business card to attract potential customers, or even industry partners at HVAC trade shows:

  1. Your HVAC company name
  2. Logo and company branding
  3. Company slogan (if you have one)
  4. Your first and last name
  5. Job title or HVAC certification level
  6. Contact information (phone number, email, and social media pages)
  7. URL or QR code for your website

Feel free to include other information that shows why your company is great, like your service guarantees or awards you’ve received. Just follow these rules of thumb:

  • Keep your design simple and make text easy to read
  • Don’t overcrowd the design with unnecessary images or text
  • Keep your branding consistent with your HVAC website design (colors, fonts, slogan)
  • Check for any typos before printing

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Start making your business cards

Ready to make a great HVAC business card? You can design your own using Looka’s business card design tool or templates from Canva. Or, use MOO or Vistaprint to get your cards printed after designing them online.

Some of these websites offer great business card templates you can work from. If you’d rather have help from a pro, look for a local graphic designer and partner with them to create the perfect HVAC business card.

Originally published in May 2019. Last updated on October 19, 2022.

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