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HVAC Company Names: 400 Red-Hot Ideas to Get You Started

February 14, 2023 11 min. read
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A catchy company name helps your business stand out, attract potential customers, and tell those customers what you do differently from other HVAC companies.

But what are the best HVAC company names? How do you pick one that stands out? Find the name that’s right for your business with these 400 HVAC company name ideas.

45 creative heating and AC company name ideas

You can try a creative HVAC business name inspired by seasons, areas, and even stories that make customers think about hot or cold temperatures. Consider a name like:

  • Alpine Heating & AC
  • Ambient Heating Company
  • Atmosphere HVAC
  • Aura HVAC Solutions
  • Boreas Heating Service
  • Celsius HVAC Service
  • Chinook Heating Solutions
  • Cold Snap Heating & AC Solutions
  • Coldwind Heating
  • Encolden HVAC Co.
  • Evergreen Heating & AC Service
  • Fahrenheit Heating Co.
  • Glacial AC & Heating
  • Harvest Heating Service
  • Hemisphere HVAC Repair
  • Hestia Heating & AC
  • Hothouse HVAC Service
  • Iceberg HVAC Systems
  • Icefall HVAC
  • Jack Frost HVAC Solutions
  • Joules Heating
  • Kelvin HVAC Company
  • Latitude Heating Solutions
  • Meltwater Heating & Refrigeration
  • Midsummer Heating & AC Service
  • Midwinter Temperature Solutions
  • Moraine Heating Company
  • North Pole Heating & Cooling
  • Northern HVAC Service
  • Odin HVAC Co.
  • Old Man Winter Heat & Air
  • Permafrost Heating & AC Solutions
  • Prometheus Heating & Refrigeration
  • Solstice Heating & AC
  • Stormwind Heat & Air
  • Strong Breeze HVAC Repair
  • Tempest AC & Heating
  • Theros Heating
  • Tropical Heating Service
  • Tundra Heating & Cooling
  • Upwind HVAC
  • Vesta Heating Co.
  • Vulcan HVAC Solutions
  • Whirlwind HVAC Systems
  • Windpower HVAC Company

Pro Tip: Before you start printing HVAC business cards, make sure the name you choose is available in your city and state. Start by googling “NAME + AREA” and searching your area’s trademark database.

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50 catchy HVAC names

A catchy HVAC name is simple for your customers to recognize and remember it, which makes it easy for them to share with family and friends. Try an HVAC company name like:

  • Airspace HVAC Solutions
  • All Systems Go HVAC Co.
  • Applied HVAC
  • Boreal Heating Service
  • BTU Heating & AC
  • Capacity Heating
  • Central HVAC Service
  • Climate Heating Solutions
  • Cold Timer Heating & AC Solutions
  • Cold Man Winter Heating Co.
  • Cold-Fashioned HVAC Repair
  • Cool It Heating & AC Service
  • Cooldown HVAC Company
  • Ductwork Orange Heating & Cooling
  • Energy AC & Heating
  • Exchange HVAC Systems
  • Fan Out Heating Company
  • Fast Freeze Heating & Refrigeration
  • Fire & Frost Heating
  • Forge Ahead Temperature Solutions
  • Four Season Heating & AC
  • Freeze & Thaw HVAC Service
  • Frosty Heating Solutions
  • Full Circle HVAC
  • Glacier Heating Service
  • Good As Cold HVAC Solutions
  • Heat & Run HVAC Systems
  • Heatwave HVAC Co.
  • High Wind Heating & AC Solutions
  • Hot Damn Heating & AC Service
  • Hot Enough Heat & Air
  • Hot Streak HVAC Company
  • Ice Cold Heating & Refrigeration
  • Icebound Heating & Cooling
  • Iceward HVAC Service
  • In Season Heating Co.
  • Intensity Heating
  • Just Venting HVAC Repair
  • Lucky Duct HVAC Solutions
  • Overchill HVAC
  • Pre Season Heating Solutions
  • Radiant AC & Heating
  • Snow & Summer HVAC
  • Solace Heating & AC
  • Stone Cold Heating Company
  • Superheat Temperature Solutions
  • Thermal Heating & AC Solutions
  • Ultracold HVAC Company
  • Venture Heating Service
  • Warm Welcome Heat & Air

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to include service-related keywords like “HVAC” or “heating” in your business name. This is a good boost for search engine optimization (SEO), which helps potential customers find your HVAC business online.

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25 funny HVAC business names

When your customers hear a funny business name, they might be more likely to share the joke with others. Try a funny HVAC company name full of wordplay like:

  • All The More Season Heating
  • Any Cold Thing Heating Service
  • Be Chill Heating & Cooling
  • Beat the Heat HVAC Company
  • Before It Was Cool AC & Heating
  • Cold Comfort Heating & AC
  • Cold School HVAC Service
  • Cold Times’ Sake Heating Co.
  • Cool Heads HVAC
  • Cool Your Jets Heating Company
  • Duct Duct Goose HVAC Co.
  • Fan Service HVAC Solutions
  • For Good Season Heating Solutions
  • Fortune Favors the Cold HVAC Repair
  • Front-Row Heat
  • Go For Cold Heating Service
  • Heart of Cold Heating & AC
  • Heat The System
  • Heat Your Heart Out
  • Heat’s On HVAC Service
  • Just Heat It HVAC
  • Nice to Heat You
  • Season’s Heatings
  • Vent Out Of Shape HVAC Systems
  • Vent to Be Heating & AC Solutions

Pro Tip: Make sure your business name is still appropriate as an acronym or shortened version. For example, Front-Row Heat (FRH) is fine, but Heating & Air Conditioning Kentucky might not earn you the best reputation.

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35 cool HVAC company name ideas

A cool HVAC name (pun intended) tells customers that you’ll work hard to solve their heating and air conditioning problems. Check out these examples of cool HVAC company names:

  • Absolute Zero Heating Company
  • Airstream HVAC Co.
  • Arctic HVAC Service
  • Blast Heating & AC Service
  • Coldwater HVAC
  • Comfort Zone HVAC Solutions
  • Crosswind Heating & AC
  • Cyclone Heating Co.
  • Eclipse Heating Service
  • Endgame Heating & AC Solutions
  • Equinox Heating
  • Ethos HVAC Company
  • Forged In Fire Heating Solutions
  • Full Blast HVAC Systems
  • Gale Force AC & Heating
  • Headwind HVAC Solutions
  • Heatproof Temperature Solutions
  • Horizon Heating Service
  • Hotrod Heating Company
  • Hotspot HVAC Service
  • Icequake Heating & Cooling
  • Induction HVAC Systems
  • Mountaintop Heating & AC Service
  • Nimbus HVAC Repair
  • North Wind Heating Co.
  • Operation HVAC
  • Orbital Heating Solutions
  • Polar HVAC Co.
  • Red-Hot Heating & AC
  • Scorching Heat & Air
  • Subzero Heating & AC Solutions
  • Therminal Heating
  • Turbine AC & Heating
  • West Wind Heating Service
  • Windchill HVAC Company

Pro Tip: Does your HVAC business also offer plumbing or other services? Add them to your business name so customers know everything you offer right off the bat.

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45 unique HVAC business name ideas

When your HVAC business has a unique name, it’ll be easy to recognize and stand out in your service area. Here are a few examples of unique HVAC company names:

  • Advent Heating
  • Aerate AC & Heating
  • Airwave Heating & AC
  • Be Warm HVAC Systems
  • Centigrade HVAC
  • Circulate HVAC Solutions
  • Cold Day HVAC Service
  • Cold Star Heating Service
  • Convection Heating & AC Solutions
  • Cool Off Heating & AC Service
  • Cryo-Cool Heating Company
  • Current Heating Co.
  • Ducts In A Row HVAC Repair
  • Exhale Heating Solutions
  • Fan Favorite Heating
  • Feel the Heat Temperature Solutions
  • Flurry HVAC Service
  • Forge & Fire HVAC
  • Frigid HVAC Company
  • Frozen Heating & AC
  • Full Vent Heating Service
  • Greenhouse Heating & AC Service
  • Heat Up Heating & Refrigeration
  • Hibernate HVAC Co.
  • Hot & Cold HVAC Solutions
  • Hot Air Heating Solutions
  • Hothead Heating & Cooling
  • Housewarming Heat & Air
  • Icebox HVAC Repair
  • Icecap Heating & AC Solutions
  • Icy AC & Heating
  • It’s Cold Outside Heating & Cooling
  • Keeping Cool Heating & Refrigeration
  • Overheat HVAC
  • Propel HVAC Systems
  • Refresh Heating
  • Seasonal HVAC Service
  • Stay Cool Heat & Air
  • Sun & Snow Heating Co.
  • Supercool HVAC Company
  • Thermo Heating & AC
  • Ultraheat Temperature Solutions
  • Venti Heating Service
  • Warm Hearts Heating Company
  • Warm Regards HVAC Co.

Pro Tip: Make one of these names even more one-of-a-kind by changing the ending to something like Heat & AC, Heating & Refrigeration, or Heating Solutions.

100 professional HVAC business names

A professional name suggests that your business operates smoothly, from quality work to great customer service. Consider going with a professional HVAC company name like:

  • Accelerate HVAC Co.
  • Accomplish Heating & AC
  • Adept AC & Heating
  • Advantage HVAC Service
  • Ally Heating Service
  • Ambition HVAC
  • Ascend Heating & AC Service
  • Aspire HVAC Company
  • Associate HVAC Solutions
  • Authority HVAC Repair
  • Avid Heating Solutions
  • Award Heating
  • Axiom HVAC Service
  • Best Heating & Refrigeration
  • Boss Heating Co.
  • Capital Heat & Air
  • Catalyst Heating Service
  • Champion Temperature Solutions
  • Classic HVAC Solutions
  • Command Heating & AC
  • Complete HVAC Repair
  • Concord Heating Solutions
  • Confident AC & Heating
  • Cornerstone HVAC
  • Courtesy HVAC Company
  • Custom HVAC Service
  • Dedicated Heating
  • Deft Heating & Refrigeration
  • Depend Heating Co.
  • Detail Heating Service
  • Direct Heat & Air
  • Discover Heating & AC Service
  • Distinctive Temperature Solutions
  • Drive HVAC Solutions
  • Dynamic HVAC Repair
  • Economy Heating Solutions
  • Edge Heating Company
  • Elevate HVAC Co.
  • Elite Heating & AC
  • Emerge Heating & Cooling
  • Endurance Heat & Air
  • Enterprise HVAC
  • Essential AC & Heating
  • Expert HVAC Service
  • First Heating Service
  • Five-Star Heating
  • Flair Heating & AC Solutions
  • Flawless Temperature Solutions
  • Flex Heating & AC Service
  • Focus HVAC Systems
  • Force HVAC Company
  • Foresight Heating Solutions
  • Fortify HVAC Repair
  • Foundation HVAC Solutions
  • Guaranteed Heating & Cooling
  • Guardian Heating Company
  • Hero Heating Co.
  • Icon Heating & AC
  • Impressive HVAC
  • Independent Heat & Air
  • Influence HVAC Co.
  • Innovate Heating
  • Insight AC & Heating
  • Inspire Heating & AC Service
  • Legend Heating & Refrigeration
  • Master Heating & AC Solutions
  • Merit HVAC Systems
  • Method Heat & Air
  • Modern Heating Company
  • Optimum Heating & Cooling
  • Paragon HVAC Company
  • Paramount HVAC Repair
  • Peak Heating Solutions
  • Performance HVAC Systems
  • Pioneer Temperature Solutions
  • Platinum Heating & AC Solutions
  • Power Heating & Refrigeration
  • Precision AC & Heating
  • Premier HVAC Service
  • Premium Heating Co.
  • Prestige Temperature Solutions
  • Progressive Heating & AC Service
  • Prospect Heating & AC Solutions
  • Prosper Heating & Cooling
  • Quality HVAC
  • Ready Heating Company
  • Rely HVAC Co.
  • Resolve HVAC Systems
  • Sentinel Heating Service
  • Signature Heating & Refrigeration
  • Summit Heating & AC
  • Superior Heating & Cooling
  • Swift HVAC Company
  • Talent Heating
  • Thrive HVAC Systems
  • Trailblaze Heating & AC Solutions
  • Value Heating Co.
  • Venture HVAC Solutions
  • Victory HVAC Co.
  • Vitality Heating Company

50 personal names of HVAC companies

Want to build on your existing reputation as an HVAC pro? You might like to use your personal name as your HVAC business name. Here are some examples of what that name could look like:

  • Alvarez Heating
  • Anderson & Sons HVAC Service
  • Baker Heating & AC Service
  • Brooks Heating & AC Solutions
  • Campbell HVAC
  • Cooper Brothers Heating & AC
  • Cruz Heating Service
  • Davis Family Heating Solutions
  • Evans HVAC Solutions
  • Flores Sisters Heating Company
  • Foster HVAC Company
  • Garcia Heating Solutions
  • Green & Daughters Heat & Air
  • Gutierrez HVAC Repair
  • Harris Heating & AC
  • Hernandez Heating Co.
  • Hughes Family Heating & Cooling
  • Jiminez Heating & AC Solutions
  • Johnson Heating Service
  • Kelly Heating & Refrigeration
  • Lee Family AC & Heating
  • Lopez HVAC Service
  • Martin HVAC Systems
  • Mendoza Brothers Heating
  • Moore HVAC
  • Morales Heating & AC Service
  • Murphy HVAC Solutions
  • Ortiz Heating & AC
  • Parker & Sons HVAC Company
  • Peterson Heating Company
  • Phillips Family HVAC Repair
  • Ramos HVAC Co.
  • Reed Sisters Heating & Refrigeration
  • Reyes Heating & AC Solutions
  • Richardson Heating & Cooling
  • Roberts Family Heating
  • Robinson Heat & Air
  • Rodriguez AC & Heating
  • Ross & Daughters Heating Co.
  • Ruiz Temperature Solutions
  • Sanchez Heating Solutions
  • Smith Heating & Refrigeration
  • Stewart Brothers Heating Service
  • Thompson HVAC Solutions
  • Torres Temperature Solutions
  • Walker HVAC
  • Williams HVAC Service
  • Wilson HVAC Company
  • Wright Sisters HVAC Systems
  • Young HVAC Co.

Pro Tip: Don’t use your personal name for your business if you plan to sell or leave the company one day. Customers may get confused if Tom no longer owns Tom’s HVAC Service.

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50 location-based HVAC company names

Improve your ranking in search engine results and tell customers you serve their region by including your city, state, or other geographic area in your HVAC company name:

  • Annapolis HVAC
  • Arizona Heating Service
  • Arlington HVAC Solutions
  • Baton Rouge Heating
  • Boston HVAC Service
  • Carson City HVAC Co.
  • Charleston Heating & AC
  • Colorado Heating & AC Solutions
  • Colorado Springs Heating Co.
  • Denver Heating Solutions
  • Dover Heating & AC Service
  • Frankfort Heating
  • Harrisburg HVAC Company
  • Hawaii HVAC Solutions
  • Houston Heating Company
  • Illinois HVAC Service
  • Indianapolis Heating & AC Solutions
  • Island Heating Service
  • Jefferson City AC & Heating
  • Juneau Heating & AC
  • Kansas City Heating & Cooling
  • Lincoln HVAC
  • Long Beach Heating Solutions
  • Louisiana HVAC Repair
  • Louisville Heating & AC Service
  • Memphis Heat & Air
  • Miami HVAC Systems
  • Minneapolis Heating & Refrigeration
  • Minnesota HVAC Service
  • Nashville HVAC Company
  • New Orleans Temperature Solutions
  • New York HVAC Co.
  • Oakland Heating Company
  • Oklahoma Heating
  • Olympia Heating & AC Solutions
  • Omaha Heating & Refrigeration
  • Philadelphia Heating Co.
  • Phoenix HVAC Solutions
  • Portland Temperature Solutions
  • Richmond Heating & AC
  • Sacramento HVAC Repair
  • Saint Paul Heating & Refrigeration
  • San Jose Heating Solutions
  • Seattle HVAC
  • Tallahassee AC & Heating
  • Topeka Heating Service
  • Utah Heating & Cooling
  • Valley HVAC Systems
  • Virginia HVAC Company
  • Washington Heat & Air

How do I name my HVAC company?

Naming your HVAC business may be easier than you think—just follow these simple steps:

  1. Brainstorm a list of HVAC company name ideas, building on the lists and tips in this article. (Try an HVAC business name generator if you need extra inspiration.)
  2. Shorten your list to a handful of HVAC company names that say something important about your business and are easy to recognize and remember.
  3. Get feedback from family, friends, and people who would use your HVAC services. Ask them which name they like most and why.
  4. Pick a name that fits your HVAC business and make sure it’s unique in your area.

Once you’ve picked your new HVAC business name, design a professional logo to go with it. Here’s a logo example using one of the many great HVAC company names in this article:

Example of HVAC company name with logo application

Examples of HVAC company names

The HVAC names in this article are just ideas, but you can get inspiration from these real-life heating and air conditioning business names:

  • Corbett HVAC Services is named after the owner, which helps build on an existing reputation for HVAC service.
  • Scotia HVAC tells customers that the business serves all communities in the small province of Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • The Best HVAC may perform well on Google Search for customers looking for “best hvac services” in their area—and it inspires confidence in their skills, too.
  • Air Excellence sounds professional and promises good air quality at the end of a job.
  • Airheads AC uses wordplay for a short, catchy name that can make customers smile.

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How to register your HVAC business name

Your HVAC company name and service business brand need to be protected, so register the name before you start using it. Head to your local registry office and follow your region’s registration process:

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Next steps after naming an HVAC company

You’ve chosen and registered a business name, and you have a professional-looking logo to go with it—what’s next? Keep moving through the process of starting an HVAC business:

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