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55 Hilarious HVAC Memes to Get You Through the Day

January 23, 2023 6 min. read
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You deserve a good laugh after working long hours, making tiring HVAC service calls, and dealing with difficult customers. You’re in the right place for HVAC memes to lighten your mood and share in your group chats.

Here are the most relatable, funny, and overall best HVAC memes and jokes we’ve found online—and some content we’ve made just for you.

Memes for HVAC job site struggles

That was not the type of ventilation the customer was expecting.

Some techs report that yelling at a bolt can help loosen it up. Do what you have to do.

Feeling the burn and the watery eyes? Nothing wakes you up on a Monday morning like a little phosgene gas.

A delayed ignition? Totally normal. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Via @HVACMemes

Try listening to the Built By You Podcast to drown out the noise.

Via @HVACMemes

I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change the HVAC filter.

Maybe if you ask the heating system politely, it’ll work the way it’s supposed to work.

Via @HVACMemes

Wouldn’t it B nuts if you left the client’s house without adding them? Don’t worry—nine out of ten HVAC techs say they forget this step. That’s a completely real statistic… we think.

Via @HVACMemes

If you had a dollar for every time a 10mm socket went missing, you could probably retire tomorrow.

There are almost as many 10mm memes out there as there are missing sockets.

Via @constructionmemes

Every near-death experience on a ladder makes you stronger.

Did that evaporator coil just grow arms and legs and start singing Elton John?

Via @HVACMemes

Don’t let a broken tool break your spirit. Things can get replaced.

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The competition is stiff. We would be worried.

Via @HVACMemes

There’s a “right” way, and there’s a quick, cool, and stylish way.

Tyler, the Creator crying underneath the caption
Via @HVACMemes

Okay, okay, we’ll be responsible here—no HVAC hack can replace a proper blower cleaning.

Man playing Uno has the choice between being on call for HVAC work or drawing 25 cards. He draws 25 cards

Is there an Uno reverse card you can use on your dispatcher when you get called in?

Animated character obscured in darkness and getting a phone call from an HVAC dispatcher. He says
Via @HVACMemes

HVAC techs are the toughest people out there, but dispatch calls still hurt.

An air conditioning meme for every AC problem

Two air conditioners,

*Grandpa voice* Back in my day, we had a family of raccoons living in our AC, and it still worked just fine!

You thought the AC unit would work the way it was designed to work? Think again!

It’s always the longest five minutes ever.

Now, it’s tomorrow’s problem.

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If your HVAC technician job description said your manager was looking for excellent problem-solving skills, this is what they meant.

Twitter news post that says “Actress makes millions on only fans.” The reply tweet says “Wait until she starts selling air conditioners”

Some people miss out on so much profit potential!

Man exploding unexpectedly. The caption says “Your air conditioner as it sees you making some money”
Via @HVACMemes

Air conditioners have feelings, too, and they’re watching your customers spend money on everything but HVAC maintenance.

A demon from the film Dogma saying “No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater… than central air”

This quote from the movie Dogma explains how demons feel about central air.

Accurate HVAC memes about your coworkers

And when you do get to go home, you’ll probably get a dispatch call on the way there.

Two construction workers walking away while carrying a rod. The caption says “When you convince your boss it’s a two person job, just so you can hang out with your bestie”
Via @HVACMemes

We all know that teamwork makes the dream work.

A skeleton inspecting a furnace. The caption says “the new guy diagnosing a low-voltage short”

“Are you okay in there?”

Gordon Ramsay removing a vinyl record from a wall, and the wall is severely damaged underneath. The record is labeled “A track record of completing jobs fast” and the damaged part of the wall is labeled “OSHA violations”

Look out for those new hires who work at lightning speed. We hope it’s not you in this meme…

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Memes about dealing with HVAC customers

Homeowner gesturing to be quiet with a finger over his mouth when an HVAC tech says “All finished with your yearly maintenance. We noticed tha—“
Via @HVACMemes

“We noticed that your furnace is leaking toxic gas, but sure—we’ll get out of your house right now.”

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Customer: “What are you doing?” AC tech: “I’m charging the system.” Customer: “So I don’t have to pay?”

Well played, Susan. Clever move.

Show this meme to the next customer who asks where the refrigerant went.

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story saying “Years of academy training wasted!” The caption above says “when you trained your whole life to do quality work but customers just want the cheapest bidder”

If only the customer knew the blood, sweat, tears, and years you’ve spent learning to improve their HVAC system.

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Somebody had to touch the thermostat.

A Google search for “DIY A/C repair” in one panel, and a burning A/C unit in the next panel. The Google search is “How it started” and the A/C burning is “How it’s going”

It always starts with “I’ve fixed the sink before, I can figure this out”—and ends with firefighters at the door. Some people need to learn to call a pro.

The Google Search bar that has the question “How to fix my hvac system diy” at 8:32pm. Nine minutes later, the search bar says “Hvac companies near me”
Via @HVACMemes

With good HVAC marketing, you’ll be the company that turns up on their Google search. Time to fix another homeowner’s DIY disaster.

A dog telling its evil alter-ego “but he’s here to fix our furnace.” The evil alter-ego says “bit him anyways”
Via r/HVAC on Reddit

You might leave your next service call with scars from an angry Chihuahua.

Rihanna holding a pair of scissors and smiling. The caption says “you can’t just cut ties with a customer because they’re rude”

Sometimes, it’s a choice between money and your sanity. We support you choosing your sanity.

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Man smiling and holding a burning piece of paper that says “I found this part online for half the price! Why do you charge so much?”

“I’m so sorry, I can’t hear you over this vacuum pump. You found some art for half the price? That’s nice.”

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You’ve always known you were better than any other HVAC tech. When a customer says it, get that statement signed and framed.

Future looking in the mirror with a serious face, wearing an expensive fur coat and jewelry. The caption says “You’re not overpriced, they just poor”
Via @HVACMemes

Know your worth! Don’t let customer complaints stop you from raising your prices—but make sure you communicate the price increase properly.

Life as an HVAC worker: relatable HVAC technician memes

You’re as free as a bird on the wind, (hopefully) never to return for an emergency repair.

Cartoon man standing in the corner of a party holding an air filter and screwdriver, thinking “They don’t know that their air filter needs to be replaced”

They’ll never know if you never tell them. Stop hiding in the corner and sell that air filter replacement.

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The ladies love to talk valves. Trust us.

Driver turning down the volume in their car. The caption says “That feeling when you get lost trying to find a customer’s house so you turn down the radio to see better”

The radio really does block your vision!

Cartoon man peaking from behind a brick wall with a hat that says “EPA”
Via @HVACMemes

Knock knock—it’s your favorite regulatory agency. If you have a feeling that they’re always watching you, you might be right.

Cartoon woman looking through her partner’s phone. The caption says “When she’s snooping through your phone… but all she finds are pictures of condensers and data plates”

As it turns out, the only dirt on your phone is, well… actual dirt.

HVAC technician saying goodbye to free time, family, friends, and sleep because it’s summer

It’s not just a funny HVAC meme—it’s the truth. There’s no time for swimming pools or margaritas when literally everyone’s AC is breaking down.

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Bruce Banner responding to Captain America asking “How do you work those hours? Aren’t you tired?” with “That’s my secret, Captain. I’m always tired”
Via @MusterPointMemes

The Hulk has superpowers but destroys everything. You’re just a regular person and you fix everything (with very little sleep). Bruce Banner has nothing on you.

HVAC technician walking with crutches and a head injury after 10 years of work. The caption above says “HVAC is a great long-term career”
Via @HVACMemes

Repairmen are all doomed to walk through life with squeaky parts. Irony hurts.

A giant boot kicking a man under the chin. The boot is labeled “work” and the man is labeled “me”

A meme to sum up your life.

Two men laughing underneath the caption “When your friends complain about having to put in overtime this week… but you do HVAC”
Via @HVACMemes

Cue: a phone call from your dispatcher. Your laugh turns to a sob.

Side-by-side comparison of the morning routines of office workers and HVAC techs. The office worker has a “shower, coffee, breakfast, does stretches, and arrives at work feeling refreshed.” The HVAC tech has “2 cans of Monster, no sleep, rage, and arrives at work hoping that no one dies”
Via @HVACMemes

If you’re lucky, there’s time for a gas station sushi breakfast.

You may not be in it only for the money, but money is good.

“10 year challenge of an HVAC technician” where a young HVAC technician ages into an elderly man
Via @HVACMemes

Part of the fun of being an HVAC technician is aging like milk. Soon, you’ll be losing teeth as fast as 10mm sockets.

Non-HVAC trades people claiming that “if you don’t work outside during the summer you don’t know what hot is.” Underneath is an HVAC tech “coming out of an attic” with sweat pouring down his face

If your apprentice asks, that bucket at the jobsite is for sweat collection.

Person about to shoot the sun in the sky. The caption says “HVAC tech: I’ve had enough”
Via @HVACMemes

Pictured above: public enemy number one.

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