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6 Lawn Care Advertising Examples That’ll Inspire Your Marketing

April 28, 2022 8 min. read
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Spreading the word about your services is an important part of starting a lawn care business.

One way to do that is through advertising. When you spend money on print and online advertising, you can raise awareness about your business and bring in new customers.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to several different paid advertising options and share examples for each.

1. Lawn care Facebook post ideas

Facebook ads show up in a person’s newsfeed or sidebar. You can target your ads to users in a specific geographic area, which helps the right people see your ads and contact you.

Landscaping Facebook ads feature an image or video, a headline, and a call to action (like “Sign Up” or “Start Now”) that links to your business Facebook page.

Here’s what your landscaping and lawn care Facebook ads could look like:

Facebook ad example screenshots

These landscaping advertising examples use eye-catching photos, clear messaging, and a simple benefit to get their point across. They also mention reviews and referrals to build trust in the business.

You can run similar ads on Instagram that link to your page or landscaping website. Use quality photos or videos that show off your best work and will stand out in Instagram users’ feeds.

Instagram ad sample for lawn care company

This Instagram mowing advertisement has most of the same information as the Facebook ad, but the photos are arranged differently to fit the space.

Every social media platform uses different image sizes, so keep that in mind while you’re designing your own landscaping advertisement.

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2. Google ads for lawn care and landscaping

There are two types of Google ads that are useful for lawn care advertising: search ads, and Local Services Ads.

Both of these ad types appear in Google search results for specific keywords. They’re ranked based on factors like clicks, budget, and competitors.

Here’s what search ads and Local Services Ads look like in action:

These lawn care ad examples appear at the top of Google’s search results.

The Local Services Ads show up for people in the same location as these lawn care businesses. They include star ratings and a Google Guaranteed badge to inspire confidence.

The search ad includes the lawn care name, list of services, and what sets the business apart from competitors. It also points potential clients to Green Drop’s lawn care website.

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How do I make my own Google lawn care ad?

To make a Local Services Ad, head over to Google’s Local Services Ads signup page. You can make sure they’re available to run in your area, then set up a Local Services Ads profile for your business. The details you enter will appear in your ads.

Search ads are a little more complicated since there’s more text, which you’ll need to write yourself. Use this template to get started:

Your finished lawn mowing advertisement will look something like this on Google:

lawn care advertising examples - google search ad for lawn care services in Houston

3. Lawn care flyers and postcards

You can design, print, and distribute lawn care flyers and postcards in the neighborhoods where you’d like to work.

This tactic is called direct mail marketing, and it also includes lawn care brochures, pamphlets, posters, and door hangers. It’s most effective when you include a limited-time special offer that encourages readers to act fast.

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Check out these examples to see how your landscaping flyers, postcards, and other direct mail marketing pieces could look:

lawn care advertising examples - flyer and postcard examples with logo, tagline, services, special offer, testimonials, and website URL

Pro Tip: Use a unique promo code for each of your direct mail marketing campaigns. As new clients use these codes to claim their special offers, you’ll start to see which marketing pieces were most effective.

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How to print lawn care flyers and postcards

  1. Work with a designer or use a tool like Canva to create a flyer with your logo, photos, and services. If you don’t already have a logo, use Looka to design one and create ads.
  2. Print your flyers with Vistaprint or a local supplier.
  3. Distribute your flyers. USPS offers direct mail advertising to help you reach potential clients in specific neighborhoods. They even have a design service, if you need it.

While you’re printing your flyers and postcards, get some business cards printed if you haven’t already. You might be able to save money by bundling a larger order.

lawn care advertising examples - business cards (front and back) for Mow & Sow's owner Kyle

4. Landscaping lead generation sites

People visit lead generation sites like Angi and Thumbtack to find home service professionals for their projects. You can create a business profile on these sites to help potential clients find and book your services more easily.

Here’s what your business could look like when it shows up in a list of search results on Thumbtack:

lawn care advertising examples - thumbtack search results with two business listings, including Mow & Sow Lawn Care

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Searchers can select your business to learn more about you. When you build your profile, include useful information that will convince potential clients to like and trust you, such as:

  • Service area
  • Number of employees
  • Years in business
  • Number of completed jobs
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Lawn care services list
  • Photos of past work

Your profile will look something like this:

lawn care advertising examples - thumbtack profile with logo, name, star rating, introduction, overview, payment methods, and contact methods

Pro Tip: Your lead generation site profile will also include customer reviews. So when you’ve finished a job, always ask the client to leave you a review. Potential clients will be more likely to pick you when they see how many great reviews you have.

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5. Signs for lawn care and landscaping services

Place branded sandwich boards on your clients’ lawns while you’re working. This advertises your business to anyone passing by.

Your sandwich boards should include:

  • Your business name and logo
  • Your contact details
  • A catchy slogan, if you have room

This helps potential customers see the quality of your work up close, then contact you to book their own services.

lawn care advertising examples - sandwich board with

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Ask your clients if you can leave behind small lawn signs, too. These should have the same information as your sandwich boards.

lawn care advertising examples - lawn sign for Mow & Sow with phone number and URL

6. Lawn care and landscaping truck wrap examples

Branded truck wraps are hard to miss. When you’re driving around or parked at a client’s home, potential clients will notice your vehicle and want to learn more about your services.

You can brand your vehicle using paint, decals, or a full-body vinyl wrap. A set of simple decals could look like this:

lawn care advertising examples - truck wrap with logo, phone number, and website URL on white pickup truck

Whatever your design looks like, just make sure your contact information is clear and easy to read. Anyone passing by should be able to understand your message quickly.

How to get a landscaping or lawn care truck wrap

Some vehicle wrapping and painting shops will design your graphics for you. Others need you to provide your own. These graphics can be complex, so work with a designer to get the look and size just right.

You can order simple decals through any local or online print shop. Again, the shop might design them for you, or you might have to do it yourself.

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These are just a few landscaping and lawn care advertising ideas you can use to promote your business. Pick a handful, try them out, and see which ones work best for you.

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