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315 Lawn Care Business Names to Help You Get Started

July 14, 2022 8 min. read

Good lawn care business names can tell customers a lot about a business. That’s why it’s so important to choose a memorable name that’s in line with your business’s services and values.

This article includes hundreds of lawn mowing names to inspire you. Choose one from the list, or use our lawn care name ideas as a starting point to create a unique name of your own.

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85 professional lawn care company names

A professional-sounding name makes potential clients trust your company and your service business brand. Here are some examples of professional lawn mowing company names:

  • Accelerate Lawn Solutions
  • Accomplish Lawn Experts
  • Adept Lawn Care
  • Admire Lawn Maintenance
  • Advance Lawn Service
  • Advantage Lawn
  • Ally Lawn Solutions
  • Artistry Lawns
  • Ascend Lawn Maintenance
  • Authority Lawn Pros
  • Award Lawn Solutions
  • Best Lawn Care
  • Bold Lawn Service
  • Boss Lawns
  • Capital Lawn
  • Champion Lawn Maintenance
  • Classic Lawn Solutions
  • Command Lawn Experts
  • Complete Lawn Maintenance
  • Cornerstone Lawn
  • Courtesy Lawn Care
  • Credence Lawn Service
  • Crew Lawn Solutions
  • Depend Lawn Maintenance
  • Detail Lawns
  • Discover Lawn Pros
  • Distinctive Lawn
  • Drive Lawn Solutions
  • Dynamite Lawn Service
  • Economy Lawn Care
  • Edge Lawn Experts
  • Endurance Lawn Solutions
  • Enrich Lawn Pros
  • Enterprise Lawn Maintenance
  • Essence Lawn Service
  • Essential Lawn Care
  • Exact Lawn Experts
  • Expert Lawn
  • Flair Lawns
  • Flawless Lawn Service
  • Flex Lawn Maintenance
  • Flourish Lawn Pros
  • Focus Lawn Care
  • Foresight Lawn
  • Fortify Lawn Service
  • Foundation Lawn Experts
  • Growth Lawn Solutions
  • Hero Lawn Pros
  • Icon Lawn Maintenance
  • Impressive Lawn Service
  • Independent Lawn Care
  • Influence Lawn Experts
  • Innovate Lawn
  • Insight Lawn Maintenance
  • Inspire Lawn Solutions
  • Legend Lawn Service
  • Luxury Lawns
  • Master Lawns
  • Merit Lawn Care
  • Method Lawn Solutions
  • Modern Lawn
  • Peak Lawn Maintenance
  • Perfect Lawn Service
  • Performance Lawn Pros
  • Pioneer Lawn Solutions
  • Power Lawn Service
  • Practical Lawn Maintenance
  • Precision Lawn
  • Prestige Lawn Care
  • Progressive Lawns
  • Prospect Lawn Solutions
  • Pure Lawn Service
  • Purpose Lawn Maintenance
  • Quality Lawn
  • Rely Lawn Service
  • Seasoned Lawn Experts
  • Spirit Lawn Care
  • Superior Lawn Maintenance
  • Talent Lawn Solutions
  • Thrive Lawn Service
  • Value Lawn
  • Victory Lawns
  • Vitality Lawn Care
  • Vivid Lawn Maintenance
  • Wonder Lawn Solutions

Pro Tip: When you choose a name, run it through a Google search and your local trademark database. This will tell you if someone is already using the name in your region.

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45 catchy lawn care names

A catchy lawn mowing business name makes it easier for clients to recognize and remember your company. Try one of these memorable names:

  • All-Season Lawn Care
  • Brawny Lawns
  • Cutting Edge Lawns
  • Deep Roots Lawn Maintenance
  • Fine Line Lawn Service
  • Finish Line Lawn Solutions
  • First Class Grass
  • Grass Busters
  • Grass Gang
  • Grasshopper Lawns
  • Grassroots Lawn Care
  • Green Earth Lawn Maintenance
  • Green Machine Lawn Service
  • Green Routine Lawn Solutions
  • Green Team Lawn Pros
  • Green Yard
  • Hard Yards Lawn Service
  • Lawn League
  • Lawn Revolution
  • Lawnkeepers
  • Lawntrepreneurs
  • Lucky Lawns
  • Master Grass
  • Mean Green Lawn Machine
  • Mow & Sow Lawn Care
  • Mower’s Edge Lawn Service
  • Right-On Lawn
  • Rock Solid Lawn Maintenance
  • Safeguard Yard Service
  • Seed & Weed Lawn Experts
  • Sod Sisters Lawn Pros
  • Sod Squad Lawn Solutions
  • Sow & Grow Lawn Maintenance
  • Speedy Lawn Care
  • Straight Edge Lawns
  • The Lawn Man
  • The Trim Team
  • Tough Nut Lawn Solutions
  • Vanguard Yards
  • Wild Yards
  • World Class Grass
  • Yard Guards
  • Yard Party
  • Yard Stars
  • Yard Unit

Pro Tip: Make one of these names your own—just change the end to something like Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Experts, or Lawn Solutions. You can use Lawn & Landscape instead if your business also offers landscaping services.

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55 funny lawn care names

Humor makes it easy for customers to remember your business—and they may be more likely to share the joke with friends. That’s why some business owners choose funny lawn mowing names like:

  • All Systems Mow
  • All The Mow Reason
  • Badass Grass Lawn Service
  • Changing of the Yard
  • Come & Mow Lawn Experts
  • Down to Earth Lawn Care
  • Get Up & Mow Lawn Pros
  • Getter Done Lawn Solutions
  • Give It A Mow
  • Gods of Sod Lawn Maintenance
  • Gotta Mow Lawn Experts
  • Grass Is Always Greener
  • Green Light Lawn Care
  • Hauling Grass Lawn Care
  • Heaps Mow Lawn Solutions
  • Honest to Sod Lawn Pros
  • House of Sod Lawn Maintenance
  • Kickass Grass
  • Lawn Haul Yard Experts
  • Lawn Story Short
  • Live Laugh Lawn
  • Live Lawn & Prosper
  • Moss Boss Lawn Care
  • Mow Ahead Lawn Experts
  • Mow All In Lawn Maintenance
  • Mow Away Lawn Solutions
  • Mow Big or Mow Home
  • Mow For It Lawn Solutions
  • Mow Forward Lawn Service
  • Mow Get ‘Em
  • Mow No Mo Lawns
  • Mow Steady Lawn Care
  • Mow The Extra Mile
  • Mowers & Shakers
  • On The Mow Lawn Solutions
  • Once Mow Lawn Care
  • One Mow For Luck
  • One Mow Time Lawn Pros
  • Pain In The Grass
  • Phenomelawn
  • Rake In The Grass
  • Rake It In Stride
  • Ready For Rake-off
  • Ready Set Mow
  • Salt of the Earth Lawn Care
  • Thyme Saver Lawn Experts
  • Time to Mow Lawn Service
  • To & Mow Lawn Maintenance
  • Upper Grass Lawn Pros
  • Way to Mow Lawn Care
  • Whole Nine Yards Lawn Pros
  • Yard & Fast Lawn Experts
  • Yard Hitters Lawn Service
  • Yardfellas Lawn Care
  • You Bet Your Grass

Pro Tip: Make sure your name is appropriate when it’s shortened or made into an acronym. For example, Champion Lawn Maintenance (CLM) is fine—but Ace Sod Solutions probably isn’t.

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30 creative lawn service names

A unique and creative name helps you stand out from other lawn care companies. Check out these creative lawn mowing company names:

  • Bluegrass Lawn Solutions
  • Catgrass Lawn Maintenance
  • Clover Lawn Service
  • Feather Reed Lawn
  • Fescue Lawn Experts
  • Fieldgrass Lawn Care
  • Floret Lawn Solutions
  • Forage Lawn Pros
  • Forest Grass Lawn Service
  • Fountaingrass Lawn
  • Leafblade Lawn Care
  • Lemongrass Lawn Maintenance
  • Loam Lawn Pros
  • Lupine Lawn
  • Marshgrass Lawn Solutions
  • Meadowgrass Lawn Experts
  • Pampas Lawn Care
  • Perennial Lawn Service
  • Reedgrass Lawn Maintenance
  • Ryegrass Lawn Solutions
  • Sedge Lawn Care
  • Silvergrass Lawn
  • Speedwell Lawn Care
  • Sunlight Lawn Pros
  • Sunny Day Lawns
  • Sweetgrass Lawn Service
  • Switchgrass Lawn Solutions
  • Thyme Lawn Care
  • Wheatgrass Lawn Maintenance
  • Wildflower Lawn

Pro Tip: If you offer winter services like snow removal, make sure to include that in your name.

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50 location-based lawn care business name ideas

Including your city or region in your lawn care name will tell clients that you’re local. You may also show up higher in search engine results if you choose from location-based lawn business names like:

  • Anaheim Lawn Experts
  • Atlanta Lawn Care
  • Bakersfield Lawn Pros
  • Birmingham Lawn Service
  • Boston Lawn Solutions
  • Brownsville Lawn Maintenance
  • Chesapeake Lawn Care
  • Columbus Lawn Pros
  • Dallas Lawn Experts
  • Denver Lawn Care
  • Des Moines Lawn
  • Detroit Lawn Maintenance
  • Durham Lawn Pros
  • El Paso Lawn Service
  • Elk Grove Lawn Experts
  • Fort Wayne Lawns
  • Glendale Lawn Maintenance
  • Houston Lawn Pros
  • Indianapolis Lawn Solutions
  • Irvine Lawn Care
  • Jacksonville Lawn Service
  • Jersey City Lawn Pros
  • Madison Lawn Experts
  • Nashville Lawn Maintenance
  • Newark Lawns
  • Newport Lawn Care
  • Norfolk Lawn Service
  • Oceanside Lawn Pros
  • Omaha Lawn Maintenance
  • Orlando Lawn Experts
  • Philadelphia Lawn Solutions
  • Phoenix Lawn Care
  • Portland Lawn Pros
  • Raleigh Lawn Service
  • Richmond Lawn Maintenance
  • Riverside Lawn Solutions
  • Salt Lake City Lawns
  • San Antonio Lawn Experts
  • San Jose Lawn Care
  • Santa Rosa Lawn
  • Seattle Lawn Maintenance
  • Sioux Falls Lawn Pros
  • Spring Valley Lawns
  • Springfield Lawn Care
  • Tacoma Lawn Service
  • Tallahassee Lawn Solutions
  • Tampa Lawn Experts
  • Toledo Lawn Maintenance
  • Tucson Lawn Care
  • Wichita Lawn Pros

50 lawn care businesses using personal names

Using your first or last name as your business name can help you build on your reputation and relationships. Here’s what your lawn care name could look like with your personal name:

  • Allen’s Lawn Maintenance
  • Anderson Family Lawn Experts
  • Brown Lawn Experts
  • Campbell Lawn Maintenance
  • Castillo & Sons Lawn Service
  • Davis Brothers Lawn Care
  • Edwards Lawn Pros
  • Fletcher Family Lawn Solutions
  • Garcia Lawn Experts
  • Gray Sisters Lawn Service
  • Green Lawn Maintenance
  • Harper Lawn Care
  • Harris & Daughters Lawn Solutions
  • Hill Brothers Lawn Experts
  • Howard’s Lawn Service
  • Hughes Lawn Care Partners
  • Jackson Family Lawn Pros
  • James Lawn Solutions
  • Johnson Brothers Lawn Care
  • Jones Lawn Maintenance
  • Kim Lawn Experts
  • King Lawn Service
  • Lee Sisters Lawn Pros
  • Lewis & Sons Lawn Care
  • Martinez Family Lawn Solutions
  • Miller Lawn Care Partners
  • Moore Brothers Lawn Experts
  • Morales Lawn Service
  • Morgan Lawn Care
  • Nelson Lawn Maintenance
  • Ortiz & Daughters Lawn Pros
  • Parker Brothers Lawns
  • Patel Lawn Service
  • Philips & Sons Lawn Solutions
  • Rivera Family Lawn Experts
  • Robinson Lawn Care
  • Rodriguez Lawn Pros
  • Rogers Lawn Service
  • Ross Lawn Care Partners
  • Scott Sisters Lawn Solutions
  • Smith Lawn Maintenance
  • Taylor Lawn Experts
  • Thomas Lawn Pros
  • Thompson Brothers Lawn Service
  • Torres Family Lawn Care
  • Turner Lawn Solutions
  • Watson & Daughters Lawn Pros
  • Williams Lawn Experts
  • Wilson Sisters Lawn Care
  • Young Lawn Maintenance

Pro Tip: Only use your personal name if you plan to run the business for a long time. Otherwise, there might be some brand confusion if you ever sell your lawn care business.

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How to name your lawn care business

It’s time to register your business and its new name. Bring the name and the required fee to your nearest registry office.

Here’s what the registration process looks like in a few different countries:

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That’s our list of good names for a lawn care business. Choose one that’s unique, memorable, and easy to say, and you’ll be ready to get your first lawn care customers.

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