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350 Creative Painting Business Names to Inspire You

January 17, 2023 9 min. read
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Painting business names tell customers what a company is all about and what kind of service they can expect from you. Choose the right name, and your business will be primed for success.

This article includes 350 paint company names to inspire you as you’re choosing a name of your own. You can also use examples from our list as starting points for your own business name.

Just make sure the name you choose is available and not already used in your area!

80 professional painting business names

Just starting a painting business? Make a good first impression with a professional-sounding name that inspires trust in your company. You can try examples like:

  • Adept Painters
  • Admire Painting Pros
  • Advance Painting
  • Advantage Paint
  • Advise Paint Service
  • Approve Paint Solutions
  • Aspire Painters
  • Associate Painting
  • Authority Painting Pros
  • Avid Painting Company
  • Award Painters
  • Axiom Paint Service
  • Bold Painting Co.
  • Capital Painting
  • Care Paint Solutions
  • Catalyst Painters
  • Center Painting Pros
  • Champion Painting Company
  • Classic Paint Service
  • Clear Painters
  • Climb Painting
  • Command Paint
  • Committed Paint Solutions
  • Compliment Painters
  • Concord Paint Service
  • Confident Painting Pros
  • Cornerstone Painting
  • Courtesy Painters
  • Craft Painting Company
  • Create Paint Co.
  • Dedicated Painters
  • Deft Paint Solutions
  • Depend Paint Service
  • Design Paint
  • Direct Painting Pros
  • Distinct Painting
  • Drive Painting Co.
  • Dynamic Painters
  • Emerge Paint Solutions
  • Enterprise Painting
  • Essential Paint
  • Esteem Painting Pros
  • Expert Painting Company
  • Experience Paint Service
  • First Painters
  • Five-Star Paint
  • Force Painting Co.
  • Gem Painting
  • Guardian Painters
  • Hero Painting Pros
  • Icon Paint Solutions
  • Illuminate Painting Company
  • Impress Painting
  • Independent Paint
  • Influence Painters
  • Innovate Paint Service
  • Inspire Painting Co.
  • Lead Painting Pros
  • Legend Paint
  • Optimum Paint Company
  • Paragon Painters
  • Paramount Paint
  • Peak Painting
  • Performance Paint Solutions
  • Poise Painting Co.
  • Polish Painting Pros
  • Precision Paint
  • Premium Painters
  • Principal Paint Service
  • Prospect Painting
  • Pure Painting Company
  • Ready Paint Co.
  • Resolve Paint
  • Satisfy Paint Solutions
  • Seamless Painting
  • Sentinel Painters
  • Star Painting Pros
  • Supreme Paint Service
  • Swift Painters
  • Victory Paint

Pro Tip: Before you order business cards with your new name, google “NAME + YOUR AREA” to make sure it isn’t already in use in your city or state. You can also run it through your local trademark database.

40 creative paint company names

A unique name for your painting company helps you create a strong service business brand and stand out from other businesses. Check out these creative names for painting companies:

  • Artistry Painters
  • Baroque Painting Pros
  • Blank Canvas Paint
  • Bright Brush Painting
  • Brush Masters
  • Brushback Painters
  • Brushland Painting Company
  • Brushlight Paint
  • Brushstroke Paint Solutions
  • Brushwoods Painting
  • Brushwork Painting Pros
  • Canvas Walls Painting Co.
  • Cardinal Painters
  • Carmine Paint Solutions
  • Cobalt Paint Service
  • Concept Painting
  • Contemporary Paint
  • Degas Painters
  • Expression Painting Pros
  • Fine Line Painting
  • Flat Brush Painting Company
  • Folk Painting Co.
  • Horsehair Painters
  • Impression Paint Solutions
  • Masterpiece Paint
  • Matisse Paint Service
  • Monet Painting Company
  • Nouveau Painters
  • Plum Painting
  • Pollock Painting Pros
  • Renaissance Paint
  • Renoir Paint Solutions
  • Rockwell Painting Co.
  • Rococo Painting Company
  • Sagebrush Painters
  • Snowbrush Paint Service
  • Titian Painting Pros
  • Underpaint Solutions
  • Venetian Paint
  • Viridian Painting

Pro Tip: Run a seasonal service business? Go ahead and include those services in your business name so customers know you aren’t just a painting company.

90 catchy painting company name ideas

When you have a catchy painting business name, it’s more likely your customers will recognize and remember you. Consider a memorable name like:

  • Always Prepared Painters
  • Best Brush Painting Company
  • Block & Brush Paint
  • Brick Wall Paint Solutions
  • Broad Brush Painting Pros
  • Brush Babes Painting Company
  • Brush Brothers Painting Co.
  • Bullseye Painting
  • Cage & Cover Painters
  • Chroma Contractors
  • Clean Edge Paint
  • Clean Line Painting Pros
  • Clean Lines Paint Service
  • Clear Coat Painting
  • Close Brush Painters
  • Color Block Paint Solutions
  • Color Correct Painting Pros
  • Color Crew Painting Co.
  • Double Take Painting Company
  • Dream in Color Painters
  • Drywall & Dropcloth Painting Pros
  • Eco Paint Service
  • Eggshell Experts Painting
  • Exceptional Exteriors Painting Co.
  • Final Touch Painters
  • Finish Line Paint
  • Finishing Touch Painting Pros
  • Flawless Finish Painting
  • Flying Colors Paint Solutions
  • Fourth Wall Paint Service
  • Fresh Coat Painters
  • Fresh Fence Painting Pros
  • Fresh Paint Solutions
  • Freshen Up Painting
  • Glowing Color Painting Company
  • Gold Brush Painting Pros
  • Good As New Painting Co.
  • Ideal Interiors Paint Service
  • Inner Peace Painters
  • Inside Out Painting
  • Interior Beauty Painting Pros
  • Job Done Paint
  • Just Start Painters
  • Life in Color Painting Company
  • Master Painters
  • Masters of Paint
  • New Design Painting Pros
  • New Leaf Painting
  • New Light Paint Solutions
  • New Look Paint Service
  • Next Level Paint
  • Number One Painters
  • Off the Wall Painting
  • Original Painting Pros
  • Over the Wall Painting Company
  • Paint City
  • Paint Masters
  • Paint Pals
  • Paint Saints
  • Paint the Town
  • Painting Partners
  • Painting Phenoms
  • Painting Pros
  • Paradise Paint
  • Patch & Pour Painting Co.
  • Peaceful Paint
  • Perfect Finish Painters
  • Pinpaint Services
  • Power Painters
  • Presidential Paint
  • Prime & Paint
  • Pro Painters
  • Radiant Color Painting Pros
  • Roll & Pole Painting
  • Roll Deal Paint
  • Royal Paint Solutions
  • Scaffold & Spray Painting Company
  • Second Glance Painters
  • Smooth Finish Painting
  • Snappy Paint Service
  • The Brushworks Painting Co.
  • To-a-Tee Painting Pros
  • True Color Paint
  • True Service Painters
  • Wall Done Painting
  • Wall Winners Painting Company
  • Walls & All Paint Service
  • Walls Done Well Painting Pros
  • Whole Home Painters
  • Wonder Wall Paint

Pro Tip: It’s easy to customize any of the names in this article. Just end it with a different phrase like Painting Pros, Paint Solutions, or Painting Co.

40 funny painting business names

A funny name is easy for your customers to remember, and they might even want to tell their friends about it. Feel free to choose a funny (but still tasteful) painting business name like:

  • All Wall and Good
  • Brush Hour
  • Brush Up
  • Can We Paint It
  • Can’t Brush Art
  • Color Me Impressed
  • Eyes on the Wall
  • Fresh Lick of Paint
  • High Rollers
  • Holy Moly Paint
  • Holy Walls
  • Hue Hotshots
  • Let’s Get Rolling
  • Let’s Roll
  • On a Roll Paint Solutions
  • Once and For Wall
  • Paint of Honor
  • Paint of Pride
  • Paint of View
  • Paint You Glad
  • Pretty Damn Good Painters
  • Prime of Life
  • Ready to Roll
  • Roll High
  • Roll On Out
  • Roll Up Painting Co.
  • Royal Brush
  • Tinted Shades Painting Contractors
  • Turning Paint
  • Viewpaint
  • Wall Decked Out
  • Wall Done
  • Wall I’ll Be
  • Wall It a Day
  • Wall of the Wild
  • Wall That Jazz
  • Wall the Best
  • Wall to Order
  • Wall Together Now
  • What’s the Brush

Pro Tip: Double-check that your name isn’t offensive as an acronym or shortened version. Satisfy Paint Solutions (SPS) is okay, but avoid painting company name ideas like Clear Result Associate Painters.

50 location-based painting company names

Painting business names that include a city, county, or region tell potential customers that you serve their area. You can also improve your ranking in Google searches with a location-based name like:

  • Anaheim Painting Co.
  • Atlanta Paint
  • Bakersfield Paint Solutions
  • Birmingham Paint Service
  • Boston Painting
  • Chesapeake Painting Company
  • Columbus Painting Co.
  • Dallas Painting Pros
  • Denver Painters
  • Des Moines Paint Solutions
  • Detroit Painting Company
  • Durham Paint
  • El Paso Painting Co.
  • Fort Wayne Paint Service
  • Glendale Painting
  • Honolulu Paint Solutions
  • Houston Painters
  • Indianapolis Painting Pros
  • Irvine Paint Service
  • Jacksonville Painting Company
  • Jersey City Painting
  • Lexington Painting Co.
  • Nashville Paint Solutions
  • Newark Paint
  • NYC Painting Pros
  • Oceanside Painting Company
  • Omaha Paint Service
  • Orlando Painting Co.
  • Philadelphia Paint Solutions
  • Phoenix Painters
  • Portland Painting
  • Raleigh Painting Company
  • Richmond Painting Pros
  • Riverside Painters
  • Salt Lake City Paint
  • San Antonio Painting Co.
  • San Francisco Paint Solutions
  • San Jose Paint Service
  • Santa Rosa Painting Company
  • Seattle Painting
  • Spokane Painting Pros
  • Spring Valley Painters
  • Springfield Paint Solutions
  • Tacoma Painting Co.
  • Tallahassee Paint
  • Tampa Painting Company
  • Toledo Paint Service
  • Tucson Painting
  • Vegas Painting Pros
  • Wichita Paint Solutions

50 family names for a painting company

Some painters use their first or last name as the business name. This builds on their existing reputation and creates a friendly feeling around their brand. Here’s what your painting business name could look like:

  • Adams Paint Service
  • Allen Painters
  • Anderson Painting Pros
  • Baker Brothers Paint Solutions
  • Brown Painting Company
  • Campbell Family Paint
  • Carter Painting Co.
  • Cooper Painters
  • Davis Painting
  • Diaz & Daughters Painting Pros
  • Edwards Paint Service
  • Foster Painting Co.
  • Garcia Family Painters
  • Hall Painting Company
  • Harper Brothers Paint
  • Harris Sisters Painting
  • Hughes Painting Pros
  • James Painting Co.
  • Johnson Family Paint Service
  • Jones Painting Company
  • Kim Painters
  • King Paint Solutions
  • Lewis & Sons Paint
  • Lopez Painting Company
  • Miller Painting Pros
  • Mitchell Sisters Painting
  • Morales Paint Service
  • Murphy Brothers Painting Co.
  • Nelson Painting Pros
  • Ortiz Painting Company
  • Parker Painters
  • Patel & Sons Paint
  • Perez Paint Solutions
  • Philips Painting
  • Rivera Painting Company
  • Roberts Paint Service
  • Rodriguez Painting Co.
  • Ross Painting Pros
  • Scott Family Painters
  • Smith Painting Company
  • Taylor Brothers Painting
  • Thomas Paint Solutions
  • Thompson Paint
  • Torres Paint Service
  • Turner Painting Pros
  • Watson Painting Company
  • Walker Sisters Painting Co.
  • Williams Painting
  • Yee Family Painters
  • Young Paint Solutions

Pro Tip: If you plan to sell your business at some point, avoid using your personal name as the business name. It could confuse customers once you’re no longer associated with the company.

What makes a good painting business name?

Good painting company names have a few things in common:

  • They make it clear what product or service you offer
  • They help people think or feel a certain way about your business
  • They’re memorable and easy to say
  • They’re one-of-a-kind in the area you live and work

Pair your painting business name with a clean, well-designed logo. This makes it easier for customers to recognize and trust your name and brand. Here’s an example of a painting business logo in action:

example of logo with creative painting business name

How do you choose a painting business name?

Start by brainstorming a list of painting business names. If you need a little extra help, try using a painting company name generator.

Next, make a shortlist of your favorite names. Ask friends and family to share feedback on what each name makes them think or feel. Choose the name that creates the right thoughts and feelings around your business.

Your painting business name should include keywords like “paint” or “painting.” This is essential for search engine optimization (SEO) and will help potential customers find you online.

Painting business name examples

Check out these real-world examples of painting company names, thought up by entrepreneurs just like you:

  • 403-PAINTER is a painting business name that’s also a phone number. This makes it easy for customers to remember the name and call to book services.
  • Wet Paint LLC makes the reader think of painting services without saying it outright. It’s a short, snappy name that’s quick to recognize and has lots of staying power.
  • Brennan’s Painting is named after its founder and sounds like a friendly, relationship-based business—which is exactly what they’re aiming for. 
  • Spray ’n Coat Painting uses different painting terms and techniques in the name for a catchy yet professional feeling.
  • Located in Gilbert, AZ, Phoenix Fine Painting is named for the nearest big city. This tells readers that they don’t just serve one neighborhood—they work throughout the area.

How to register a painting business name

Ready to register your painting business and its new name? Bring the name and registration fee to your local registry office.

The registration process can vary depending on where you live:

Next steps after naming your painting business

After choosing and registering a painting business name, you’ll want to think about:

Already wowing customers as an established painting business? Share your new painting company name with them using painting flyers.

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