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Pest Control Ads: 18 Real Examples and Advertising Tips

February 23, 2024 3 min. read
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Knowing how to create great ads is key to growing your pest control business.

Successful ads need more than just an attractive design. So how do you make customers stop and look—and trust you enough to book your services?

We’ll show you real examples of pest control ads from social media, Google, and print advertising campaigns to inspire you. Then, we’ll walk you through the steps to creating ads that bring customers.

Social media ads for pest control services

Social media may be the most important place to advertise right now—it’s where homeowners are spending most of their time online.

Your pest control ads on social media will look different depending on the platform you choose. See these examples of Instagram and Facebook ads for pest control before creating your own.

Facebook ads

If your business is already on Facebook with active, engaged followers, advertise here first and make use of what you already have. Facebook ads can help you attract older homeowners.

If your business isn’t on Facebook, you’ll need to set up a Facebook business page.

Then, Facebook helps you choose the best kind of campaign to run based on a specific goal—for example, getting leads to fill your online booking form. You can set a budget and target audiences based on interests, location, and more.

Once you choose your campaign type, follow these examples to create effective Facebook ads with different formats: 

  • Image ads

Use a single image to promote your services, a discount, or seasonal offer. Facebook Image ads appear on a user’s news feed, which is the homepage of the app.

How can you get a potential client to care about your Facebook ad? Share useful or surprising information, like this post by Environet Pest Control:

Boosted pest control ad on Facebook

Environet ends the caption by suggesting that customers book a termite treatment with them. Then, the company makes it easy to contact them with a ‘Send message’ button that lets customers chat with them on Facebook.

  • Boosted posts

If you’ve already made Facebook posts that promote your services, you can pay to have Facebook show them to audiences outside of your follower list.

Pest control company ad on Facebook

Park Pest Control calls out to homeowners with mouse infestations with this simple post they’ve turned into an ad. It tells customers what services they offer and provides a ‘Learn More’ button for customers who want more details before booking.

How much does advertising on Facebook cost? You can start with a small budget (as little as $5–$10 per day) and see how effective the ad is at attracting pest control leads before investing more.

Instagram ads

Advertising on Instagram can help you reach a younger audience of new homeowners that need pest removal services. More than half of Millennials and Gen-Z use Instagram every day.

Right now, these are the best types of Instagram ads to attract pest control customers:

  • Instagram Reels ads

Instagram Reels are vertical videos. You can post Reels to your company’s Instagram profile, then have them appear in front of new users by promoting them with a small budget.

When you’re just starting out, use Reels ads to introduce your company and the services you offer, like what Orkin does with this simple ad:

Getting these types of ads in front of Instagram users in your area raises awareness about your company.

Then, experiment with different video content. Reels that educate homeowners about their pests, or how pests are killed, can be useful and build more trust with your audience than an ad that just promotes your brand.

In this Instagram Reel, Dan the Bug Man films himself demonstrating cockroaches he killed with an insect growth regulator.

  • Instagram Image ads

Image ads on Instagram come in two forms: single-image and carousel ads.

Single image ads work when you want to promote any of your pest control services and encourage customers to complete an action, like visit your website or call a number.

You can even use them to inform customers about the dangers of leaving pests alone, like EcoShield Pest Solutions does with this single-image ad and its educational caption:

Or, you could use carousel ads if you want to show multiple images. These are great for before-and-after images of pest treatments, or if you want to show more than one type of treatment that you do.

Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control uses a carousel ad to inform customers about common pests and how to handle them:

We’ve used Google Ads since day one.

My business wouldn’t be where it is today without them.

Jarrod Warkentin
Owner of Spartan Pest Control

There’s a variety of ads that help you attract potential customers searching for pest control services on Google. Some of them appear on Google searches, and others can show up on the websites your potential customers visit.

Here’s how to create successful ads for the most common Google ad formats:

Local Services Ads

Google’s Local Services Ads connect your pest control business with local customers searching for your services, and let searchers call or message you directly from the ad.

When people in your service area search terms like “pest control service” or “termite removal,” Local Services Ads appear at the top of their search results:

Google Local Services Ads for pest control companies

Google’s Local Services Ads are great for small pest control businesses for two main reasons:. You’ll get more exposure in your region than with other ad types, and you’re only charged when the person searching becomes a lead.

To set up a Local Services Ad that attracts new customers:

  • Include as many details about your business as possible (e.g., number of years in business, whether you offer free estimates, your service hours)
  • List all the services you offer on your Google Business Profile
  • Let leads message you directly from the ad
  • Pass the Google’s screening and verification process so you can get the Google Guarantee badge (which shows you’re trusted by Google)
  • Set your bid mode to "Maximize Leads", which lets Google set your bid to get the most leads for your budget

To keep your ad running and improve its chances of ranking at the top, stay updated on how Google ranks Local Services Ads.

Pro Tip: Connect your Local Services Ads with Jobber. This way, new booking requests from Google get automatically saved in the same pest control business software you use to dispatch technicians and track chemical usage.

Search ads

Search ads on Google appear at the top of search results when customers search for pest control services. 

For this type of ad, you have to bid money on specific phrases (like “rodent services” or “orlando pest control”) and compete with other companies for advertising space.

For example, if you bid on “raccoon removal,” your ads have a better chance at appearing when someone searches for that keyword.

Google search for raccoon removal services showing paid search ads

Here is an example of an effective ad that Jarrod Warkentin, owner of Spartan Pest Control used to attract wasp nest removal customers:

image of pest control Google Ad

Just like Jarrod’s ad, your Google Search ads need to include:

  • A headline that includes the keyword a customer is using to search for your services.
  • Your main headline should include the pest and service offered. 
  • Descriptions that share the unique value of your pest control services. Include your city name, mention that you have quick response times, and even include pricing if you want.
  • A call to action that encourages users to click on your ad and book a service.
  • A URL for a page on your pest control website where they can learn more or book your services

Google walks you through how to create a Search campaign and make the most of your ad budget.

Responsive display ads

Responsive display ads are visual ads assisted by Google AI. Display ads appear on websites that your customers visit (wherever advertising is allowed) so they can find you from anywhere on the web. 

Upload your images or videos, headlines, service descriptions, and logo—then Google will generate several ad combinations that’ll show up on websites, apps, YouTube, and Gmail.

Formats for Google Responsive Display Ads
Different formats of Google Display ads

Your Display ad should include your company name, logo, message, relevant imagery, and a concise call to action like “learn more” or “schedule an appointment.”

Pro Tip: Get help from Google Ads for suggestions on the best ad formats based on your goals and budget.

Pest control flyers

Traditional pest control flyers are an affordable and effective way to attract customers from a specific neighborhood. You can send them by mail or leave them at a potential customer’s door.

Pest control flyer with discounts

Here’s what this flyer from Auzzie Pest Control does well:

  • Uses an attention-grabbing image
  • Puts the flyer discount in big bold writing
  • Includes more than one contact method (phone number and website)
  • Sticks with two main colors that make important details pop
  • Lists some of the pests they handle

This flyer from Wells Thur-O Pest Control is much simpler: it relies on an illustration to get customers thinking about bed bug infestations.

No matter what approach you choose, your pest control flyer should include:

  • Your pest control company name
  • The pest removal service(s) you want to promote
  • Details on your service discount or limited-time offer (if you have one)
  • How customers can get in touch (phone number and website URL)

If you’re sending flyers to a smaller number of people, like your 15 closest neighbors, consider personalizing every flyer with the neighbor’s name, pricing, and clear booking instructions.

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Examples of creative pest control ads 

Want to create a pest control ad that’s not like the rest? Get inspired by these ad examples that use creative designs:

Pest control ad example with a cockroach illustration

This ad from American Pest Professionals uses the idea that bugs are “tenants” to catch people’s attention.

By putting a target on top of this bed bug photo, Accurate Pest Control Services tells customers that they’ll take care of the problem in a simple and creative way.

Have a big pest control advertising budget? Look at this billboard example from Preferred Pest Control:

One short sentence, paired with a couple of real-looking spiders, inspires fear—and motivates people to call the company for help.

Examples of funny pest control ads

Take a look at these clever pest control ads that grab people’s attention with humor:

Pest control ad with funny illustration of a cockroach on a chair

This funny pest control ad from Seva Facility Services turns a real problem (cockroach infestations) into a joke. Ads like these get attention and stick in people’s minds—which makes your company more likely to stick out.

Pro Tip: If you’re ready to make funny illustrated ads like this one, hire a freelance designer on a service like Fiverr or Upwork.

Pest control ad with funny illustration of a cockroach under a spotlight

This ad, designed by a professional designer, doesn’t just use a funny illustration of a roach losing at hide-and-seek. It also promises the company can “get pests out in 30 minutes or less”—a great service guarantee.

How to start advertising your pest control business

Now that you know what kinds of pest control ads you can use, it’s time to plan out your pest control advertising strategy.

1. Define your advertising goals

Knowing the specific goals you want your pest control marketing to accomplish will help you choose the right platforms and design effective ads.

Your goal may be to:

  • Promote a new service
  • Grow your business with new leads
  • Expand your business into a new service area

Make sure your goal is measurable (like 50 new leads this quarter) and has a target date (like 6 months from now) so you can measure your advertising success.

PODCAST EPISODE: Learn how to get new customers on a budget

2. Decide where you want to advertise

Consider which platforms will be most effective for achieving your specific goal.

For example, if you are trying to build awareness for your new business, you might try Instagram Stories ads or Google display ads to get your brand in front of a large audience.

If you want leads to book services instantly, Local Services Ads on Google are a better fit.

3. Set your ad budget

How much you spend on pest control ads is entirely up to you. With online ads in particular, you’re in control of your spend and can adjust as you go.  

With that in mind, remember that it’s okay to start small if you’re just starting out—say $5 a day—and grow as you learn what works.

 Your ad budget should depend on two things:

  1. How much you’re able to spend to get a new lead (your customer acquisition cost)
  2. The number of customers you need each month to be profitable

Use this formula to determine your monthly budget:

Customer acquisition cost x desired number of new customers

If you’re not sure how much you’re willing to spend for a new customer, start by investing a small amount in a couple of different advertising campaigns. Then, increase your budget once you see which ad platforms are bringing you the most leads. 

4. Design your ads

The best pest control advertisements follow these easy design guidelines:

  • Focus on one message (like a service or testimonial) to make it clear what you offer
  • Keep your design simple to help get the message across
  • Use consistent branding that includes colors, fonts, and imagery
  • Add a call to action that encourages homeowners to request a service or get in touch

Pro Tip: Use one of Canva’s free templates and customize it with your own branding and message.

5. Track your performance

To make sure your pest control ads are achieving your defined goals, you’ll need to track their performance.

Use the ad reporting tools in Google, Facebook, and Instagram to see which ads are working best, and how to make the most of each campaign.

Paid advertising is just one of many marketing channels that can help you attract new customers and grow your business.

If you want to do more marketing beyond pest control ads but don’t know where to start, check out our guide to pest control marketing strategies.

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