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17 Plumber App Options for Plumbing Contractors in 2023

December 7, 2022 7 min. read
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Having the right plumbing service apps on your phone or tablet can make running your business that much easier—whether you need help making challenging plumbing calculations, improving your workflow, or attracting new leads to your business.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 16 apps for plumbing contractors, and how they can help you work more efficiently, manage your business, and grow your operations.

Best overall plumbing app

1. Jobber

image of Jobber's app

Available for iOS, Android, and desktop

Jobber’s plumbing software lets you schedule jobs, track customer info, and automate your invoicing to get paid faster.

But the features don’t end there. Jobber’s field service software is packed with tools to help you run a more efficient and profitable plumbing business.

Use Jobber’s plumber app to:

  • Easily accept credit card payments in-person and online
  • Keep track of important client details from the office or the job site
  • Schedule plumbing jobs with just a few clicks
  • Optimize routes to cut down on travel time and fit more jobs in the day
  • Create quotes with optional line items to help you upsell
  • Accept and manage online bookings
  • Convert job details into professional invoices to send to your clients
  • Automatically send customized follow-up emails to clients with overdue invoices
  • Team members can use the Jobber app in English or in Spanish to manage day-to-day work in the field

Apps to help you on the job

Even a professional plumber doesn’t have all the complicated plumbing charts, codes, and calculations memorized. The right apps can act as quick plumbing resources to reference on the job.

These apps for plumbing services can make life on the job much more efficient:

2. Plumbing Formulator

image of plumbing formulator app from app store

Free | Available for iOS

The Plumbing Formulator app is a plumbing calculator for plumbing contractors and HVAC technicians

You can use this app to access over 120 formulas that cover pumps, HVAC, piping, water flow, volume conversions, and water heaters. Then email or print the results right from your phone.

3. Electrical Wiring Pro

image of Electrical Wiring Pro app on the app store

Free | Available for iOS

Some plumbing jobs require some basic wiring, like installing appliances, water heaters, or garbage disposals. Use the Electrical Wiring plumbing app to complete the service to code and avoid making pesky, small errors.

4. Pipe and Fitting

image of Pipe and Fitting app on the app store

Free | Available for Android

Pipe and Fitting is a great reference tool for plumbers to find the dimensions of piping and accessories. Use this app to get a clear visual of different pipes, joints, clamps, and other plumbing parts, along with detailed specs and technical diagrams.

5. Code Snap UPC

image of Code Snap UPC app on the app store

$7.99 | Available for iOS

To make sure your work aligns with national standards, use Code Snap UPC as a handy reference for the Uniform Plumbing Code.

Use Cold Snap UPC to quickly access color-coded tables, plumbing calculators, and hundreds of pages of major plumbing codes.

6. Pipe Trades Pro

Preview of the Pipe Trades Pro app for handyman businesses

Free | Available for iOS

The Pipe Trades Pro calculator can be used to spend less time making calculations based on room dimensions, and more time working on pipe layouts, cutting, welding, and placing pipe.

Any type of plumber can use this app to:

  • Quickly reference pipe size, material, and type to view diameters, wall thickness, and more
  • Make instant calculations for tensile strength, gaskets, flange, cut lengths, angles, offset, flow rates, and more

7. EasyMeasure

Free | Available for iOS 

The EasyMeasure app lets you take quick measurements in tight or difficult work spaces without pulling out the measuring tape. Use it to measure the height and width of objects, or make measurements in dark spaces with a built-in flashlight.

8. Bubble Level

image of Bubble Level ap

Free | Available for iOS and Android

Joining pipes together just got easier. Use the Bubble Level app to measure angles and check surface levels to make sure water is flowing the right way.

9. Flashlight

Free | iOS and Android

Being a plumber often means working under countertops, behind water tanks, or in other dark and cramped spaces. Luckily, both Android and Apple phones come with a built-in flashlight app to give you quick access to light when you need it the most.

Apps to organize your plumbing business

Running your small plumbing business is no easy feat, but it goes more smoothly when you have the best plumbing tools in your toolbelt and apps in your pocket.

10. QuickBooks

image of QuickBooks app

Starting at $15/month | Available for iOS, Android, and desktop

The QuickBooks accounting app lets you manage income, expenses, invoices, and payroll for your plumbing business—all in one place.

You can use QuickBooks to collect customer signatures on estimates and invoices and to categorize receipt photos so you can claim tax deductions.

When you integrate Jobber with QuickBooks Online, you can access job details, track time on a job to make payroll easier, and manage your plumbing business from anywhere.

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11. Plumbing Invoice Template

Free | Available on desktop or mobile device

Create and download a professional invoice in minutes with Jobber’s plumbing invoice generator. Just add your company and client information, plumbing services, and pricing, and then download your invoice as a PDF that’s easy to send to clients.

Using an invoice template can help make sure you include all the necessary details and makes you look more professional than handwritten invoices.

Looking for something more substantial? Try plumbing invoicing software to convert estimates into jobs and invoices, automatically follow up with customers on overdue payments, and get paid faster with credit card processing.

12. FleetSharp

image of Fleetsharp app from the app store

Free (with purchase of FleetSharp device) | iOS and Android

FleetSharp is a fleet management app that helps you plan out more efficient routes for your plumbers to reduce fuel costs. 

Use the live view to check your crew’s location and quickly assign emergency plumbing jobs to the closest technician.

You can also access detailed reports of your vehicle activity, mileage and fuel levels, and vehicle maintenance alerts.

Pro Tip: Integrate FleetSharp with Jobber to make faster scheduling and smarter dispatching decisions.

13. CompanyCam

image of CompanyCam app from app store

Starting at $36.99 (for a single-user subscription) | Available on iOS and Android

CompanyCam helps build trust with your customers by capturing details on the job and keeping your customers informed along the way.

Using CompanyCam, you can:

  • Snap location and time-stamped photos and store them securely in the cloud
  • Add drawings, comments, tags, or voice notes to images to illustrate a job’s progress or any areas of concern
  • Easily share photos of water damage with customers or insurance adjusters

Pro Tip: Try Jobber’s CompanyCam integration to easily capture photos on the job and add them to your customer’s invoices.

Apps to get more work

Growing your plumbing business relies on winning more jobs. And yes, you can do it from your phone, too!

14. Thumbtack

image of Thumbtack app

Available for iOS, Android, and desktop

Lead generation apps like Thumbtack help you generate new leads, increase the visibility of your service business brand, and win more jobs.

With Thumbtack you can:

  • Send quotes to new plumbing leads in your service area
  • Become a Top Pro and attract more leads to your plumbing business
  • Ask for online reviews and build trust with potential customers

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15. Canva

image of Canva app on the app store

Free | Available for iOS, Android, and desktop

Use the Canva app to design a professional logo and other marketing materials for your plumbing business. You can create simple graphics to announce new services or special offers for email campaigns, social media, or plumbing ads—straight from your phone or tablet.

Canva’s customizable templates and drag-and-drop design tool make it easy to create brochures, business cards, and flyers to market your business.

16. Mailchimp

image of MailChimp app on the app store

Available for iOS, Android, and desktop

Promote your plumbing business with Mailchimp’s email marketing software. It’s an easy-to-use app that helps you create beautiful, branded emails and send email campaigns to potential and existing customers.

Plumbers can use Mailchimp to:

  • Send emails about recurring work, seasonal sales, special offers, or service agreements
  • Design and send postcards to potential customers in your service area
  • Create Facebook or Instagram ads

To make email marketing even easier, use Jobber and Mailchimp together and automatically sync your client list with your email list.

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17. NiceJob

Preview of the NiceJob app

Starting at $75/month | Available on iOS or desktop

NiceJob’s app makes it easier to get more reviews and helps you keep track of what customers are saying about your plumbing company online.

Use the app to automate your review requests and send email or SMS review invites.

Download the right plumbing app for your business

There are plenty of options when it comes to apps to help you run, organize, and grow your plumbing business—but don’t try to download them all at once.

Start with the apps that fill a business need (like scheduling, marketing, or payments) and then slowly add more over time.

Originally published July 2020. Last updated December 7th, 2022.

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