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25 Plumbing Blog Resources to Level Up Your Business

April 4, 2022 10 min. read
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The internet is clogged with plumbing blogs and resources, but not all of them are helpful. Trying to separate the good from the bad can take more than a strong plunger.

To help you get the advice you need on the job and to better run your business, we’ve compiled a list of the best blogs and resources for plumbers.

Plumbing blogs to help you level up your skills

Get tips and tricks to offer better plumbing services for your customers and improve your efficiency. These blogs are some of the best plumbing tools in your toolbag:

1. Plumber Mag

Plumbing Mag is a dedicated resource for plumbing professionals looking to do their job more effectively. It covers a variety of topics in the plumbing industry, from residential to commercial, business to tools, and COVID to training. 

New blog posts are published almost daily and you don’t need a subscription to the magazine to read all the latest articles online. 

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2. Plumbing Perspective

The Plumbing Perspective blog is dedicated to educating plumbing contractors with expert interviews, product reviews, videos, and more. 

The blog is updated regularly and you can even subscribe to their newsletter to get their most-read plumbing news delivered right to your inbox.

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3. Best Plumbing

The Best Plumbing blog covers several plumbing-related topics for both residential and commercial plumbing contractors and consumers alike. 

Some of their most popular blogs discuss eco-friendly plumbing fixtures, what to do in case of a plumbing emergency, and so much more.

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4. PHCP Pros

The Professional Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Piping Community (PHCP Pros) is your top destination to stay up to date with the latest plumbing industry trends, news, tips, and events. 

They add new articles daily to give contractors, engineers, and distributors the information they need to get their job done.

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5. 3 Mountains Plumbing

The perfect resource for professional plumbers and consumers alike, 3 Mountains Plumbing use their blog to cover a wide variety of beginner and advanced plumbing topics. 

Get advice on how to clean and clear drains or sewer lines, or inspiration on the best topics to cover in your own plumbing blog.

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Plumber resources to organize your business

Growing your plumbing business takes more than just trade skills and experience—you also need to know how to effectively run a service business, manage employees, and increase your revenue (to name just a few).

Improve your plumbing business operations with these helpful blogs:

6. Jobber Academy

Jobber Academy is dedicated to helping plumbers and other service providers organize their operations. 

Level up your plumbing career with expert advice on how to start your own plumbing business, tips to get more plumbing leads, strategies to price plumbing jobs, and more. 

Pro Tip: To get the latest and greatest plumbing resources delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe to the Jobber Academy newsletter.

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7. Contractor Mag

This online magazine isn’t technically a plumbing blog, but the information it provides is super valuable for plumbers and other industry professionals. 

Browse through a wide variety of resources like webinars, tool reviews, and tips to better run your plumbing business. You can even sign up for Contractor’s e-newsletter to receive industry advice in your inbox.

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8. QuickBooks Blog

Keeping your accounting and bookkeeping organized can help you increase your cash flow and grow your plumbing business. 

The QuickBooks blog shares the financial advice you need to start your business, run your business, and grow your business.

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If installing a tankless water heater is a walk in the park, but sending an email campaign keeps you up at night, you’ll want to check out these top marketing blogs:

9. Mailchimp

To grow your business, you need to market your business—tools like MailChimp can help. 

The Mailchimp blog is overflowing with email marketing and social media tips to attract new customers and re-engage your old customers.

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10. HVAC-Plumber Webmasters

Not sure how to create a web presence for your plumbing business that attracts new customers and helps you grow? This blog has you covered. 

You’ll find the blogs (and podcasts) you need to set up your SEO strategy, make the best plumbing ads, improve your social media profiles, and more. 

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11. NiceJob

NiceJob’s blog covers a range of marketing, sales, and operational tips, with a focus on how to ask for customer reviews and reputation management. 

Use this blog to find out how to add customer reviews to your plumbing marketing strategy and how to build a social media presence that impresses customers. 

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Plumbing blog inspiration to help you educate your customers

Starting your own plumber blog is a great way to build trust with potential customers and improve your plumbing SEO strategy. Check out these popular plumbing blogs for topic ideas and inspiration to get started.

12. Mr. Rooter

Mr. Rooter is a well-known name in the plumbing industry with franchise power behind them. Most of the posts are meant for homeowners looking for answers to their plumbing questions and advice for their plumbing issues. 

Plumbers can also browse their blog for helpful tricks of the trade, or to find topic ideas to start their own blogs

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13. Len the Plumber

If you’re looking for inspiration to start your own plumbing blog, Len the Plumber is the perfect starting point. Intended for homeowners and potential customers, it provides helpful insight and advice on topics including water heaters, sump pumps, leaks, and more. 

Len the Plumber is a great example of how plumbers can use their blog to answer common plumbing questions and attract more customers to their business.

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14. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s blog content offers expert tips to consumers and professionals on a variety of topics like pipes and sewers, tubs and showers, drains, pumps, and so much more.

Each category has tons of valuable articles, making this blog a prime example of a successful plumbing content marketing strategy.

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15. John the Plumber

A perfect balance of DIY content for consumers and tips and tricks for plumbers, John the Plumber’s blog is a great example of what a successful blog should look like. 

It covers a ton of content including winter plumbing tips, plumbing myths, and how to prevent plumbing emergencies. Browse their blog for topic inspiration before you start writing your own.

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The best plumbing YouTube channels

If you consider yourself more of a visual learner, there’s no shortage of helpful plumbing channels on YouTube.

Here are the plumbing YouTube channels we recommend you check out:

16. Roger Wakefield

A Master Plumber with over 40 years of experience and 430k+ followers, Roger shares plumbing tips, tricks, and DIY plumbing, with the overall goal of helping plumbers grow. 

Some videos are geared toward consumers but the majority of his channel is for plumbers at any stage of their career. 

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17. Plumberparts

With new videos every week, Plumberparts offers tips, advice, tutorials, and product reviews for plumbers with any experience level. 

This plumbing pro’s videos are extremely informative and funny, and they answer some of the biggest plumbing questions.

Looking for a laugh? Check out Plumberparts’ plumbing disasters video series.

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18. Steven Lavimoniere

Steven Lavimoniere takes a no-nonsense approach to his YouTube channel to address a wide range of plumbing issues. 

Every day he takes you inside properties on the job to share the different types of jobs a plumber may encounter—the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

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19. Allen Hart

British plumber Allen Hart posts videos full of helpful plumbing and heating tips. 

He regularly posts plumbing how-to videos geared towards plumbers at every stage in their career, with a real focus on safety.

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20. P B Plumber

Another British YouTuber, PB Plumber posts plumbing gear and tool reviews, how-to videos, and day-in-the-life videos. 

The videos he shares are helpful, polished, and rack up views quickly.

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Other plumbing resources

In addition to blogs and YouTube videos, there are a ton of other resources available online to support and educate plumbing professionals.

These include:

21. Reddit Plumbing

If you’re looking for an online plumbing community, r/Plumbing might just be the place for you. 

Reddit is a great place to connect with other plumbing professionals, share stories, ask questions (as long as they aren’t against the group rules), and even share a funny meme or two. 

It’s a great resource for plumbers to find anything from job tips to tools and safety equipment recommendations.

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22. Plumbing Forum

If you’re looking for answers to your biggest plumbing questions (without the bells and whistles), this plumbing forum is for you. 

Browse or search the thousands of existing posts, or create a new post to get expert feedback from other professional plumbers. Discussion topics include toilets, sinks, faucets, drainage, water heating, pumps, and more.

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23. Plumbing Zone Forum

Another online community forum, the Plumbing Zone is a space for plumbers to talk about all things plumbing—like water line repair, sewer and drain cleaning tips, chemical drain cleaners, and other plumbing maintenance. 

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24. Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association

You don’t need a membership to access the PHCC’s informative articles on all industry-related news. 

You can also visit their website to access educational resources to help you get your plumbing license, connect with other professionals in your community, and hire new plumbers to grow your business.

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25. Jobber Entrepreneurship Group

For general advice on the tools you use to run your business, how to hire and retain plumbers, how to bid plumbing jobs, and more—you’ll want to join the Jobber Entrepreneurship Group. 

You can use this Facebook group to share advice, ask questions, and learn new things from other service professionals just like you.

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Start your own plumbing blog

Starting your own plumbing blog is a great plumbing marketing strategy to grow your business and help prospective customers find you online. 

Adding a plumbing blog to your website can help you:

  • Get found on Google and drive more traffic to your website
  • Generate plumbing leads for your business
  • Position your company as plumbing experts and build trust with potential customers

To start a strong plumbing blog, you need to build a strong plumbing website. Check out these plumbing website design examples for the inspiration you need to give your website a makeover and grow your online presence.

Originally published August 2020. Last updated April 4th, 2022.

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