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415 Pressure Washing Business Names to Inspire You

January 25, 2023 12 min. read

Your pressure washing business name tells potential customers what your company offers and what to expect from you—and the right name can make a big splash in your community.

Get inspired by 415 of the best pressure washing business names, or learn how to customize one for your business.

70 professional pressure washing company names

When you’re starting a pressure washing business, a professional-sounding name makes a good impression and tells customers they can trust you. Here are a few examples to consider:

  • Accelerate Washing
  • Advantage Pressure Wash
  • Ascend Pressure Wash Co.
  • Authority Pressure Washing
  • Award Pressure Wash Company
  • Best Washers
  • Bold Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Boss Pressure Washing Co.
  • Capital Pressure Washing Services
  • Catalyst Cleaners
  • Command Pressure Washers
  • Complete Power Wash
  • Concord Pro Wash Solutions
  • Cornerstone Pressure Washing
  • Courtesy Power Washers
  • Craft Power Washing
  • Design Power Washing Company
  • Detail Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Direct Power Washing Co.
  • Discover Washing
  • Distinct Pressure Wash Co.
  • Dynamic Pressure Washing
  • Elevate Wash
  • Emerge Power Washers
  • Endurance Pressure Wash
  • Essence Power Wash
  • Expert Washers
  • Five-Star Washing
  • Flawless Pressure Washing Co.
  • Flourish Power Washing Company
  • Guaranteed Pressure Wash Company
  • Illuminate Power Washing
  • Independent Pressure Washing
  • Influence Pro Wash Services
  • Innovate Power Washing Co.
  • Insight Washing
  • Inspire Power Washers
  • Legend Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Luxury Pressure Washers
  • Master Power Washing Company
  • Method Exteriors
  • Modern Power Washing Co.
  • Optimum Wash
  • Performance Pressure Washing
  • Platinum Washing
  • Premier Power Washing Company
  • Prestige Washers
  • Principal Washing Co.
  • Progressive Wash
  • Purpose Pressure Wash
  • Quality Power Washing Company
  • Ready Power Washing
  • Rely Power Washing Co.
  • Resolve Power Washers
  • Sentinel Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Signature Washing
  • Star Power Washing
  • Success Power Wash
  • Summit Pressure Washing Co.
  • Superior Exteriors
  • Swift Pro Wash
  • Talent Cleaners
  • Thrive Power Washing Company
  • Trailblaze Pressure Wash Co.
  • Value Pressure Washing Services
  • Venture Washers
  • Vision Pressure Wash Company
  • Vitality Washing
  • Vivid Pressure Washers
  • Wonder Wash

Pro Tip: Run a seasonal service business or offer extra services like sandblasting or window washing? Add those services to your business name so your customers know what you offer—for example, Squeaky Clean Pressure & Window Washing.

60 creative pressure washing business names

Creative names are a good step toward building a strong service business brand and standing out from other pressure washing companies in your area. Try a creative name like:

  • Amazing Aqua Washing
  • Blue Water Pressure Wash
  • Brightview Pro Wash Company
  • Bubbles Pressure Washing Co.
  • Bullfrog Pressure Washing Services
  • Calm Waters Pressure Washers
  • Clean Hands Pressure Wash
  • Cleanspring Washers
  • Clear Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Crystal View Pressure Wash Co.
  • Deep Water Pro Wash
  • Diamond Clear Power Wash
  • Eclipse Exteriors
  • Element Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Evaporate Power Washing
  • Fine Water Power Washers
  • First Water Pressure Washing
  • Float Pressure Washing Services
  • Free Flow Cleaners
  • Fresh Power Washing Company
  • Fresh Look Pressure Wash
  • Gravity Pressure Washing Co.
  • Headwater Pressure Wash Company
  • High Water Power Washing Co.
  • Hot Water Power Washers
  • Hotspring Washers
  • Infuse Power Washing
  • Lakeshore Washing
  • Magic Wands Power Wash
  • Newton Power Washing Company
  • Pascal Pressure Washers
  • Pouring Rain Pressure Washing
  • Power Pressure Washing Company
  • PSI Pressure Wash Co.
  • Pure Wash Power Washing Co.
  • Rain & Shine Power Wash
  • Rain Frog Power Washing Company
  • Riverflow Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Running Water Power Washers
  • Riverflow Pressure Washing
  • Shoreline Pro Wash
  • Smooth Waters Wash Solutions
  • Soap & Scrub Power Washing
  • Soap & Sponge Pressure Washing
  • Soapberry Cleaners
  • Sparkle Power Washing Co.
  • Spring Clean Washers
  • Streamline Pressure Wash
  • Streamwater Washing
  • Surface Power Washing
  • Tadpole Power Washing Company
  • Tree Frog Exterior Solutions
  • Water Drop Pressure Washing
  • Waterline Power Wash Services
  • Waterside Pressure Washing Co.
  • Waterward Power Washers
  • Waterway Pressure Wash Company
  • Wavelength Wash
  • Whirlpool Pressure Washers
  • White Water Pressure Wash Co.

Pro Tip: Always make sure a business name is available before you start using it. Start with a Google search for “NAME + YOUR AREA” and run it through your local trademark database.

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65 catchy pressure washing business names

A catchy name makes it easy for customers to recognize your business and brand. Here are just some examples of catchy pressure washing company names:

  • Abundant H2O Pressure Wash Co.
  • Aqua Aid Pressure Washing Services
  • Authentic Aqua Power Washing
  • Brightwater Pressure Wash
  • Bubble Scrub Pressure Washing
  • Bubble Up Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Clean As a Whistle Washers
  • Clean Machine Power Wash
  • Clean Queen Pressure Washers
  • Clean Start Pro Wash
  • Clean Team Pressure Wash Company
  • Clean Up Power Washers
  • Clearwater Pressure Washing Co.
  • Crystal Clear Wash
  • Diamond Cut Washers
  • Diamond View Cleaners
  • Downstream Power Washing Company
  • Elite Exteriors
  • Enhance Exteriors
  • Express Exteriors
  • Fairwater Pressure Wash
  • Freshwater Pressure Washing Services
  • Full Flow Pressure Washing
  • Good As New Power Washing
  • Hasty Hydro Pressure Wash Co.
  • High Pressure Power Wash
  • Honest H2O Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Hose Pros Pressure Washing
  • Keen to Clean Exteriors
  • Last Blast Pressure Washing Co.
  • Make Waves Power Washers
  • New Leaf Wash
  • New Look Pressure Washers
  • Pail & Plug Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Planet Pressure Washing
  • Precision Pressure Washers
  • Pressure Point Washers
  • Pressure Wash Pros
  • Pro Power Wash
  • Pump & Pail Power Washing Co.
  • Right As Rain Pressure Wash Company
  • Rinse Cycle Washing
  • Rise & Shine Pressure Wash
  • Scrape & Scrub Cleaners
  • Soak & Spray Washing
  • Soap & Shine Power Washing Company
  • Softwash Power Washing Co.
  • Sparkle & Shine Power Washers
  • Splash Dash Power Wash
  • Splashdown Pro Wash
  • Spray & Shine Power Washing Company
  • Squeaky Clean Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Team Clean Exteriors
  • Upstream Pressure Washing Services
  • Wash Dash Power Washers
  • Wash Out Pressure Wash Co.
  • Washed Up Pressure Washers
  • Water Spotters Washing
  • Water Walkers Pro Wash
  • Water Workers Power Wash
  • Waterkeepers Pressure Washing Co.
  • Wet Washers
  • Whistle Clean Pressure Wash
  • X-Stream Exteriors
  • Zipcut Cleaners

Pro Tip: Like one of these names but it’s not quite right? Switch up the ending with a phrase like Washers, Washing Services, or Exteriors.

45 cool pressure washing company names

Cool pressure washing business names can attract customers and set you apart from other local companies. Try one of these cool names for a pressure washing business:

  • Absolute Power Washing
  • Alpha Pressure Wash Co.
  • Aqua Aces Pressure Wash Company
  • Atmosphere Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Audacious H2O Pressure Washing Services
  • Backblast Pressure Washing Co.
  • Brawny Pressure Washers
  • Cannonball Washers
  • Catalyst Pressure Washing
  • Clean Slate Power Wash
  • Drivewash Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Fast Blast Pressure Wash
  • Flash Splash Pro Wash
  • Fortitude Cleaners
  • Full Blast Exteriors
  • Gauge Power Washing
  • Hose Bros Power Washers
  • Hotter Water Washing
  • Hurricane Wash
  • Hydro Heroes
  • Ionize Washers
  • Jetstream Power Washing Company
  • Jumpstart Pressure Washing Co.
  • Kinetic Pressure Wash Co.
  • Mighty Pressure Wash Company
  • Omega Pressure Washing
  • Osmosis Cleaners
  • Powerhouse Pressure Wash
  • Pro Flow Pressure Washing Services
  • Pump & Pressure Power Washers
  • Slipstream Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Solid Shaft Power Washing
  • Stalwart Pressure Washers
  • Steadfast Blast Power Wash
  • Stream Team Pressure Wash Co.
  • Swivel Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Swivel & Flex Washing
  • Tough Power Washing Company
  • Turbo Wash
  • Vapor & Valve Pro Wash
  • Velocity Pressure Washing Co.
  • Wash Boss Exteriors
  • Water Power Pressure Wash
  • Water Warriors
  • Wild Washers

35 funny pressure washing business names

Funny names are easy for customers to remember and share with friends. Check out these funny pressure washing company names (and enjoy a laugh while you’re at it):

  • Above Water Pressure Washers
  • All Washed Up Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Drop Everything Pressure Wash Co.
  • Drop In Pressure Washing
  • Drop In The Bucket Pro Wash
  • Game Wet Match Exteriors
  • Go With the Flow Pressure Washing Co.
  • Gutter Belles Pressure Wash
  • High Soaps Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Jet Wet Pressure Washing Services
  • Lean Clean Pressure Washing Machine
  • Let It Flow Cleaners
  • Let’s Get Wet Power Wash
  • Make a Splash Pressure Wash Company
  • Oh My Wash
  • Power of Good Power Washing
  • Power On Pressure Washers
  • Power Play Washers
  • Power Trip Pressure Wash
  • Pressure Ahead Exteriors
  • Pressure Your Luck Power Washers
  • Pressure’s On Washing
  • Rinse Charming Pressure Washing Co.
  • Staying Power Pressure Washing
  • Stream Queens Power Washing Company
  • Under Pressure Pro Wash
  • Water’s Fine Power Washing Co.
  • Wet Apart Pressure Washing Services
  • Wet For Life Cleaners
  • Wet In Motion Pressure Wash Company
  • Wet In Our Ways Power Washers
  • Wet In Stone Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Wet Set Wash
  • Wet Setters Pressure Wash Co.
  • Wet to Rights Pressure Wash Solutions

Pro Tip: Double-check that your business name won’t offend anyone if you shorten it or use it as an acronym. For example, Under Pressure Washers (UPW) is fine, but Powerwash Exterior Experts probably isn’t.

40 unique pressure washing business names

Stand out from other businesses with a name that’s one-of-a-kind in the area where you live and work. Think about these unique ideas for pressure washer company names:

  • Absolute Aqua Power Wash
  • Awesome Aqua Pressure Washers
  • Bubble Over Pressure Wash Co.
  • Clean Life Washers
  • Clean Out Pressure Washing Services
  • Clean Scene Pro Wash
  • Crystal Cut Pressure Wash Company
  • Essential Exteriors
  • Expert Exteriors
  • Exterior Extraction Power Washing
  • Fresh Start Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Gully Washer
  • H2O Pressure Washing Co.
  • Habitat Hydro Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Hit The Roof Cleaners
  • Lightwater Washing
  • Neat Concrete Power Washers
  • New Life Pressure Washing Services
  • New Penny Cleaners
  • Power Pro Wash
  • Professor Power Wash
  • Proud Pressure Washing
  • Puddle Jumpers Power Washing
  • Saturate Pressure Washing
  • Scrubby Bubbly Pressure Washers
  • Soap Up Power Washing Co.
  • Soapsud Pressure Wash Company
  • Spick & Span Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Splashmakers Power Wash
  • Spray & Soak Pressure Wash
  • Stillwater Pressure Washers
  • Stout Power Washers
  • Take a Shine Pressure Wash Co.
  • Wands & Washers
  • Warm Washers
  • Washaway Pressure Wash
  • Waterworks Pressure Washing Co.
  • Winning Washers
  • World-Class Washing
  • Zippy Wash

Pro Tip: Try to include service-related keywords like “pressure washing” or “power washing” in your business name. This is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) and helps customers find you online.

50 location-based business name ideas for pressure washing

Tell potential customers you serve their area—and boost your ranking in Google searches—by including your city, county, or region in your pressure washing business name. Here are a few examples:

  • Albuquerque Pressure Wash
  • Arlington Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Augusta Pressure Washers
  • Bismarck Pressure Washing Services
  • Boise Pressure Washing Co.
  • Boston Wash
  • Charleston Pressure Wash Company
  • Cheyenne Washers
  • Concord Pressure Washing
  • Dallas Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Detroit Pressure Wash Co.
  • Dover Power Wash
  • El Paso Pressure Washers
  • Fort Worth Washing
  • Fresno Cleaners
  • Harrisburg Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Hartford Pro Wash
  • Helena Pressure Washing Services
  • Indianapolis Pressure Washing Co.
  • Jefferson City Power Washers
  • Juneau Pressure Wash
  • Kansas City Power Washing
  • Lansing Power Washing Company
  • Little Rock Wash
  • Long Beach Exteriors
  • Louisville Power Washing Co.
  • Madison Pressure Wash Co.
  • Mesa Power Washers
  • Milwaukee Pressure Wash Company
  • Montgomery Washers
  • Montpelier Power Washing Company
  • Nashville Pressure Washing Solutions
  • New Orleans Pressure Washing
  • New York Power Wash
  • Oakland Exteriors
  • Omaha Pressure Washers
  • Phoenix Power Washing Co.
  • Portland Pro Wash
  • Providence Pressure Washing Co.
  • Raleigh Power Washing Company
  • Richmond Pressure Washing Services
  • Sacramento Power Washing
  • Salem Power Washing Co.
  • San Jose Washing
  • Tallahassee Power Washers
  • Trenton Pressure Wash Co.
  • Tulsa Pressure Washing
  • Virginia Beach Cleaners
  • Washington Wash
  • Wichita Pressure Wash

50 personal names for a pressure washing business

Like many businesses, you can use your first or last name as your pressure washing business name. It’s a personal touch that helps you build on your reputation and relationships.

Here are a few examples of good names for a pressure washing business that are based on personal or family names:

  • Alvarez Brothers Pressure Washing
  • Amanda’s Pressure Washing Co.
  • Anderson Sisters Pressure Wash
  • Ashley Washing
  • Bailey Pressure Wash Company
  • Bennet Family Pressure Washers
  • Brooks Pressure Wash Solutions
  • Carter Pressure Washing Services
  • Chavez Washers
  • Chris’s Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Cooper & Sons Cleaners
  • Davis Pressure Wash Co.
  • Diaz & Daughters Pro Wash
  • Edwards Brothers Wash
  • Emily’s Exteriors
  • Evans Power Wash
  • Flores Sisters Power Washing
  • Foster Power Washing Company
  • Garcia Pressure Washing Co.
  • Gomez Family Power Washers
  • Hill Power Washing Co.
  • Howard Washing
  • Jake’s Pressure Wash Company
  • Jiminez Pressure Wash
  • Jones Power Washing Company
  • Josh’s Pressure Washing
  • Kelly Pressure Wash Solutions
  • King Pressure Washers
  • Long Power Washing Co.
  • Lopez Pressure Wash Co.
  • Matt’s Washing
  • Mendoza Pressure Washing Services
  • Mike’s Power Wash
  • Morgan Washers
  • Nelson & Sons Cleaners
  • Nguyen Power Washing Company
  • Ortiz Brothers Exteriors
  • Phillips Power Washing
  • Price & Daughters Pro Wash
  • Roberts Family Pressure Wash
  • Ruiz Power Washers
  • Sam’s Pressure Washing Solutions
  • Sanders Pressure Wash Company
  • Sarah’s Pressure Wash Co.
  • Smith Sisters Pressure Washers
  • Taylor Power Washing Co.
  • Thomas Pressure Washing Services
  • Turner Pressure Washing Co.
  • Walker Wash
  • Wright Pressure Washing

Pro Tip: Plan to sell your business one day? It’s best to avoid using your personal name as a business name—customers might be confused if there’s no longer a Mike at Mike’s Washing.

What makes a good pressure washing business name?

Good pressure washing company names have several things in common:

  • They tell customers that you offer pressure washing services
  • They help people think or feel a certain way about your business
  • They’re easy for customers to say, remember, and share with others
  • They’re unique from competing businesses in the area where you live and work

Once you’ve chosen a name, pair it with a professional-looking logo to help customers recognize and trust your brand.

Here’s an example of a logo based on one of the clever pressure washing business names in this article:

logo application for pressure washing business names

How to choose a pressure washing business name

Follow these steps to come up with and narrow down a list of good pressure washing business names:

  1. Brainstorm a list of pressure washing business names, using the lists and tips in this article for inspiration. (Need a little help? Try using a pressure washing company name generator.)
  2. Make a shortlist of the most memorable and recognizable names. Make sure they’re easy to say, spell, and remember.
  3. Collect feedback from friends, family, and even potential customers to help guide your decision. Find out why they like a specific name and make adjustments if needed.
  4. Choose a name that gets a good response in your community and feels right for your pressure washing business.

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Pressure washing business name examples

Still need more pressure washer company names and ideas? Check out these examples of real-life pressure washing businesses and where their names came from:

  • Power Wash This has a name that suggests they can do any residential or commercial power washing job, and it’s catchy to boot.
  • Carolina Clean Pressure Washing is located in North Carolina and serves the entire Raleigh area, just like its location-anchored name suggests.
  • Davis Pressure Washing is named after its founder, making it sound like a people-oriented business that’s built on relationships.
  • Firehouse Pressure Washing doesn’t just sound like its workers are using high-pressure fire hoses—it’s actually staffed by off-duty firefighters and paramedics.
  • Red Door Pro Wash has a creative, recognizable name and logo that immediately appeals to customers looking to boost their homes’ curb appeal.

How to register your pressure washing business name

To protect your brand, you’ll need to register your pressure washing business name before you start using it.

Head to your local registry office to follow the registration process in your region:

Next steps after naming your pressure washing business

Once you’ve chosen and registered your pressure washing business name, it’ll be time to:

Already impressing your customers as an established pressure washing business? Launch your new business name and make a splash using pressure washing flyers.

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