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Pressure Washing Contracts: Protect Your Business and Win Work

February 27, 2023 6 min. read
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There are two types of pressure washing contracts every power washing business owner needs to know about. The first protects you and your business from customer disputes, while the second helps you secure recurring work and revenue.

Keep reading to learn more about these two different types of pressure washing contracts and how to make them both work for your business.

What is a pressure washing contract?

There are two different types of pressure washing contracts:

  1. A legally binding agreement between your pressure washing business and your customer. This type of pressure washing contract details the terms and conditions of your services and protects your business in the event of a dispute or litigation.
  2. An ongoing agreement to provide pressure washing services for a client. These clients can be commercial businesses, governments, residential homeowners, or any customers in need of regular power washing services. In most instances, a business will have to bid on pressure washing service contracts.

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Why you need a pressure washing agreement

A good pressure washing contract protects you and your business by reducing your liability for property damage and minimizes the financial impact of customers paying late or refusing to pay.

 But more than that, a good pressure washing contract:

  • Sets customers’ expectations for the services you’ll be providing, when the job will be completed, and when and how they’ll be expected to pay.
  • Lets customers know what needs to be done prior to your arrival, like closing windows and providing clear access to water sources.
  • Prevents disagreements and disputes about your pressure washing services and payment for those services.

Your pressure washing contract should be sent to a customer before any work starts. It can be sent alone or with your pressure washing estimate—just make sure your client agrees to your terms before you schedule the job.

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What to include on your pressure washing contract

Your pressure washing contract should include the following details:

  • Company information including your pressure washing business name, email, and phone number
  • Client information such as their first and last name, phone number, email, and property address
  • The contract start date and end date (if it’s a contract for ongoing services)
  • The pressure washing services you’ll be providing, like window cleaning or gutter cleaning 
  • Your pressure washing cost and payment terms including when payment is due, and how payment can be made
  • Product warranties that explains that all warranties only apply to those offered by the manufacturer of the cleaning solution used
  • Any damages that your power washing business will not be responsible for, such as loose mortar, improperly sealed windows or doors, or loose gutters, shingles, and siding
  • A disclaimer on stains that cannot be removed by power washing, like tree sap, paints, and artillery fungus
  • Scheduling of the pressure washing job, including the expected completion date and how inclement weather may affect or delay the job completion
  • Water usage that tells your clients they’ll be expected to provide an on-site water supply and should an  exterior water supply be required it will be an additional charge
  • Electrical usage that tells customers they are expected to the use of an on-site source of electricity—if an exterior source of electricity is required an additional charge will be applied
  • Client responsibility that covers what is expected of your client prior to and day of the service—like clearing cars from their driveway, or removing furniture from their patio
  • Terms of agreement that explains by signing off on your contract the client agrees to accept all your listed terms and any damages as a result of the above are the responsibility of the owner
  • Space for a client’s signature to sign off that they’ve read and agreed to the terms of your contract

You can make one yourself, or use a pressure washing contract template—just make sure to consult a legal or financial advisor to review your contract before sending it to a customer.

How to send pressure washing contracts

You can send your pressure washing contract to a customer by email, or use Jobber’s pressure washing software to attach and send your contract with your quote.

Here’s how to send pressure washing contracts with Jobber:

  1. Save your pressure washing contract as a PDF file on your computer

2. Create a quote using Jobber’s pressure washing software

3. Attach the PDF file of your pressure washing contract

How to email a quote in Jobber

4. Hit save and email to client to send your quote and contract to your customer

how to save and email a quote to a client

How to bid on a pressure washing service contract

Pressure washing service contracts are valuable because they typically mean recurring work and guaranteed revenue.

Here’s how to bid on service contracts:

  1. Start by finding a contract to bid on using one of the recommendations below
  2. Visit the site to make note of the size, condition, accessibility, and equipment you’ll need to complete the job 
  3. Price your pressure washing services based on the specs provided and your site visit notes (including square footage, materials, and overhead). 
  4. Use your pricing to send an accurate estimate to the bid owner.

Here are a few suggestions for where to find pressure washing contracts to bid on:

Commercial pressure washing contracts

Commercial pressure washing contracts can mean bigger profits for your business based on the size of the property and the scope of the job. Here’s how to find commercial pressure washing contracts:

  • Use online bidding websites like BidPrime or InstantMarkets to find commercial contracts in your service area
  • Check local newspapers for property owners that have open pressure washing contracts for bid
  • Cold call local businesses to see if they’re accepting bids for their pressure washing contracts

Government pressure washing contracts 

Government contracts often mean long-term guaranteed revenue for your pressure washing business. Here’s how to find government pressure washing contracts:

  • Use online government contract listings like GovDirections or GovWin to find contracts and submit bids directly through the website
  • Check with your local state Department of Labor or local Chamber of Commerce to see if they’re accepting bids on any open pressure washing contracts
  • Search online for “government pressure washing contracts + [YOUR LOCATION]” 

Residential pressure washing contracts

Some homeowners are looking for routine power washing services, like monthly window washing or quarterly driveway washing.

Here’s how to find residential pressure washing contracts:

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