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Pressure Washing Flyers: Examples and Tips to Get More Leads

May 21, 2024 5 min. read

With a host of affordable or free templates and print services available, you don’t need to be a design expert to create a stunning pressure washing flyer that attracts new customers. 

They’re quick to make, can be printed in bulk, and are easy to distribute in a particular neighborhood.

Keep reading to browse examples to inspire your design, what to include in your flyer, and learn about online services that can help you create your own professional flyers. 

Creating and distributing pressure washing flyers is an effective and low-cost way to promote your small business and generate new, high-quality leads. 

Take it from Jeff Handford of ABC Advanced Bin Cleaning, who found it one of the best ways to find new customers when he was starting out:

10 pressure washing flyer ideas to inspire your design

1. Offering a discount

Here’s a super simple design concept that includes a discount promo to encourage a potential customer to act.

image of pressure washing flyer example

2. Tearaway flyers

Below is an example of a tearaway flyer. Instead of dropping door-to-door, you could post around the neighborhood or in local retail stores to promote your power washing services.

image of power washing tearaway flyer

Pro Tip: Tearaway flyers can be used by up to 10 different customers, saving a ton on printing costs compared to printing and delivering individual flyers to every homeowner in your neighborhood.

3. Featuring customer testimonials

In this postcard-format flyer, the company includes a couple of testimonials as proof of its high-quality service.

image of Revive Services pressure washing flyer

4. Door hangers

A pressure washing door hanger is cut to fit on a typical front door handle, making it highly visible to homeowners leaving or returning home.

Example of door hanger flyer from Pressure Washing Reource.

Pro Tip: Members of the Jobber Entrepreneurship Group find door-hanger style flyers super effective and have the best ROI.

5. Pictures of employees

In this example, the pressure washing business showcases its employees’ hard work.

An example of a pressure washing flyer featuring employees

6. Adding coupons to your flyer

Adding coupons to your flyers, like this pressure washing business, could incentivize potential clients to contact you. 

An example of a power washing company's flyer that includes coupons.

7. Before and after photos

In this simple pressure washing flyer example, the business shows before-and-after pictures of its work to demonstrate results.

A power washing flyer that shows before and after results.

8. Call out specializations and licensing

This pressure washing company highlights that it is a specialist in its trade and calls out that it is licensed and insured. 

An example of a pressure washing flyer that includes being licensed and insured.

9. Adding QR codes to your flyers

This flyer features a QR code where customers can instantly request a quote for services.

Adding a QR code to your pressure washing flyer

10. Starting prices of services

This service provider includes base rates for services on their flyer. Including base rates give customers a rough idea of how much it will cost them and can reduce sticker shock.

A power washing flyer template that includes base rates.

What do you put on a pressure washing flyer?

You’ve got some inspiration, but before you choose a design, you need to know what will make it stand out.

  • Pressure washing business name 
  • Contact information: website and phone number
  • Power washing services (like house, patio, driveway, or window cleaning service) 
  • Preferred contact method for booking a service

You may also consider adding:

  • A before and after image of a completed job
  • A high-quality image of your team
  • A promotion or discount
  • Pressure washing slogans or taglines
  • A QR code that links to your website or social account
  • Google star review

Pro Tip: To track the return on investment from your flyer, consider adding a discount code. When a client books a service with the code, you’ll know that a flyer helped you win that business.

example of pressure washing flyer discount code

How to make a pressure washing flyer

There are a number of different ways to design a professional flyer. The option will depend on your budget, marketing goals, and brand. If you’re looking for something super customized, you can hire a freelance designer in your area or use a freelance service like Fiverr

If a simpler pressure washing flyer template will do, or you prefer to create your flyers yourself, you can use any number of online design tools: 


Some basic free pressure washing flyer templates are available with Canva that you can customize with your company information. The online design tool even has a printing service. If you’re a paid subscriber, even more stunning flyer templates are available to customize to your business needs. 


With Zazzle, you pay per flyer and choose from various templates for basic customization, including the option to add photos and your company’s details. After customizing the flyer, you can order prints directly from the site. 


Online printing services from VistaPrint are a good option if you want to create and print various marketing materials, including flyers. They have some basic templates that you can customize with your information. 


With MyCreativeShop, you can choose from several different pressure washing flyer templates, including door hangers. The online design service also offers shipping options to direct mail your flyers to a designated area.


If you don’t want to find or build your own flyer template in Canva, several pre-built templates are available for digital download on Etsy that you can use in Canva to customize to your business needs. 

Pro tip: Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll want to select a font and color that best matches your home service branding and keeps your flyers simple and easy to read.

Going beyond flyers to market your business

Creating and distributing flyers is a great first step in getting your name out there. But to grow your small business, you’ll also need to look at other pressure washing marketing strategies.

From advertising to building your website to email marketing, all these tactics work together to get you more leads! 

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