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Markate vs Housecall Pro: Which is Best for Running Your Business?

Which is better management software for your home service business: Markate or Housecall Pro? See how their features compare so you can choose the best solution for running your business.

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Markate and Housecall Pro are business management tools that help service professionals run smoother operations. 

The main difference between Markate and Housecall Pro is that Markate is missing features that help you deliver a more professional experience and maximize your profits—like route optimization or job costing.

Jobber is another business management software with more robust features that helps you run a smoother operation, schedule and manage your crew, and provide a seamless experience for your customers. More than 200,000 field service pros use Jobber to automate repetitive admin tasks and save up to seven hours every week.  

Let’s look at the specific features and services Markate, Housecall Pro, and Jobber offer, and how they compare,  to determine which is best for your business.

Feature Comparison

Housecall Pro
customer management

Track all your customer info, so you and your team can deliver personalized service that makes every customer feel like they’re your #1. 

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24/7 customer self-serve portal that lets your customers request work, confirm appointment details, approve quotes, and pay invoices online. 

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Fill your schedule with less effort by letting customers book appointments online. Watch jobs appear in your schedule while you stay in control of your availability.

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Keep customers in the loop with automated emails and text messages, so you can spend more time on productive work.

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Job tracking

Schedule and assign jobs to you or your team faster,  avoid booking conflicts, reschedule and reassign work to your crew members, and instantly notify them of schedule changes. 

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Reduce overhead costs, map one-off or recurring jobs for all of your crews, and optimize routes in a matter of seconds. 

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Get a clear picture of your team’s whereabouts while they are on the move and assign jobs to the closest member around that location.

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Create detailed one-off or recurring job requests and track important job details in one place, so your team can access them on the go. 

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Create checklists that set your team up for success, keep everyone accountable, and ensure consistent performance for all jobs done. 

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Get accurate information on how much time your team spends on each job.

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Save time tracking business expenses wherever you and your team are, so everyone knows how much was spent on each job.

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Create, send, and track professional quotes your customers can understand and approve easily. 

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Track all job costs in one place, including materials, labor, and miscellaneous expenses to get a real-time view of job profitability,

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Sell higher-value jobs and packages by letting your customers pay over time.

Jobber users increase sales up to 20% when they offer consumer financing on their quotes. 

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Invoicing & payments

Create professional invoices, batch invoices, collect automatic payments and send automatic invoice follow-ups right from the app.

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Manage payments and work in one place you work, so you don’t miss a thing. 

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Let customers pay you on the spot with one tap and avoid manually entering your client’s credit card information.

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Get paid instantly, so you can have money to pay your bills, buy more materials, and more. 

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setup and integrations

Integrate with your favorite home service apps and software to do more with your business.

Markate is missing key app integrations, like FleetSharp, that help you plan efficient routes and live GPS tracking to see where your team is in real time.

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Sync customer information, invoice, payment details, and important business info between Jobber and QuickBooks Online to avoid manual entry errors. 

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Build brand awareness, promote new services or deals, and stay top-of-mind with professional email and postcard marketing campaigns. 

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Automate repetitive workflows and connect with 2,000+ apps.

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Additional features

Unlimited live chat, phone, and email support. 

Markate has limited support availability. Support is only available via its website, phone, and email within business hours. There’s no in-app chat.

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Access to a private group of home service business entrepreneurs to share advice, ask questions, learn new things—and overall, feel supported by others who get what they’re building.

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Make fast and accurate scheduling decisions while on the go via iOS and Android apps. Track your team’s progress, communicate with customers, create/send invoices, and record important notes to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Jobber mobile app is available in both English and Spanish for select team members.

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Find out how your field service business is really doing. Customize your reports so you see the most important information, view in-product, or export to Excel or CSV files.
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What can Markate do vs. Housecall Pro? And how does Jobber compare?

Running a home service business is challenging. You want to deliver the best customer experience, but administrative and operational tasks can get in the way. You need a solution that helps the entire job run smoothly, from quoting and scheduling to payment.

Markate and Housecall Pro are designed to help you manage daily operations. However, as a leading Markate and Housecall Pro alternative, Jobber offers critical features to help your field service business run more smoothly for you and your customers.

We’ve looked at four features across each solution: scheduling and dispatching, customer support, online customer portal, and convenient online payments.

Scheduling & Dispatching


Markate’s scheduling feature helps you quickly schedule and assign jobs to your team and notify your team of any changes in their schedule. However, it doesn’t have a map view to show your team’s daily route, which gives you less flexibility in viewing and managing assigned work. 

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro scheduling feature helps you schedule your jobs, so you can fit more work into your week. It also sends notifications to your team if there are any changes and sends automated messages to customers, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting appointments. However, with Housecall Pro you’re limited to only one calendar view to schedule work and dispatch your crew.


Jobber lets you reclaim the time you spend managing schedules and maximize productivity. Create a job and assign it to your team with only a few clicks. Then choose from five different calendar views, to get a clear visual of your crew’s availability. You can also personalize your calendars with color coding and filters to quickly see what’s important—like job statuses or visits assigned to certain team members. 

At the start of each work day, use the map view to visualize your visits and automatically generate the fastest, most fuel-efficient route. And when a last-minute job comes in, assign it to the closest team member based on their GPS waypoint. They’ll receive a push notification to their phone with all the details.

Jobber schedule map view for job routing and route planning software

Convenient Online Payments


Markate accepts credit card payments to help you get paid faster. However, you have to set up an account and integrate with a 3rd-party payment provider, which takes time away from your business. Markate integrates with PayPal, Venmo, Square, and others, which means you’ll have to wait for 2-5 working days, on average, to get paid, depending on which you choose.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro offers convenient payment options including a mobile card reader for on-the-spot payments after a service is complete. Plus, instant payouts through Housecall Pro help you get paid faster. 


Jobber’s convenient online payment options let you get paid 4x faster than cheques, and are available on every plan—with no additional monthly or set-up fees.

Use Jobber’s mobile card reader to get paid on the spot, so you don’t waste time chasing down payments. Customers can also pay via the online customer portal using credit cards, ACH bank payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

The Jobber Card Reader accepting a mobile credit card payment

Instant payouts allow you to access your funds seconds after the payment is received, even on weekends and holidays. The instant payout feature only costs 1% of the total fee—no hidden charges to steal your profits. Its credit card feature is perfect for recurring work as Jobber lets you automatically charge customer cards that are saved on file, so you can get paid without lifting a finger.

Online Customer Portal


Markate has an online customer portal you can access via the Markate app. Clients can view appointments, approve quotes, pay invoices, request new work, and view past work. 

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro’s customer portal lets your customers view past and upcoming appointments, pay invoices, and send a message to request any appointment changes.


Jobber’s online customer portal lets customers easily request work, approve quotes, make payments, and refer friends at their convenience, anytime and from anywhere. You’ll spend less time answering phone calls from clients, looking for invoices, or confirming appointment details. Customers can also view their past and  upcoming appointments and see the name and photos of any team members assigned to the work. This way, you can focus on the job at hand while offering customers a professional, convenient experience.

Customer Support


Markate has limited customer support. Support is only available via its website, phone, and email within business hours. There’s no in-app chat. This means you have to wait until the next business day if you encounter challenges outside work hours. 

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro offers live chat and phone support; however, there aren’t any guarantees about how quickly you’ll receive help. 


Jobber has award-winning customer service that has one purpose: to help you succeed as you use the tool to run your business. That’s why all customers enjoy unlimited phone, in-app chat, and email support. Plus, Jobber offers unlimited free 1:1 product coaching to help you make the most out of every feature.  

When you call the Jobber support team, you can expect to speak to someone within 2-5 minutes. The Jobber team understands how aggravating it is to sit on hold for 40 minutes, only to hang up because of your other priorities. That’s why our waiting period is so short.

Integrations built for your workflow

You make your money working on-site across multiple projects. Switching between different applications for admin work is a waste of precious time you’ll never get back. 

Jobber saves you time by seamlessly integrating with your favorite apps and software so you can run your business better and achieve your milestones.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a complete cloud-based accounting solution that saves you time on bookkeeping, reporting, and financial management. Markate, Housecall Pro, and Jobber all integrate with QuickBooks Online.


Attract more customers with ready-to-run email marketing campaigns, postcards, Facebook ads, and more. Housecall Pro and Jobber integrate with MailChimp, but Markate doesn’t. 


Save time when you move info automatically between Jobber and 1,500+ web apps. Markate, Housecall Pro, and Jobber integrate with Zapier. 


Optimize your field operations with live GPS tracking and know where your team is in real time. Jobber integrates with FleetSharp, but Markate and Housecall Pro don’t.

Markate pricing, Housecall Pro pricing, and Jobber pricing

Markate offers one pricing plan for owner operators, plus an additional charge per employee for teams. Like Jobber, it also offers the option to choose between monthly and annual payment plans, and you can test their product for 14 days with a free trial. But you’ll also have to pay an extra charge for features like online booking.

Housecall Pro includes pricing information for each plan on its website. Its basic tier offers less than five seats at an expensive cost for a small business. If your business needs more than five seats, you’ll need to book a demo with sales.

Jobber offers a 14-day free trial for you to try out the software before making a commitment  and four flexible, affordable, and transparent plans with robust features suitable for any stage of your business. You can check Jobber’s plans and pricing on the website and test the product before making a final decision. Or, speak with a member of their sales team to help you decide which option is best for your business.

Markate app reviews, Housecall Pro app reviews, and Jobber app reviews

If you’re looking for Markate reviews and Housecall Pro reviews, make sure to look on trustworthy sites like GetApp or Capterra. For real user reviews of the Markate app and Housecall Pro app, check out the App Store or Google Play Store.

As of this writing, the Markate app has 202 reviews on Google Play Store and 107 reviews on the App Store. The Housecall Pro app has 2.2K reviews on the Google Play store and just under 9K reviews on the App Store. Jobber’s mobile app has 2K mobile app reviews on the Google Play Store and 1.7K reviews on the App Store.

Why home service businesses choose Jobber over Markate and Housecall Pro

Over 200,000 home service pros choose Jobber, because it helps home service run smoothly for you, your team, and your customers.

Here are the top reasons businesses choose Jobber over Markate and Housecall Pro:

✅Control your entire operations in one place—quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and payments.

✅Give clients a convenient way to request work, approve quotes, and make payments 24/7.

✅ Save up to seven hours a week on administrative tasks. 

Jobber is a leading Markate and Housecall Pro alternative with all the features you need, demonstrating its commitment to the growth of your business through incredible customer service and award-winning, 1:1 product coaching.

Markate has limited support availability. Support is only available via its website, phone, and email within business hours. There is no in-app chat. On the other hand, Housecall Pro offers live chat and phone support, but there are no guarantees about how quickly you’ll receive help.

All Jobber customers enjoy unlimited phone, in-app chat, and email support. You typically speak to a real person within 2-5 minutes.


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