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Apply to be a speaker at Jobber Summit

Jobber Summit brings valuable, actionable sessions to an audience of home service business owners and teams. We’re looking for speakers from home service, business, or entrepreneurial perspectives to share real advice and drive real change. Check out our sessions from the 2024 event here.

Guidelines for applying

Before applying through the submission form at the bottom of the page, read our guidelines:

Who should apply to speak?

  • Home service business owners with actionable insight to share. 
  • Experts, coaches, and consultants in finance, marketing, accounting, operations, and other areas of business who regularly work with home service businesses.
  • Business professionals or entrepreneurs not in home service that have applicable and actionable advice.
  • Professional business speakers that can tailor a presentation for the home service industry.

Not sure if you’re a fit? Apply anyway! Or reach out to [email protected] and ask.

Tips for writing your speaker application

  • We are only looking for sessions that are actionable and specific—no fluff! Be sure to outline what key takeaways your session has for attendees in your application.
  • Fit the content to the audience. Our attendees are small business owners and teams in the home service industry—the plumbers, HVAC technicians, contractors, landscapers, home and office cleaners, and more, who we rely on every day. It’s a diverse audience, so make sure your session is applicable across home service professions.
  • No self-promotions or sales pitches. Jobber Summit is meant to be educational and inspirational.
  • We are looking for completed ideas and pitches. You don’t have to write out the whole session, but if your application is only a few sentences long, it probably isn’t detailed enough.
  • Share what other areas of expertise you have and other topics that you’d be open to speaking about. This will help us identify if you’d be a good fit for a different session.

More information about Jobber Summit

Types of sessions

Presentations (20 minutes)

The speaker, or speakers, educates the audience on a topic. Typically the speaker uses slides to help visualize and organize the presentation.

Fireside Chats (20 minutes)

Two (or more) speakers have a self-lead discussion on a topic, asking each other questions and providing insights. Can be combined with a presentation.

Panel (20 minutes)

Up to three speakers answering questions on a topic, facilitated by a moderator.

Session tracks

Sessions will be broken out into 3 tracks, run simultaneously. Identify which audience your topic best compliments, and keep these tracks in mind when submitting your application.


Sessions for business owners looking to improve their systems and lay a solid foundation in their home service business.


Sessions for businesses with their feet on the ground that are looking to grow their business capacity.


Sessions for established businesses that want to expand and scale up.

Session topics

Sessions at Jobber Summit aim to help attendees run a successful home service business. They cover topics in a range of areas, like employee and customer relationships, process and operational efficiency, and profitability and financials.

Session topics should not be specific to any one industry—home service business owners from across industries should be able to learn something from all sessions!

Below is a list of topics Jobber Summit speakers have covered in the past. These are just examples, please bring your own fresh ideas for session topics!

Previous Jobber Summit Session Topics:
  • Attracting and Hiring Top Talent: How to reach, attract, hire, and onboard all-star employees
  • Getting Customer Referrals and Reviews: How to ask for, collect, and earn client referrals and five-star online reviews
  • Organizing and Refining Your Business Processes: Ideas and tips for introducing and optimizing processes that will make your business more efficient
  • How to Better Reach Customers on Social Media: Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to connect with current clients and attract new ones
  • Improving Cash Flow and Profitability: How to keep your business financially healthy by balancing revenue, expenses, and profit
  • How to Set and Stand Behind Your Prices: Pricing services accurately, positioning your business as a quality service provider, and dealing with customer objections about prices

If you have multiple potential topics, outline them in your application.

“Most informative PD day I’ve been at in years.”

Peggy Brenneman

Speaker application details

Application timeline

Wednesday, July 3, 2024: Speaker application form opens

Friday, August 23, 2024: Speaker application form closes

September – October: Select applicants invited to meet with our events team. This meeting will be used to further assess a speaker’s fit for the event, and doesn’t guarantee a speaking slot. Unsuccessful submissions won’t be notified.

Speaker application terms

  • Application confirmation does not guarantee a speaking slot. Speaker confirmation is subject to one or more conversations with our event team and the signing of an engagement contract.
  • Speakers will be notified of the exact date of Jobber Summit 2025 once confirmed, and will be required to attend the event.
  • Speakers will receive a fee for their contribution.
  • Selected speakers agree to promote their involvement on social media at the direction of our event team.
  • Selected speakers grant permission to promote involvement as a speaker across our channels.
  • Selected speakers agree that we have editorial discretion over the format and content of the session, including editing of the session video.
  • The session video will be the property of Jobber Summit and can be used in perpetuity. Selected speakers can also share their video post-event at the discretion of the event team.
  • Once the topic and session content for selected speakers is confirmed, it can only be changed with permission from the event team.

Application Form

Apply to be a Speaker at Jobber Summit