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8 Appointment Reminder Templates to Use for Your Service Business

October 27, 2022 7 min. read
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appointment reminder text message

Last-minute cancellations and no-show clients can cause a lot of problems for your service business. Not only will you have a hole in your schedule that will be nearly impossible to fill, but you’ll also have to find a way to make up for the lost income.

Appointment reminder emails and texts are a simple and effective way to keep your books full and your clients happy.

Here are some appointment reminder templates you can use for emails, text messages, and phone calls to get you started.

Appointment reminder email templates

Appointment reminder emails should include:

  • The date and time of the appointment
  • The name of your business
  • A description of the service being performed and the cost
  • The location of the service call
  • Information about how to confirm, cancel, or reschedule the appointment

There are three popular times to send appointment reminder messages to client:

  • Immediately after a booking is made
  • 24 hours before an appointment
  • An hour before your arrival

You can use a single email, or a mix of all three, depending on how you want to communicate with your clients and what works for your service business.

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Using Jobber, you can create appointment confirmation emails that allow clients to confirm an appointment using a link that’s included directly in the message. Once confirmed, it’ll show up in Jobber’s client hub, where it can be viewed by the client.

Here’s what it looks like:

image of appointment reminder message through Jobber
Example of an appointment reminder auto-reply sent in Jobber.

Appointment reminder text templates

Sending appointment reminder text messages is great for clients who are on the go and don’t check email regularly.

Appointment reminder text messages are typically shorter than emails, so they don’t include as much information. However, you should still include the basics, such as:

  • Your business name
  • The date and time of the appointment
  • How to confirm
appointment reminder text message
Example of an appointment reminder text message sent in Jobber

Similar to appointment reminder emails, appointment reminder text messages are typically sent immediately after booking, the day before the service call, or an hour before.

You can use Jobber to draft and schedule as many appointment reminders as you need, at the intervals that work best for you.

image of how to set up automatic client reminders in Jobber

Here are some appointment reminder text templates you can use for your service business.

Appointment reminder templates for phone calls

Appointment reminder phone calls are the least popular of the three methods since they are the most time-consuming, hardest to automate, and you have to rely on your memory or taking diligent notes.

But, if you only have a few clients or you prefer a more personal touch, phone calls may still be a good option for you.

Unlike emails and texts, phone calls are usually only made 1-3 days prior to a service call. Since phone calls are more disruptive than text messages and emails, use them sparingly.

And, you’ll also need to be prepared for one of two scenarios:

  • Leaving a voicemail message
  • Speaking to the client

In both cases, you’ll need to be in a quiet environment, where you can speak clearly, calmly, and professionally. Being prepared is key.

Using an appointment reminder template can help you to make sure that you communicate all the right information on the spot, such as:

  • Who you are and your business name
  • Why you are calling
  • When the appointment is and what it’s for
  • How to confirm the appointment

Here are two scripts you can use depending on whether you talk to a client or leave a message.

Appointment reminder etiquette

Regardless of whether you use Jobber to create and send your appointment reminders, or you deliver them manually, there are some rules to follow.

The more professional your message and timing, the better client experience you will develop. Be sure to:

1. Keep messages short and sweet

Emails, texts, and phone call appointment reminders should be straightforward and to the point. Include enough information to communicate the purpose of the message without overwhelming your client with unnecessary details.

2. Avoid sending too many messages

While you can contact clients multiple times about the same appointment, try not to get on their nerves. A single message when an appointment is booked may be all you need.

Or, you may choose to send an email with details about the service call immediately after booking and a quick text the day before.

Find what works for you and be mindful of going overboard.

3. Pay attention to the time

Realistically, you can send an email whenever and it doesn’t make a difference, but be mindful of texts and phone calls.

For example, a call or text too early or late in the day can be inappropriate. Similarly, calling clients on a weekend may be overstepping unless they’re expecting it.

4. Be polite and professional

It goes without saying, but any communication you have with clients should be polite and professional. Review your appointment reminder templates for typos and errors.

If you’re manually sending each appointment reminder, triple-check that you have the correct client name, spelling, and service call details before hitting send.

5. Automate when possible

Automating your appointment reminder texts and emails means that you can choose your messaging, frequency, and timing in advance.

This can make a big difference for service providers with hectic schedules and large client lists.

Automating your messages and using appointment reminder templates with Jobber saves you from:

  • Manually typing and sending texts and emails
  • Making errors like using the wrong client name or date and time
  • Managing appointment confirmations yourself
  • Trying to remember which client you sent a message to and when

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