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Automated client communication software that keeps clients informed

Save time and avoid miscommunication with automated customer reminders and follow-ups. You’ll stay focused on your work while email and texts from Jobber keep your customers in the loop.

Automated client communication software by Jobber

How does client communication work in Jobber?

Professional Text & Email Templates

Start with professional, customizable templates

Create professional email and text templates in Jobber that you can personalize for each job or client as needed.

Customize templates for every communication type, including booking confirmations, invoice follow-ups, and more.

Jobber template for an email thanking a customer for their request
Automated Quote Follow-ups

Get quote approvals faster

To help you keep work moving forward, Jobber automatically sends emails or text messages that remind clients to review and approve their quote.

Quote follow-up settings and examples in Jobber
Automated Visit Reminders

Prevent no-shows and prepare clients for visits

Schedule emails or text messages to remind clients of upcoming appointments.

Customers can click through to client hub, their online self-serve portal, to review details, view assigned team members, and more.

Appointment details in client hub and a visit reminder message sent through the Jobber mobile app
On-my-way Texts

Let clients know you’re on your way

Customize your on-my-way text message,  and Jobber will make it easy to send it to customers on the go.

Plus, team members using the Jobber app in Spanish can send the pre-written English texts to customers to make communication even easier.

On-my-way text sent from a service provider to a customer through Jobber
Automated Job Follow-ups

Follow up after every job

Schedule follow-up emails to gather client feedback, ask for a review, or simply say thank you after every job.

Client feedback survey sent from a service provider through Jobber
Automated Invoice Follow-ups

Stop chasing payments

Jobber automatically sends a customized email or text follow-up to clients, reminding them to pay their outstanding invoice.

Automated follow-up text sent from a field service provider reminding a customer about an outstanding invoice
Two-way Text Messaging

Stay on top of client conversations

Text with clients on the go, knowing that all conversations will be stored in Jobber for you (or an assigned team member) to keep track of.

Two-way text messaging between a field service business and customer in Jobber

What is automated client communication software?

Automated client communication software, like Jobber, sends automatic emails and text messages to your customers to keep them informed about your work. This way, customers know what’s going on at every stage of the job and never feel ignored.

Jobber lets you send and receive client communication in the same place you manage jobs, scheduling, quoting, and invoicing. This makes it easier to keep your customers informed on upcoming work and documents that need their attention.

For your Business:

• Spend less time communicating with customers when they’re already informed

• Keep work moving forward by quickly reminding clients of quotes and invoices

• Easily access your communication history with each client

For your Customer:

• Get alerted about important documents and access them easily

• Avoid surprises about appointments by reviewing the details online

• Have a personalized experience and consistent customer service

Integrations that fit the way you work

Jobber connects with your favorite apps and software to save you time.

Availability depends on location and plan

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Over 200,000 home service pros trust Jobber

I can’t live without the automated customer follow-ups.

Jobber has helped us get a lot of repeat business.

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