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Cleaning Industry Trends: 27 Market Trends Affecting Your Business (2024)

May 24, 2024 1 min. read
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The cleaning industry is always changing, and we’re here to explore those changes with you. These residential and commercial cleaning trends can show you what’s happening in the industry and how to stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s go through cleaning statistics and trends that will shape the way you do business in 2024.

7 cleaning industry statistics

How’s the cleaning industry doing, anyway? Find out with these commercial and residential cleaning industry statistics:

  1. On average, cleaning businesses grew revenue by 11% each year from 2021 to 2023. (Jobber)
  2. Almost 10% of households in the United States use residential cleaning services. (Cleango)
  3. Franchise cleaning businesses only earn 10% of total revenue in the cleaning industry. (Cleango)
  4. The global commercial cleaning market could reach $468.2B in revenue by 2027. (Grandview Research)
  5. As of May 2023, over 836,000 people were employed as residential cleaners in the United States, with a median hourly wage of $16.08 per hour. (U.S. Bureau of Labor)
  6. Over 2.3 million people are employed as janitors and building cleaners in the United States, with a median hourly wage of $16.84 per hour. (U.S. Bureau of Labor)
  7. There will be 336,700+ new janitorial jobs in the United States by 2032. (U.S. Bureau of Labor)

We work with a lot of professional people that spend so much time taking care of everyone else that their home’s not organized.

They’re looking for someone to help them get their lives together.

Clover Hubbard Love Green Clean

You always want to be upselling, even when the client hasn’t asked for it.

Christine Hodge Clearview Washing
  • Cost cutting: Business owners are continuing to save money by buying items from their cleaning business supplies list in bulk. Or, you might prefer to invest in higher-quality supplies that can be replaced less often.
  • Online marketing: Many businesses are continuing to invest in cleaning ads on social media and search engines, including Google’s Local Services Ads. This continues to be a popular way to get more cleaning clients.
  • Technology: Cleaning companies are exploring technology and automation like cleaning business software. This makes it easy to manage quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and client relationships.
  • Staffing issues: Cleaning companies are turning down business, waitlisting new clients, or canceling regular clients because they don’t have enough cleaners to meet demand. Some businesses have an easier time hiring cleaners when they have a clear house cleaner job description and offer a higher cleaner salary.
  • Employee care: Happy cleaners are loyal and productive cleaners—and they stick around. That’s why some cleaning businesses now offer paid vacation, health benefits, and other perks. They also focus on creating a positive experience and training cleaners so they’re more confident in their work.

8 cleaning business opportunities

2024 is your year for growing your cleaning business. Pursue one of these opportunities for cleaning business owners:

  1. Client feedback: Find out what clients think about your business with customer feedback surveys. Use these insights to improve your processes, motivate your employees, and keep your clients satisfied.
  2. Niche services: Give your clients something nobody else can. For example, offer different types of cleaning services that competitors don’t. Or, if you really want to stand out, include ready-made meal delivery as part of your residential cleaning service so clients can come home to a clean house and a hot dinner.
  3. Cleaning contracts: Cleaning contracts and repeat clients help you predict what future cash flow will look like and plan operations accordingly. Learn how to get cleaning contracts, then go after more contract clients for long-term repeat business.
  4. Professional development: Find out how to grow your business and become a more confident business owner with cleaning business resources and events like Jobber Summit.
  5. Online presence: Use social media advertising and search engine marketing to promote your cleaning business online. While you’re at it, make sure your cleaning business website is designed to help site visitors become paying clients.
  6. Marketing: We know cleaning businesses are seeing much of their growth from repeat clients. First you need to find and win those clients. Promote your cleaning business using marketing methods like cleaning flyers.
  7. Online payment: Digital payments made up roughly 40% of home service transactions in the United States in 2023. Use credit card processing tools like Jobber Payments to help your clients pay their invoices, fast.
  8. Business software: Organize your operations and stand out from competitors by using cleaning business software like Jobber. It’ll also give you back more time in your day so you can focus on growing the business.

We have software to run our business that keeps things running smoothly on a day-to-day basis for the employees and the customers.

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4 threats to the cleaning industry

Not all office and house cleaning industry trends are positive. Watch out for these threats to the cleaning industry that might make trouble for your business:

  1. Stiff competition: There are plenty of other cleaning companies who offer the same services and benefits as you—and some of them have lower prices. Find a way to stand out and give your clients something extra that they can only get from you.
  2. Raising prices: Inflation is slowing down, which means you might find it harder to raise prices in 2024. Learn how much to charge for house cleaning if you’re in the residential market, or research commercial cleaning prices if your clients are other businesses.
  3. Employee shortages: For a few years now, home service businesses have found it hard to retain employees. Make sure you offer great compensation and benefits, have a solid hiring process, and work hard to keep your employees satisfied.
  4. Rising costs: Thanks to changes in the economy, you’ve likely noticed rising overhead costs that are cutting into your profit margins. One way to cut costs is to trim your list of cleaning supply vendors. You can also try to get bundles or deals by switching to just one or two providers.

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What is the future of cleaning?

Whether it’s for homes or businesses, cleaning will always be a necessary service. There are always new market trends for cleaning services, so you need to be ready.

And with this list of residential and commercial cleaning industry trends, you will be.

Originally published in March 2022. Last updated on May 24, 2024.

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