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Junk Removal Names: 290 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Business

February 24, 2023 10 min. read
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The right junk removal name helps your small business stand out, attracts customers, and tells them what makes you different from other junk removal companies.

But what’s the right business name, and how do you find it? Come up with the perfect name for your junk removal business using this list of 290 junk removal business name ideas.

30 funny junk removal company names

A funny business name makes customers laugh, is easy to remember, and is likely to earn a recommendation when family or friends need a junk removal service. Consider a name like:

  • Better Call Haul Junk Removal
  • Bin Around the Block Hauling
  • Bin the Meantime Junk Haulers
  • Bin the Zone Haulers
  • Bin There Done That Junk Co.
  • Binterest Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Clutter Ball Junk Removal Co.
  • Clutter Island Waste Removal
  • Clutterfingers Junk Solutions
  • Dumper Cars Junk Services
  • Haul Day Every Day Disposal
  • Haul In A Day’s Work Junk Disposal
  • Haul In Good Time Junkers
  • Haul It A Day Waste Removal 
  • Hoardwalk Empire Haulers
  • Hop, Skip & Dump Waste Solutions
  • In The Bag Junk Removal Services
  • It’s A Scrap Junk Removal
  • Junk In Our Trunk Waste Removal
  • Junk Rockers Waste Removal Co.
  • Junky Brewster Waste Solutions
  • Might As Well Dump Junk Co.
  • Pack Your Bags Junk Haulers
  • Party Trashers Junk Solutions
  • Scrap Back Junk Removal Company
  • Scrap Out Of It Junk Services
  • The Harder They Haul Disposal
  • Trash Course Junkers
  • Trash Talkers Hauling
  • Uptown Junk Waste Removal

Pro Tip: Check to make sure your chosen name is available in your city, state, and country. A good first step is to google “NAME + AREA” and search your area’s trademark database.

35 clever junk removal business names

A clever name makes your junk removal business sound smart and is easier for customers to remember. Try one of these clever junk removal names:

  • Above Hoard Junk Removal
  • Acquired Waste Junk Co.
  • Another Man’s Treasure Disposal
  • Bag It Junk Removal Company
  • Baldertrash Junk Removal Co.
  • Bargain Bins Junk Company
  • Bin & Out Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Bin Good Time Junkers
  • Box Clutter Junk Solutions
  • Can It Junk Removal Company
  • Clean Sweep Junk Haulers
  • Dames Who Declutter
  • Debris Committee Hauling
  • Debris Spree Junk Removal
  • Dumpster Hire Waste Removal
  • Haul To Arms Junk Services
  • Haul Well and Good Junk Co.
  • Heaps & Mounds Disposal
  • Hoard Knows Haulers
  • Hoardroom Junk Solutions
  • Hot Mess Waste Removal Services
  • Jack of Haul Trades Disposal
  • Junk-a-Roos Waste Removal
  • Long Haul Waste Solutions
  • Over the Dump Junkers
  • Running Dump Hauling
  • Scrap Shoot Junk Removal
  • Scrap To It Waste Disposal
  • Short Haul Junk Company
  • Thanks Heaps Junk Haulers
  • The Garbage Man Can
  • Top of the Heap Junk Services
  • Trailer Trash Waste Removal Co.
  • Trash & Burn Haulers
  • Waste Not Junk Disposal

Pro Tip: Check to make sure your business name is appropriate as an acronym or shortened version. For example, One-Call Tidy-Up (OCTU) is a fine name, but Junk Experts of Richmond Kentucky may not earn the reputation you want.

35 catchy junk removal names

A catchy junk removal business name is easy for customers to recognize and remember, which means it’s easy to share with family and friends, too. Try a junk removal name like:

  • Bless This Mess Junk Services
  • Can Do Waste Removal Services
  • Clean Slate Junk Removal
  • Cleanup Crew Junk Solutions
  • Dump It Junk Co.
  • Dump Street Junkers
  • Dumpster Dive Hauling
  • Haste Waste Junk Haulers
  • Haul Day Long Junk Removal Co.
  • Haul Work No Play Junkers
  • Heap of Trouble Haulers
  • Jolly Junkers Disposal
  • Just Junk Waste Removal
  • Less Mess Junk Removal Services
  • Litter Pickers Junk Company
  • No Mess No Stress Disposal
  • Odds & Ends Junk Removal
  • One Call Haul Waste Disposal
  • One Call Tidy-Up
  • One Man’s Trash Waste Solutions
  • Pile In Junk Removal Company
  • Scrap Dash Junk Solutions
  • Scrap Heap Hauling
  • Scrap Jack Junk Co.
  • Scrap Up Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Speed Dump Haulers
  • Steep Heap Junkers
  • Swag Bag Junk Haulers
  • Sweat The Big Stuff Waste Removal
  • Take Charge Tidy-Up
  • Tenacious Tidy Junk Services
  • The Garbage Men Junk Disposal
  • Top-Notch Tidy Junk Removal Co.
  • Trash It Waste Solutions
  • Waste Away Disposal

Pro Tip: Include service-related keywords like “junk removal” or “waste disposal” in your business name. This helps with search engine optimization (SEO) so potential customers can find your junk removal business online.

25 cool junk removal names

A cool junk removal business name tells customers you’ll work hard to clear away everything that’s cluttering up their home. These are just a few examples of cool junk removal names:

  • Chaos Crew Junk Haulers
  • Declutter Dudes Waste Solutions
  • Dump Day Junk Removal Co.
  • Dump Iron Junkers
  • First Call Haul Junk Services
  • Haul Away Junk Removal Company
  • Haul Systems Go Waste Removal
  • Heap Haulers Disposal
  • Hell Yes Mess Junk Disposal
  • Hoardwalk Junk Removal Services
  • Junk Punks Hauling
  • Litter Hitters Junk Company
  • Operation Cleanup Junk Disposal
  • Pile Driver Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Salvage Savers Waste Removal
  • Scrap Haulers Junk Services
  • Slam Dunk Junk Disposal
  • Stoneclutter Waste Removal Co.
  • Stuff of Legends Waste Solutions
  • Tactical Tidy Disposal
  • The Garbage Heapers Junk Co.
  • The Scrappers Waste Removal
  • Tidy Tycoons Junk Co.
  • Tough Stuff Waste Removal Services
  • Trash Bandits Hauling

25 unique junk removal business name ideas

A unique business name stands out in your service area and sets you apart from competitors. Try a junk removal name like:

  • Clutter Fly Junk Removal
  • Clutter Mouth Junk Haulers
  • Clutter’s Way Junkers
  • For the Hoard Junk Co.
  • Haul & Sundry Junk Services
  • Haul For All Junk Solutions
  • Haul That Jazz Disposal
  • Heaps Ahead Junk Removal Co.
  • Heaps More Junk Company
  • HoardingHouse Haulers
  • Junkadelic Waste Removal Co.
  • Junketeers Waste Disposal
  • Landfill Lovers Hauling
  • Litterbug Junk Removal
  • Load of Rubbish Waste Removal
  • Mad Trash Junk Solutions
  • Rubbish Recyclers Junk Co.
  • Scrap Doodle Haulers
  • Scrap Happy Junkers
  • Scrap Judgment Waste Solutions
  • Stuff It Junk Removal Co.
  • Tandem Tidy Junk Services
  • Three Bags Full Disposal
  • Tidy Today Junk Haulers
  • Whipper Scrappers Hauling

Pro Tip: Does your junk removal business also offer seasonal services like moving? Add those services to your business name so your customers know about everything you can do for them.

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50 professional junk removal names

A professional-sounding business name tells customers that you run a smooth operation with quality work and top-notch service. You could go with a professional junk removal name like:

  • Accelerate Junk Removal Co.
  • Advantage Disposal
  • Aspire Haulers
  • Associate Junk Removal
  • Avid Junk Removal Company
  • Best Junk Haulers
  • Boss Junk Solutions
  • Brilliant Waste Solutions
  • Capital Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Catalyst Junk Company
  • Command Junkers
  • Complete Waste Removal Services
  • Concord Junk Services
  • Courtesy Haulers
  • Depend Junk Co.
  • Direct Junk Removal Services
  • Drive Junk Haulers
  • Dynamic Hauling
  • Economy Junk Removal
  • Emerge Junk Disposal
  • Endurance Waste Removal
  • Enterprise Junk Solutions
  • Five-Star Waste Removal Co.
  • Flex Junk Removal Co.
  • Fortify Junk Services
  • Guardian Waste Disposal
  • Hero Junk Removal Company
  • Independent Junkers
  • Inspire Waste Solutions
  • Lead Junk Removal Services
  • Legend Junk Disposal
  • Merit Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Method Hauling
  • Peak Junk Haulers
  • Performance Haulers
  • Power Junk Co.
  • Premier Waste Removal Co.
  • Prospect Junk Services
  • Rely Waste Removal
  • Resolve Disposal
  • Satisfy Junk Solutions
  • Spirit Waste Removal Services
  • Summit Junk Company
  • Swift Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Talent Junk Removal
  • Thrive Waste Disposal
  • Value Junk Removal Services
  • Venture Junkers
  • Victory Hauling
  • Vision Junk Removal Co.

45 personal names for a junk removal business

Using your personal name as a junk removal business name can build on your reputation and create a friendly feeling around the business. Here’s what that could look like:

  • Alvarez Junk Removal Co.
  • Anderson Brothers Waste Removal
  • Bailey Junk Removal
  • Brooks & Sons Junk Company
  • Campbell Junkers
  • Castillo Sisters Disposal
  • Cox Junk Removal Services
  • Dave Dumps Waste Disposal
  • Evans Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Foster Waste Removal Services
  • Garcia & Daughters Junk Co.
  • Gonzales Junk Services
  • Green Junk Solutions
  • Harris & Sons Hauling
  • Hernandez Junk Haulers
  • Jackson Brothers Junk Disposal
  • Jesse’s Junk Removal
  • Johnson Family Haulers
  • Jones Junk Removal Co.
  • Kim Sisters Waste Solutions
  • King Junk Removal Company
  • Lee & Daughters Junk Disposal
  • Lopez Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Martin Junk Removal Services
  • Michael Recycles
  • Miller Junk Haulers
  • Morales Family Waste Disposal
  • Murphy Junk Co.
  • Nelson Brothers Waste Solutions
  • Nguyen Waste Removal Services
  • Parker Junk Solutions
  • Perez Family Waste Removal
  • Peterson Junk Removal Co.
  • Phillips Junkers
  • Price & Sons Disposal
  • Ramirez Junk Haulers
  • Roberts Junk Removal
  • Sanchez Junk Company
  • Smith Junk Removal Company
  • Stewart Sisters Hauling
  • Thomas Junk Services
  • Torres Junk Removal Services
  • Walker & Daughters Junk Disposal
  • Williams Haulers
  • Wilson Junk Solutions

Pro Tip: It’s best not to use your personal name for your junk removal business if you’ll ever sell or leave the company. Customers could be confused if there’s no Rick at Rick’s Junk Removal.

45 location-based junk removal name ideas

A location-based name tells your customers that you offer junk removal services in their city, state, or other geographic area. It can also help boost your ranking in search engine results when you use a name like:

  • Albany Junk Removal
  • Annapolis Junkers
  • Arizona Junk Removal Co.
  • Baton Rouge Hauling
  • Boise Junk Removal Services
  • California Junk Haulers
  • Cheyenne Haulers
  • Chicago Junk Services
  • Columbia Junk Solutions
  • Dallas Junk Removal Company
  • Delaware Junk Company
  • Dover Waste Removal Co.
  • Fresno Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Helena Junk Removal Co.
  • Houston Waste Removal Services
  • Illinois Junk Co.
  • Island Junk Removal
  • Jacksonville Waste Removal
  • Kansas City Disposal
  • Little Rock Junkers
  • Louisiana Junk Solutions
  • Louisville Waste Disposal
  • Memphis Waste Solutions
  • Miami Junk Removal Services
  • Milwaukee Junk Disposal
  • Missouri Junk Haulers
  • Mountain Waste Solutions
  • Nashville Junkers
  • New Orleans Waste Removal Co.
  • Oakland Junk Solutions
  • Olympia Junk Disposal
  • Oregon Junk Removal Company
  • Phoenix Waste Disposal
  • Portland Junk Services
  • Richmond Disposal
  • Riverbend Junk Removal Co.
  • Sacramento Junk Company
  • San Diego Hauling
  • Seattle Junk Removal
  • Tucson Waste Removal
  • Tulsa Junk Removal Services
  • Valley Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Virginia Haulers
  • Washington Junk Co.
  • Wisconsin Waste Removal Services

Pro Tip: Like one of these junk removal names, but don’t love it? Try changing the ending to something like Waste Disposal, Junk Solutions, or Junk Removal & Hauling.

How to name a junk removal company

Naming a junk removal business might feel like a big job, but it doesn’t have to be—just follow these simple steps:

  1. Brainstorm your own list of junk removal names, using the list of good junk removal company names in this article as a starting point. (You can also try a junk removal business name generator for extra inspiration.)
  2. Make a shortlist of a few junk removal business names that say something important about your business and are easy for customers to recognize and remember.
  3. Get feedback from family, friends, and potential customers who would use your junk removal services. Ask which business name they most connect with and why.
  4. Pick a name that fits your junk removal business—and make sure it’s not already taken in your city and state.

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When you’ve picked your junk removal business name, design a professional logo to go with it. Here’s a logo example using a business name idea from this article:

junk removal logo application

Real-life examples of junk removal names

While the names in this article are just ideas, you can also take inspiration from these real-life junk removal business names:

  • Fox Junk Removal suggests a team of clever people who can remove customers’ junk and get their homes and garages cleaned out, fast.
  • Hawaii Junk Removal is a simple but effective name that immediately tells potential customers where the business is located and what area it serves.
  • Junk Crusher’s business name not only promotes their junk-crushing equipment, but also tells customers that their junk problems are about to be solved.
  • Junk Punks sounds cool, edgy, and fully capable of tackling customers’ mountains of junk. They even call their employees “Punks” for an extra branded touch.
  • Live Junkless is a name that promotes the end result, not just a service—customers who pick them are going to enjoy a junkless life.

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How to register a junk removal business name

Protect your junk removal name by registering it before you start using it. You can do this at your local registry office or using an online tool like Ownr:

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Next steps after naming a junk removal business

Once you’ve chosen and registered a business name and you have a logo to go with it, you can keep moving through the process of starting a junk removal business:

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