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Lawn Care Flyers to Inspire You [+ How to Make Your Own]

February 14, 2024 7 min. read
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For new or established lawn care business owners, attracting new leads can help get your business off the ground and grow. Lawn care flyers are a popular way to do that.

In this article, we’ll show you different types of lawn care and landscaping flyers, how to create your own, and how to use flyers to turn prospects into clients.

We’ve even included tips and advice from lawn care experts Ed Ramsden (Enviromasters Lawn Care) and Chris Gardner (Edmonton Lawn Pros).

Simple lawn care flyer with discount

Offer a limited time discount on your lawn care flyer to encourage potential customers to act fast.

What this flyer does well:

  • Includes a catchy headline that reminds customers of the benefits of lawn care services
  • Provides a time-sensitive discount that encourages customers to book right away
  • Lists popular services and the company website for customers to learn more

New neighbor lawn mowing flyer with coupons

Coupons or discounts act as an incentive to encourage customers to book your services.

What this flyer does well:

  • Includes a discount to encourage potential customers to book a service 
  • Provides a “neighbor” discount to increase customer referrals
  • Includes popular lawn care services and company contact information

Lawn care service flyer with photos

Take some photos of your crew on the job to use on your lawn care flyers.

Example of a lawn care service flyer with photos

What this flyer does well:

  • Shows customers who they can expect to be working on their property
  • Includes a list of key services and a starting price point
  • Provides customers with their website and phone number to get in touch

Tearaway lawn care flyer 

Want a great-looking flyer, fast? Try a tearaway poster that you can put up in your target neighborhoods:

Example of a tearaway lawn care flyer templates

What this flyer does well:

  • Promotes the company name and the key services they offer
  • Provides potential customers with an easy way to get in touch
  • One flyer can be used by up to ten prospective clients

Creative landscaping flyer ideas

Stand out from other landscaping companies in your area with a creative flyer like this:

creative landscaping flyer example

What this flyer does well:

  • Tells homeowners their yard can be the envy of their neighborhood 
  • Provides information about their services and package pricing
  • Includes their logo, website, and phone number

Don’t have your own custom photos? Don’t worry—you can still make an eye-catching poster using text and color. Here’s an example:

example of a creative landscaping flyer without photos

What this flyer does well:

  • Includes a catchy headline, services, and starting pricing
  • Offers a time-sensitive discount to increase early bookings
  • Provides contact information that includes their website and phone number

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Landscaping fall cleanup flyer

Extend your lawn care services with a flyer that promotes your fall and winter lawn care services.

example of a landscaping fall cleanup flyer

What this flyer does well:

  • Includes an image of a fall lawn care service
  • Provides a list of fall cleanup services and a starting price point
  • Makes it easy for customers to get in touch through their website or by phone

What to include on a lawn mowing flyer

When you’re designing a lawn care or landscaping flyer, keep it simple but make sure to include:

  • Your lawn care business name and logo
  • Your contact details (phone, email, social media, landscaping website)
  • A brief list of your lawn care or landscaping services
  • High-quality photos of your work
  • A special offer or discount with a time limit
  • An exciting call to action (e.g., “call this number before July 4 for a discount”)

Ed Ramsden tried different discounts every year.

“One of our most compelling discounts was giving something away for free,” he said. “Instead of 20% off aeration, we’d offer a free soil conditioner worth $45.”

If there’s enough room on the flyer, you can also include:

  • Client testimonials and reviews
  • Before and after photos of completed jobs
  • A smart tagline or funny slogan
  • Your service business branding (e.g., colors, icons)
  • Any discounts for military, seniors, or community members in need
  • Anything that helps you stand out from the competition (e.g., weed control, pond work)

Chris Gardner recommends including your client referral program in your flyers, too.

Say your client tells their neighbor, ‘If you use this company, we’re both going to save money.’ Have a referral program built in and capture double the customers.

How to design lawn service flyers

You’re a lawn expert, not a designer, so it might feel challenging to come up with your own landscape flyer design. But it doesn’t have to be—just try these grass cutting flyer design tips:

  • Use a branding tool like Looka to create your flyers. You can customize their templates or make your own design from scratch.
  • Need inspiration? Go to your mailbox and pick a flyer that makes you want to buy something. Figure out why you like it and how to make that idea work for your business.
  • If you have extra budget, you can get a professional to do it for you. Partner with a local or online print shop to design and print your lawn care or landscaping company flyers.

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How to use lawn care and landscaping flyers

1. Plan your timing carefully

Send out your flyers months before you actually want to start providing lawn mowing or landscaping services.

Chris Gardner sends out his first seasonal flyers two months before spring. He uses these flyers to ask potential clients if they needed a spring cleanup, aeration, or other services.

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2. Decide where you’ll distribute your flyers

Plan your flyer drops in neighborhoods where you already have clients. This will help you optimize your work routes and keep your lawn care schedule efficient.

You have several options for distributing flyers in your target neighborhoods:

  • Pay your local postal service to deliver flyers to specific postal codes
  • Go door-knocking, hand out flyers to residents, and answer questions about your services
  • Put a flyer in the mailbox if residents aren’t home
  • Leave flyers with potential clients after you finish working on a neighbor’s lawn

Some neighborhoods have strict rules about flyers and door-knocking, so check before you knock.

Pro Tip: Drive through your target neighborhoods and see how many homes there are. If the subdivision is brand-new and there’s no grass on the lots, you’re too early to provide lawn maintenance services—but it might be the right time for landscaping from the ground up.

3. Track your success

Tracking your success rate will tell you if your time, effort, and investment are paying off. There are a few ways to track how many potential clients you’re getting from flyers:

  • Ask all new clients how they heard about you
  • Use a different phone number on your flyers, then check your phone bill to see how many new clients called that number
  • Offer a campaign promo code that new clients can redeem for a discount

Chris found good results with promo codes:

I included ‘mention X to get 10% off,’” he said. “This helped me track progress and know where leads were coming from as my client list grew. I got 50–70 new clients each year for this type of campaign.

You can also use a lawn care CRM like Jobber to keep track of which clients came from which flyer campaigns, promotions, or referrals.

Lawn care flyers are an affordable way to drum up new business in your service area. You can hire a freelance designer, or use the examples in this article and a drag-and-drop marketing tool like Looka to create your flyers. 

Originally published in February 2020. Last updated on February 14th 2024.

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