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How to Get Pressure Washing Jobs: 31 Ways to Grow Revenue

May 3, 2024 10 min. read
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You’ve written the business plan and purchased the equipment, but knowing how to get pressure washing contracts is the key to getting your small business up and running.

Whether you’re looking for new customers fast or planning ahead for future business growth, we’ve got you covered with 31 ways to find pressure washing jobs.

Advertise in your community

If you’re just starting a pressure washing business or working with a small budget, getting noticed in your community can help you build your client list without breaking the bank. Try these advertising methods:

1. Create tear-away flyers to post on community bulletin boards in grocery stores, community centers, gyms, etc.—with permission, of course. This helps potential clients get familiar with your business in public places and keep you at the top of mind when they need pressure washing services.

2. Print pressure washing flyers or door hangers and deliver them to homeowners in your target service area. This gives you a chance to meet potential clients face to face and understand their pressure washing needs.

3. Ask customers to place lawn signs after a service is done so neighbors passing by know exactly who to call for a sparkly clean driveway, house, or windows. An endorsement and free promotion from a satisfied client goes a long way.

image of pressure washing lawn sign

4. Invest in a truck wrap to advertise your pressure washing business as you drive from job to job.

You never know. Being at a stop light, someone could be next to you and your graphic, your business is on the car.

Clove Hubbard Love Green Clean

Pro Tip: Make sure to include your logo, company branding, contact information, and the services you offer on all your marketing materials so customers know what to contact you for and how to get in touch.

Build a pressure washing website

Building a pressure washing website is your first step to attracting pressure washing customers online. A website allows your business to appear on search engines like Google and tells potential customers who you are, what you do, and why they should work with you.  

To create a website that gets you more pressure washing customers, use these tips:

5. Include an online quote request form that lets potential customers request work from your website. This lets potential customer easily request work or quotes online, 24/7.

Revive Services uses a quote request form on their website to collect  every customer’s contact details, the services they want, and their availability.

image of Revive Services' quote request form

6. Make it easy for customers to get in touch with contact information visible on every page. The footer of your site is a great place to share your contact information and other key links consistently across your site.

7. Attract local customers by including location-specific keywords like “pressure washer in [CITY]”. This gives you the best chance to be discovered by active prospects in your area through search engines like Google and Bing.

8. List the services you offer (like window washing or soft washing) and what’s included with each service so that potential clients are confident you can satisfy their pressure washing needs.

Advanced Bin Cleaning lists the services they offer right on their home page. Visitors can click on “View Details” to learn more about each service.

image of ABC Bin Cleaning's services on their website

9. Build trust by sharing positive reviews from past customers on your website. A 2024 consumer survey showed 50% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a family or friend.

Clearview Washing has an entire page dedicated to customer reviews.

image of Clearview Washing's customer reviews page on their website

10. Make sure your website is fast to load and easy to navigate—especially on mobile devices—so a potential client can quickly find the information they’re looking for. A strong performing website will also help with your ranking in search results, making your business easier to find as well. 

“Google search is primarily mobile first, so when you design your website, design it for mobile first and make sure it loads quickly,” says owner of Klein Pressure Washing, Steve Lawrence. “Just by doing that alone, you’re over the biggest hump.”

Invest in digital advertising

Digital advertising can help you stand out from your competition and get more pressure washing jobs. When used effectively, online ads help you target your ideal audience, maximize your budget, and attract customers with less effort.

Here are a few pressure washing advertising ideas to start with:

11. Set up a Facebook business page and share company updates, service offerings, deals or promotions, and before and after photos (for free!). Your business page is searchable on Facebook, and new and returning clients can like your page and share it with their networks.

12. Boost an existing post from your Facebook feed to reach a larger audience. Highlight promotional packages, new and returning customer incentives, seasonal services or a link to your website to introduce potential clients to your business.

13. Create Facebook Ads that target potential pressure washing customers by location or interests. With a set budget, campaign objectives (clicks, impressions, request for quote), target audience and location, you can customize your ad to generate quality leads.

14. Use Google Search Ads to appear at the top of the search results page when a customer searches for terms like “pressure washers in [CITY]” or “gutter cleaning”. Statistics show that visits from paid Google ads are 35% more likely to convert to a purchase than organic search.

15. Use Google’s Local Service Ads to promote your pressure washing services to customers in your neighborhood. Local or “near me” searches have more than doubled since 2018, making advertising in your service area more important than ever.

Pro Tip: Start by creating a monthly ad budget to make sure you’re not overspending on campaigns. Then test the waters to see which advertising method works best for your pressure washing business and update your strategy accordingly.

Use lead generation websites

Lead generation sites or online directories can help you get in front of customers actively searching for your services, faster. There are many sites to choose from, so we recommend getting started with these tips:

16. Create a profile and pay for leads on the best lead generation sites like Thumbtack, Angi, or TaskRabbit. These platforms let you promote your business for free and only pay for leads generated through the sites.

17. Claim your free Google Business Profile and Bing Places for Business listing to get new leads from search engines. Providing potential clients with a snapshot of your business—including links to your website and contact information—gives you a chance to appear at the top of local search results while making it easy for customers to book your services.

Image of Advanced Power Washing's Google Business Profile

18. Find out which online directories to list your pressure washing business with WhiteSpark or BrightLocal. Listing your business on these top local citation sites help you appear higher on search results and build trust with potential customers.

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Offer competitive pricing and customer incentives

Price is always a factor for customers, so making sure your pressure washing prices are similar or better than your competitors is a great way to entice clients to work with you. 

Sweetening the deal with exclusive offers or promotions is also a great way to attract new and repeat business to your pressure washing company. 

Here are a few ways to make sure you’re priced competitively and offering clients exciting incentives:

19. Know what your competitors are charging in order to price your services accordingly. You can’t go so low that you don’t make any profit, but you want to make sure customers see the value in the cost of your services against other providers.

20. Be flexible with bundle pricing so that customers feel like they have options. Create custom bundles for services based on the needs of each client—like washing siding, windows, and gutters—and charge one discounted price. This can also be accomplished with good, better, and best pricing to let customers choose between different levels of services and pricing.

21. Use time-sensitive discounts on services (like 10% off for bookings before [DATE]) that encourage new customers to act fast.

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Build relationships for repeat customers

Window cleaning and pressure washing are recurring services. If you build strong relationships, you’ll have customers—and contracts—for years to come.

Here’s how to use relationship marketing to get new jobs from existing customers:

22. Impress your customers with convenient online booking, a self-serve, online portal to approve quotes and check appointment details, and automated appointment reminders. The easier it is to book your pressure washing services and handle all the administrative tasks, the more likely clients are to work with you again.

23. Follow up with customers once the job is complete and ask for feedback to make sure they’re satisfied with your service 

24. Call old customers to check in and see if they’re interested in booking a pressure washing service

25. Send out email marketing campaigns that keep existing customers informed about special promotions, other service offerings (like gutter cleaning), and important updates

To send effective marketing emails faster, use a tool that prepares email templates and audiences for you.

When you use Jobber to create email campaigns, you can choose from premade templates that are built for specific goals and customers—and that include your company branding.

A customer re-engagement email from a landscaping company built with Jobber Campaigns. Surrounding it are email elements that can be customized and a rich text editor.

After editing the email with details on your pressure washing services, you can edit your client segments. This means you can choose what group of clients you want to email—like all clients or past clients.

You can even select clients using tags, job history, or by a particular pressure washing service you provided.

Then, track your success over time from a simple dashboard. For every campaign you send in Jobber, you’ll see the number of customers who opened the email, clicked on a link, or converted into a job.

A graphic of email engagement results for a “Re-engagement campaign,” including open rate, click rate, and revenue.

Attract new customers with word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is a quick and easy way to turn existing customers into new pressure washing jobs for your business. Here’s how:

26. Give your customers something to talk about. Complete a quality power washing job and provide top-notch customer service with on-my-way text messages and job checklists. Keeping the customer informed builds trust and comfort, something they’re likely to share with other potential clients.

27. Start a customer referral program that encourages happy customers to recommend your business to family and friends.

28. Automatically request reviews once a job is complete and improve your reputation online by sharing positive reviews on your website, flyers and social media posts.

To ensure you ask every satisfied customer for a review, set up automatic review collection in Jobber. Jobber automatically sends a text to the customers you want reviews from.

When you make an invoice in Jobber, you can choose if you want to send the customer a review request.

A list of customer reviews on a mobile phone that came from selecting “Yes” for the “Ask for review: option in Jobber Reviews.

After paying their invoice, those customers will automatically get a direct link to leave a review on your Google Business Profile.

From your reviews dashboard in Jobber, you can keep an eye on your average Google rating. You’ll also see your latest reviews and resources on how to manage your business’s reputation.

Bid on pressure washing contracts

Commercial contracts can mean guaranteed work for your power washing business, but they’re more challenging to get. If your business is geared towards commercial clients, you’ll likely have to submit a bid for the project first. 

Luckily, there are several websites available to help you find new commercial contracts near you and submit your bid.

To find your next commercial pressure washing job, try these websites:

29. BidPrime provides real-time access to government bids and helps businesses identify and compete for public sector contracts. Use BidPrime to discover new government contract opportunities and track bids.

30. InstantMarkets offers access to request for proposals (RFPs) from both government and large corporations. Use InstantMarkets to find new contract opportunities, track upcoming projects, and quickly respond to bids.

31. GovWin provides detailed information on new government contracting opportunities. Use GovWin to identify and pursue government contracts.

To get your business off the ground, you’ll need a steady flow of new pressure washing jobs. Use the list above to find new clients, fill your schedule with jobs, and grow your pressure washing business.

Originally published August 2019. Last updated on May 3, 2024.

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