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11 Roofing Apps Every Roofing Contractor Needs in 2023

July 18, 2023 7 min. read
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The top roofing apps can make life on the job easier—whether you’re measuring a roof pitch or managing your administrative work.

And with the flexibility of a roofing app to move with you, on your phone or tablet, you can stay on top of your business from the top of any house.
To help you work more efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of the best apps for roofing contractors.

Here are the best roofing apps to run and manage your business:

  1. Jobber
  2. Pitch Gauge
  3. iRoofing
  4. EagleView
  5. RoofSnap
  6. HOVER
  7. CompanyCam
  8. Hail Trace
  9. QuickBooks
  10. SalesRabbit
  11. Roofing Estimate Template

Best overall roofing app

1. Jobber

iOS, Android, and desktop

Try Jobber’s roofing contractor software to manage and organize your business from anywhere. Jobber makes it easier to schedule roofing projects, track your team’s progress, communicate with customers, and get paid for your work.

Your roofing canvassers can use Jobber to manage new leads, automate their follow-ups, and book new jobs faster.

The Jobber mobile app lets you:

  • Send professional quotes that include images and optional line items
  • Create a new job and assign it to an available team member with just a few clicks
  • Track your team’s progress with GPS waypoints and employee time tracking
  • Manage client and job details like roof heights, pitches, and required ladder sizes with a CRM
  • Convert job details into invoices to send to your clients
  • Collect payment online, in-person, or automatically by processing a stored credit card
  • Follow up on overdue invoices automatically with text messages or emails
  • Team members can use the Jobber app in English or in Spanish to manage day-to-day work in the field

Unlike many other roofing apps, Jobber comes with free, award-winning training and support included in all plans—making it ideal for small- to medium-sized roofing businesses.

Apps for roofing work

Make your daily grind easier with these apps to use on the job for roof measurements, aerial imagery, and material planning.

2. Pitch Gauge app

preview of Pitch Gauge app

Starting at $9.99/month | Available for iOS and Android

The Pitch Gauge app is the ultimate all-in-one app for roofers—with features to both help you on the job and help you manage your roofing business. 

Use the app on the job site to calculate area and determine the pitch of the roof so you can create accurate roof take-offs—no measuring tape or levels needed.

Between jobs, use Pitch Gauge to schedule appointments with homeowners and suppliers, track incoming leads, and assign new projects to team members.

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3. iRoofing

preview of iRoofing app

$129/month | Available for iOS and Android

To make more accurate roofing measurements, download the iRoofing app. The app uses satellite and Clearoof images to provide you with the aerial measurements of your next roofing job.

You can also use this roof measuring app to:

  • Quickly access brochures, photos, and specs of roofing manufacturer’s products and order materials right from your mobile device 
  • Share simulated images of a completed project with potential clients to help you close more jobs
  • Create easy-to-read estimates for your customers and manage your roofing projects from one place

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4. EagleView

preview of Eagle View app for roofers

Free (in-app purchases) | Roof measuring app for iOS and Android

Use the EagleView app to access aerial imagery and property measurements so you can quickly create estimates and plan for roof repairs or replacements. 

EagleView’s 3D visualizer helps you win more jobs by showing property owners what their roof will look like once the project is complete. 

With an impressive 4.9-star rating on the Apple Store and over 7,000 reviews, EagleView is easily one of the best roof measuring apps and a must-have for any roofing contractor.

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5. RoofSnap

preview of RoofSnap app

Starting at $99/month | Available for iOS and Android

RoofSnap’s aerial imagery helps you create more accurate roofing estimates. Use the roof estimate app to collect fast roof measurements from every angle and convert rough calculations into simplified estimates for your customers.

You can order materials like asphalt, modified bitumen, or shingles through the app and create branded contracts and reports.


preview of HOVER app

Pay-as-you-go or monthly membership | Available for iOS and Android

Get 3D renderings of your roofing projects to show customers different types of roofing materials, like shingles or slate, on their homes.

Use HOVER to calculate linear feet and surface area so you know exactly how much material to order without climbing a ladder or pulling out a tape measure.

You can also use the app to order materials and create accurate estimates for your customers.

7. CompanyCam

Preview of the CompanyCam app

Starting at $36.99 (for a single-user subscription) | Available on iOS and Android

Use CompanyCam to organize photos from the job site by date, time, and location, attach images to the right projects, and store them safely in the cloud. 

Regardless of your experience level, every good roofing contractor understands the importance of photo documentation. Taking images of your progress on a job helps to build trust and keep your customers informed.

When you use Jobber’s CompanyCam integration, you’ll be able to share images with your customers on jobs and invoices. Then save photos to your client’s file for quick reference when they request more work down the road.

Apps to manage your roofing business

Keep your business running smoothly with these business management roofing apps for estimating, scheduling, accounting, and more essential work.

8. Hail Trace

preview of Hail Trace app

Starting at $94/month | Available for iOS and Android

Find customers in your service area that need your roofing services with Hail Trace. Use the app to download meteorologist-verified hail maps to find homes and roofs that may have been damaged.

With Hail Trace, you’ll be notified about major weather events so you know exactly where to advertise your roofing company and which sales areas to canvass. 

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9. QuickBooks

image of QuickBooks app

Starting at $22/month | Available for iOS, Android, and desktop

Download the QuickBooks app to manage business expenses, collect payments, run payroll, and prepare for tax season right from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Here’s how you can use QuickBooks to keep your roofing business organized: 

  • Scan receipts for roofing supplies and materials and attach them to your expenses
  • Track the status of your invoices and stay on top of overdue payments
  • Monitor your account balances and improve your cash flow

Try Jobber’s QuickBooks integration to easily track time in the field and simplify your roofers’ payroll process.

10. SalesRabbit

image of SalesRabbit app

Starting at $39/month | Available on iOS, Android, and desktop

SalesRabbit can help your outside sales reps pitch to potential customers and generate new leads.

Use the app to create sales presentations or proposals, guide quality leads through your sales funnel, and manage your outside sales teams. 

You’ll also have access to storm data and weather maps to find homeowners who may be in need of your roofing services.

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11. Roofing Estimate Template

image of roofing estimate template

Free | Available on mobile and desktop

Try Jobber’s roofing estimate template to create professional estimates you can download and send to customers—in minutes.

Simply customize your estimate template with your company details, client information, services, and pricing from your mobile device or desktop. Then download your estimate as a PDF that’s easy to send to clients. 

Or, use Jobber’s roof estimating app to:

  • Add your logo and brand colors to invoices
  • Make it easier for clients to approve quotes online with client hub
  • Send automated quote reminders and track the status of your estimates
  • Convert estimates into jobs and invoices in just a few clicks
  • Accept deposits and final payments in person or online

What to look for in a roofing app

There are a ton of roofing apps to choose from, but only the best ones can help you manage your day-to-day work more efficiently. 

To find a roofing app that works just as hard as you do, look for an app with features such as:

  • Professional quotes and estimates with optional line items and that are easy to customize and send to clients
  • Flexible employee scheduling and dispatching to book new roofing jobs faster
  • GPS tracking, job forms, and customizable checklists to improve your work order management and help you deliver consistent service on every job
  • A field service CRM to track customer information and view past quotes, jobs, visits, and invoices
  • Image management to take before and after photos on the job site and attach them to your clients file
  • Automated invoices that are generated and sent to your customer once a job is complete 

Here’s how Jobber’s mobile app can help you streamline your roofing business operations:

You’ll also want your roofing app to be easy to use, affordable, and to provide you with great customer support should you run into any issues.

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The best roofing apps give you the flexibility to run your business from anywhere. Pick from our list of roofing apps above or use our checklist to find the right app to support your business.

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